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Month Celebration

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Join us throughout February as we celebrate and learn more about Black History! The emails will come out each Monday of the month and will expand our knowledge of the impact Black History has had, while encouraging us to learn more. As you scroll through the email, you'll find highlighted historical Black figures, Black arts/education, and featured local Black owned businesses in the area!

Historical Figures at a Glance

Barack Obama

In honor of President's Day, we had to feature the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama. Barack broke through the glass ceiling by becoming the first Black man or woman to ever become President. Before the presidency, Barack was extremely successful in other ventures, including his time at Harvard Law and after as a civil rights lawyer. His autobiography from 199, Dreams from My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance gained high praise and was even adopted for a children's version. He then ventured into a career in politics starting in 1996 and was extremely successful in the political spectrum outside of his first attempt to join the U.S. House of Representatives. Learn about our former President in more detail by clicking the link below, while your kids color in a picture of President Obama.

Learn More Here

Arthur Ashe


Arthur Ashe was a trailblazer in Tennis, as he was the first and the only Black man to win the U.S. Open and the Wimbledon singles titles. Picking up the game at a young age following the death of his mother, Arthur excelled and was the sole Black star in a game dominated by white men. He used his fame to expand the game in the inner-city and to other countries such as South Africa. Forever the activist, Arthur pushed forward following an unfortunate AIDS diagnosis (from a blood transfusion) to raise awareness of the virus. Teach your children of his life while allowing them to color in a Arthur Ashe coloring page to engage their artistic side. Learn more about his background by clicking the link below.

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Black History in Books

Help us celebrate Black history by also celebrating the arts. Just below this paragraph you'll find various recommended books detailing Black history or written by Black authors. Purchase them for yourself or seek them out at William Jeanes Memorial Library or another local library! If you have any recommendations of your own, please let us know by email.

Books for Children -

  • Black Heroes: 51 Inspiring People from Ancient Africa to Modern-Day USA by Arlisha R. Norwood

As the book title would suggest, your children will be introduced to 51 Black Heroes while reading this book. These trailblazers come from all across the planet and cover the well-known Black Heroes such as Harriett Tubman while also going in-depth in lesser known pioneers.

Black Heroes Book.jpg
Purchase Black Heroes Here

  • Henry's Freedom Box: A True Story from the Underground Railroad by Ellen Levine

Take a trip with your children into the story of a slave who mails himself to freedom. Growing up a slave, follow along as Henry grows up and escapes the confines of his slavedom.

Henry_s Freedom Box.jpg
Purchase Henry's Freedom Box Here!

Books for

´╗┐Teens and Adults -

  • Dear Martin by Nic Stone

This book goes into the life of a young Black male living in the USA of today. Justyce goes through his young life dealing with police brutality and racism while trying to make a better life for himself and trying to find answers to his problems.

Dear Martin.jpg
Purchase Dear Martin Here!

  • Black Enough by Various Authors

A collection of stories that delve into what it's like to be young and Black in America. While there are many stories included they all come down to one central theme. That being Black is many different things, but that they are all Black enough.

Black Enough.jpg
Purchase Black Enough Here!

Featured Black Art Museum

October Gallery - Germantown

Take some time and visit the October Gallery, located just inside Philadelphia. Even if you aren't an art aficionado, you'll certainly appreciate something they have in store as they believe art is for everyone. Filled with art created by Black artists, you can explore the various offerings in one of the oldest African-American art galleries in the U.S.

October Gallery.jpg
October Gallery Website

Local Black Owned Businesses

While learning about Black History, you can also support local businesses with Black owners! Read about some local businesses here and then visit them in your travels or order from them online to show your support! If you have recommendations for local Black owned businesses that we should feature this month, please let us know by email!

  • Cheesecake Lady - Elkins Park

While she may not have tasted cheesecake until she was in her 30's, the Philly Cheesecake Lady has perfected the art of making one! Always in high demand due to her delectable creations, her shop is stays open until the cheesecakes are sold out. Get in line Thursdays - Sundays to get your hands on one!

The Cheesecake Lady.jpg
Cheesecake Lady Website
  • D'IYANU- Norristown (Online mainly)

A bold-print clothing option close by gives you the opportunity to not only support a local business, but also look great after doing so! Don't miss the chance to get quality, trendy African inspired fsahion!

D'IYANU Website
  • BTC Envelopes and Printing - Lafayette Hill

From graphic design to consultation, BTC Envelopes and Printing sets you up for success. Located right here in Lafayette Hill, if you need a poster, banner or something else printed, check with BTC to have it done right!

BTC Envelopes and Printing Website
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There is so much more that you can discover about Black history. If you are interested in learning more, please visit the link below. The Free Library of Philadelphia has a load of other items and links to explore. The celebration of Black History Month doesn't end with this email, there's always more to learn and celebrate!

Free Library of Philadelphia Black History Month Landing Page
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