ASDC News • April 2021
ASL Resources
for Earth Day
Celebrate Earth Day on April 22nd! See videos in ASL that teach signs and tell stories. Plus get science lessons and learn about the origins of Earth Day.
Happy ASL Day!
On April 15, 1817, the first lasting school for the deaf in the US opened. The students intermingled Native American Signs, French Sign Language, and Martha’s Vineyard Sign Language. Over the years, this mixture of signs evolved into modern American Sign Language!
Deaf-Blind Early Intervention
Early intervention specialists help parents with a deaf-blind child learn strategies that support their child’s progress toward developmental milestones.
DeafSpace Design
What would our cities and campuses look like if they were designed to be inclusive for the deaf and hard of hearing? Learn more about DeafSpace Design in a free webinar!
School Seeks Leader
The Horace Mann School School for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing in Boston is now taking applications for their School Leader position.
Research Participation Opportunities
Infant Language
If you have a deaf infant ages 5-18 months, you're invited to participate in an online research study from Gallaudet.
Deaf Mentors
Ashley Thurman, a senior at Gallaudet, has a survey for hearing parents of deaf babies regarding their deaf mentors.
Camp Discovery
Gallaudet's online camp for kids ages 4-12 is happening ins July. Registration is now open!
Advocacy & Empowerment
Free webinar for girls ages 10-17 Happening April 20th!
March Donors
Our heartfelt appreciation goes out to these generous individuals, families, and organizations for their support. Don't forget that when you donate, you can still get clear face masks to make communication easier.
Individual Donors

Anonymous (4)
Donald Cipoletto
Edna Johnston & Emily Shaw
Janel St Romain
Janice Creamer
Melissa Peterson
Orren Mehan
Sienna Wachter
Vianne S Satterfield


Blackbaud Giving Fund
Deluxe Lashes and Beauty
Good Coin
Network for Good
Robert Reiser & Co, Inc.
Sift Science

Dedicated Donations

Bonnie & Dennis Levy & Family –
In memory of Lynn Kelly

Daniel Ambrose –
In memory of Eileen

Donald Borrell –
In memory of Lynn Kelly

Lion Whale Music –
In memory of Taini

Paul & Linda Borrell –
Peteer Borrell & Tony Proscio –
In memory of Lynn Kelly

Kaj Jensen Donation –
In honor of Shoshannah Stern

Laysha –
In memory of Jesus Christ

Robert Rosella –
In memory of Flor Hernandez

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