Thank you for being part of the Kellie Rynn Academy Family and supporting our vision!
Dear Family and Friends,

What a powerful year it has been! We are an organization that celebrates life change and while numbers aren’t everything, they are incredibly encouraging. We look forward to more positive changes in 2017!

Here are a few highlights from 2016:
  • The Masquerade Ball: $21,816.00
  • Fundraising Dinner at Smoke on the Water: $10, 312.00
  • The Cliffs at Mountain Park Golf Tournament: $60,750.00
  • Kellie Rynn’s Guitar Raffle: $4,000.00
  • Kathryn Martin became the Executive Director for Kellie Rynn Academy and is working full time to change child care.
Kellie Rynn Academy, along with its Board of Directors, has elected to direct its focus away from remodeling existing buildings, and instead concentrate on developing funds for scholarships for low income and deserving children at existing state of the art academies in Greenville County. We decided to respond to the mission of the academy to provide the highest levels of safety, diversity and access to low-income families, as well as other “ in need” families, by changing the effort which involved renovating an existing structure and maintaining the operations budget of an all new facility.  More good can be realized using existing Greenville County partners who welcome the elevation of the safety we wish to bring, as well as become open to diversity and include children of all economic backgrounds. All scholarship recipients will be required to attend safety training throughout the year. This includes CPR, Fire, Transportation, Water and Food Safety, among other parent education classes to ensure that a safe environment is continued at home.

Even though we have accomplished much together this past year, there is still much to be done as we continue pressing on in our call ‘to provide the highest quality education and childcare services, by awarding scholarships to children of diverse ethnic, socioeconomic and family backgrounds, and aid in providing a safe nurturing home through family safety and health training’.

To that end, I want to invite you to help us finish the year strong and prepare ourselves for an exciting 2017 by considering an end-of-year financial gift to Kellie Rynn Academy. Our family and the Kellie Rynn Academy Board of Directors are making this a priority, and I am asking you and your family to do the same.

While we have had a good year of giving, especially in favor of the annual golf tournament and this year’s guitar raffle/fundraiser dinner, we presently urge you to take the pledge and join us to help children throughout the Upstate. I want you to remember that your gift funds an organization that changes lives. The first five years of life are critical in a child’s developmental process. The best education is out there, and we can provide families with the opportunity to attend. Thank you for being part of the Kellie Rynn Academy family and helping us accomplish the vision God has given us. Donations can be given online at or mailed to:
Kellie Rynn Academ y
P.O. Box 2301
Greenville, SC 29602
With outstanding thanks,

Kathryn Martin and Kellie Rynn Academy                      

Kellie Rynn Academy
P.O. Box 2301 Greenville, SC 29602