Embracing Identities: 
Celebrating Scientists and Mentors of Color
Monica Baskin, PhD
Monica Baskin, PhD, Professor 
Division of Preventative Medicine, University of Alabama Birmingham

Dr. Baskin shares her perspective in a one on one interview with NRMN discussing the impact mentorship has had on her life. She also discusses how NRMN has helped broaden the opportunities to locate a mentor or mentee virtually, and by doing so she is actively contributing to the growth and success of this community. 

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Dr. Baskin's story and how the importance of mentoring.  
Stephen B. Thomas, PhD, Professor 
Director of Maryland Center for Health Equity

Race and ethnicity matter in mentorship - as a leader of NRMN's Culturally Aware Mentorship program, Dr. Stephen Thomas teaches how to be a positive mentor and ally, rather than a bystander to inequality. In addition to leading CAM training, he is an active researcher in the field of 
health disparities. 

To learn more about public health, research and race, and how they relate, click here

Dr. Angela Byars-Winston, Leader of Culturally Aware Mentoring, Featured by Madison News Outlet

Dr. Angela Byars-Winston, Professor, Department of Internal Medicine
Dr. Angela Byars-Winston, co-investigator of the NRMN Mentorship Training Core was recently featured the article 'I Have Skin in the Game: UW's First Black Woman Professor of Medicine Works to Diversity Life Sciences, on the Madison 365 website .   In the article, Dr. Byars-Winston discusses the scholarly and personal reasons why she is invested in diversifying STEMM fields. Among her numerous efforts to research and promote diversity in STEMM is the Culturally Aware Mentorship Training offered through NRMN.
SETH Grant Success: Dr. Jullet Davis Weaver Awarded Project Pilot Grant! 

Jullet Davis Weaver, PhD, MHA, Florida A&M University
Dr. Weaver joined the third cohort of NRMN's SETH (Strategic Empowerment Tailored for Health Equity Investigators) program. After participating in this intensive weekend program, she was awarded a Pilot Project Grant from Florida A&M University. We corresponded with Dr. Weaver about how SETH mentorship supported her grant writing goals and 
scientific trajectory. 

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writing process. 

MyMentor IS HERE!

NRMN has a new one-on-one mentoring platform, MyMentor .  This platform is open for mentors and mentees of all levels and is completely customizable to fit your needs.  Click here to continue reading and learn more about MyMentor . Instructions provided for how to sign up to be a mentor or mentee.

BUILD & NRMN Social Media Movement, #MyBUILDMentor Draws Dozens of Participants, Celebrating Mentorship
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Celebrating Mentoring Moments with #MyBUILDMentor

Throughout January, the Diversity Program Consortium came together through social media to celebrate "National Mentoring Month." NRMN and BUILD sites provide a rich variety of mentoring opportunities, which include offering career advice, helping foster professional networks, supervising research projects, and planning for the future. This social media campaign was an opportunity for every site to demonstrate their mentors' great work.

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Upcoming Opportunities with NRMN and Partners
Understanding Interventions 2018

Understanding Interventions Conference
March 2-4, 2018 
Baltimore, MD
Understanding Interventions is an organization dedicated to promoting diversity in science - including persons of color, women, and persons with disabilities. This year, over half a dozen of NRMN staff will be attending this conference,  presenting some of the research we have  been working on for the last several years.  

To see some of what we have in store at UI, click here!

#UI2018 #NRMN_UI

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