In keeping with our new reality, One Can Help's Annual Benefit is now a virtual one. We hope you will join us.
This will be a half hour inspirational event featuring our incredible speakers plus recent stories from front-line professionals.
Thank you for understanding and supporting these efforts.
We are all in this together and we really need your help.
Great speakers. Great cause. Great place (yours)
The 2020 Host Committee:
Theresa Fitzpatrick, Board Event Chair
 State Representative Ruth Balser
Senator Cynthia Stone Creem
Mayor Ruth Ann Fuller
Congressman Joe Kennedy III
State Representative Kay Khan
Barbara Bickart
Happy and James Farrow
Barbara Gaffin and Doug Cahn
Arza Goldstein
Loreta Lamberti
Abby and Mike Landzberg
Liz Mintz
Lauren and Steve Paul
Lynne Smithwood
Debbie Sussman
Francine Vidockler
Marlene Yudelman
Thank you to our Event Sponsors:
Visionaries ($5,000)
Debbie Levenson and Steve Adelman
Anne Bader-Martin and David Martin

Champions ($2,500)
Abby and Mike Landzberg

Guardians ($1,000)
AEW Capital Management
Lisette Cooper
Eileen Dibb and John Fox
Barbara Gaffin and Doug Cahn
Diane and Michael Gardener
Susan Getman
Arza and Brian Goldstein
Rebekah Hain
Elka and Charlie Kuhlman
Ann and Ted Kurland
Charla and Steven Lerman
Kathleen O'Connor
Susan and Curtis Sayers
Greta Schnee
Stephanie and Brian Singer

Advocates ($500)
Amelia Angella
Barbara Bickart
Mary Boyd
Linda and Steven Gelda
Gail Hupper
Amy Kossnar
Susan Krabbe
Christine Leslie
Robin and Rich Maltz
Pam Matz
Veena Molagavalli and Ravi Reddy
Judith Neumann and Ken Goldberg
Jessica Greenwald O'Brien and Garry O'Brien
Laura Openshaw
Jacqueline Parker
Maria Wilson Portuondo and Pepe Portuondo
Katrina Rusteika
Vicki Sanders and Christopher Burke

Friends ($300)
Larry Benowitz
Sheila Decter
Happy and James Farrow
Suzanne Feldman
Jan Fogel
Rochelle Hahn and Kenny Breuer
Kathleen Scott Mahoney
Liz Mintz
Lauren and Steven Paul
Lynne Smithwood
Debbie and Joel Sussman
Jim Tabner
Francine Vidockler
Marlene and Errol Yudelman
Thank you to One Can Help Supporters: