Issue: 2015 #1                                                                 July 1, 2015

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Making Connections
at Angel Valley
NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley
is a place to connect. 

Not sure whether these two
are on the same frequency, though...
Summer Solstice

in the Chartres Labyrinth

New Resident

Pueo is 5 years old.
He came to live with us
with his mother Yesenia
and his brother Kanoa (10).

He meditates by the totem pole to connect with his totem animals: a polar bear and a snow leopard. He has talked about these for a long time
His name Pueo
means 'white owl.'


Amayra's trip
Amayra attended and tremendously enjoyed
a harp retreat
on Whidbey Island, WA, facilitated by her harp teacher,
Laurie Riley.  
She drove all the way and visited James Gilliland's
ECETI Ranch in Trout Lake, WA.
A Night Sky Watch
with many UFO's!!!!

And a side trip to
Upheaval Dome in
Canyonlands National Park, UT, ET hotspot and connected with Angel Valley.

Celebrate with us:

13 years of Angel Valley

On July 1, 2002, we started working at Angel Valley, after signing the papers but before closing escrow. It was a major leap of faith. We knew we could not oversee what was ahead of us. We had to follow our guidance, our heart, and just trust that it would all fall into place.


Today, July 1, 2015 we celebrate the 13th anniversary of that monumental decision. With the awareness of the powerful significance of the number 13, we have come full circle. We want to share our gratitude for all we met on the journey, for all that occurred, and for all we learned and experienced.

Photo Courtesy of Miguel Castillo. Also for the aerial picture that was used to create the header of this newsletter: Thank you, Miguel!!


We are entering a new cycle. Like 13 years ago, we do not know what the future will bring. We are sensing huge shifts. We are, once again, in total trust that the Universe will guide us into whatever is for the highest good of ourselves and of Angel Valley.


We celebrate during the month of July with 13 SPECIAL DAYS. Today is the first, with a Full Moon Celebration tonight in the Chartres Labyrinth. We will announce the theme and/or activity for each of these days on the previous day on our website and via Facebook. Even the exact dates will be announced spontaneously, last minute. Those who are guided to be with us on these SPECIAL DAYS will be exactly the people who need to be here.


During the month of July we are stepping away from our regular Day Visit fee of $20 per person and $10 for locals. We leave it up to you what you contribute: a Conscious Exchange of Energy, as many of you have heard us talk about for several years.

We send all of you our love!!!


Michael and Amayra Hamilton

NuLEMURIA in Angel Valley


During the past few years we have witnessed an exponentially growing interest in Lemuria. Information has been presented to us by individuals visiting Angel Valley and we have had our personal experiences with the Lemurian energy.

There are many books and articles available and clips on YouTube, that give different perspectives. All are attempting to answer the question: What was and what Is Lemuria?

Read the entire article - click here.

Being In Love With The Unknown!


Visit and Connect with NuLEMURIA and Angel Valley, a 5th Dimensional World of Love, Peace, Transformation, Divine Timing, Synchronicity, Spontaneity, and the Flow of Abundance.

We invite you Love Yourself More than Anyone Else, so the world around you will be receiving more love from you than ever before.


We know by Loving Ourselves More than Anyone Else, and by Following Our Heart's Highest Excitement, we are Being Our True Natural Selves!


We are taking these 13 days during July to RE-Introduce our Conscious Energy Exchange Program. Please, read about this here.


Sessions, Discussions, Channelings, Angel Walks, and Vortex Experiences will be offered Spontaneously, and in Synchronicity as we are Guided in each Now Moment in response to those who visit.


With Love and Gratitude we will see you when we see you!

Love and Gratitude



Live willow arbors by the Chartres Labyrinth, June 21, 2015


Michael & Amayra Hamilton,

Roby, Nuva, Yesenia, Kanoa, Pueo,
Mirta, Karine,  Cara Marie, and Cynthia
Angel Valley Sedona | (928) 634-1320 and
13513 Angel Valley Road
Sedona, AZ 86336