Imagine being an 8-year-old and living through this confusing and isolating time, cut off from your social, emotional, and educational supports like teachers and friends. Now imagine there is an organization that can help keep these children connected to people who care, who want to help them thrive.  

For 25 years, Everybody Wins DC (EWDC) has been doing just that - creating supportive relationships through reading that help children connect, learn, and succeed. And now, with COVID-19 putting at-risk children even further behind, EWDC has stepped up to do more than ever to keep these critical reading connections alive.
Will you help students continue to have meaningful shared reading experiences with caring adults by donating to EWDC?

When Senator Jim Jeffords (R-VT) and Senator Paul Simon (D-IL) launched their reading-based mentoring program, the focus was not on political parties or personal differences. It was about serving children in need. This has remained EWDC’s core mission since 1995: our children come first, before all else. With your help, we will continue putting kids first for another 25 years to come.
Together, we will create connections between elementary-aged students and caring adults through the simplicity of shared reading. Together, we will deliver more than just books to students and families; we will ensure our students feel supported, connected, and loved through shared reading. Together, we will make a difference.  

So, today, will you celebrate 25 years of shared reading and connections by making a year-end donation to EWDC?

Your gift will give a child the reading connection he/she needs and deserves. Because when a child thrives, we all thrive. Everybody wins. 
With sincerest gratitude, 
Jordi Hutchinson, Executive Director 
Everybody Wins DC