Drum in the Holidays! 
 Looking for a  fun and exciting way to honor your  students' achievements this year while giving them  a chance to celebrate the holidays and literally drum in the New Year? A Beatin' Path Rhythm Events 
In-School Drum Circle can do all that...and more! 

An In-School Drum Circle creates an environment where your students are aware, engaged and connected! And,  while your students are celebrating, they'll also be learning valuable life lessons, like self  awareness, listening skills and group cooperation!   During an In-School Drum Circle, each  student is provided an instrument and the group is guided through an 'in-the-moment'  musical experience of rhythm, song and interaction!  

Celebrate the Spirit of the Season - In Rhythm!
Schedule your Celebration In-School Drum Circles between December 1st and January 15th and SAVE more than 20%!  

For questions and scheduling information, contact:   info@beatinpathrhythmevents.com!  

Happy Holidays from Beatin' Path Rhythm Events! 

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