Our first resident is Eileen Barnes. She is 84, with six grandchildren, and lives at Wesley Manor in Campbell. Before retiring she worked in a number of capacities. She was a substitute teacher, a trainer of foreign doctors on how to treat patients, a costume designer for different theater groups, and ran Public Relations for a theater group.

Since retiring she has become very active in the League of Women Voters. She does Public Relations including press releases, working with the media, and publicizing events. She enjoys the people she meets, the discussions they have, doing a service for the community, and studying issues – these are all fascinating to her. “The enthusiasm and interest is exciting.”

What does volunteering do for Eileen? “ Volunteering keeps me alive. I don’t want my world to be just about me. Volunteering is so rewarding because it gives you the opportunity to engage with people on things that interest you.”

Her words of wisdom? “ Be prepared for change, be open to what life brings your way and embrace it. Work on staying positive and fearless. Fear of the unknown can be crippling.”

What does she have to say about retirement? “Things change more than you think, like your health, which can be discouraging. It is a full-time job staying positive and grateful. It is hard because you lose friends.”

How does Eileen Age Out Loud? “I Age Out Loud by treasuring family, friends, community, and having faith in the future, whatever it brings.”