Chanukkah 5782/2021
Chanukkah Begins at Sundown
on Sunday, November 28
Chanukkah in the 'Hoods
Dreidels & Donuts
Tikvat Israel has an exciting week of activities planned to celebrate Chanukkah! Join us for Chanukkah in the 'Hoods, which will bring outdoor* candle lighting to your neighborhood. We'll light the chanukkiyah, sing songs (scroll down for Song Book) and enjoy light refreshments. You may attend as many neighborhood candle lightings as you'd like. No RSVP is required. In the event of inclement weather, we will let congregants know the status of the event via email. 

*Leisure World residents, your neighborhood event will be indoors at Clubhouse 2, Norbeck Room. Masks are required when you are not eating or drinking. If you need a ride to or from the event, please call Ellen & Richard Lederman. 
Our Song Book can be opened on your phone, tablet or computer so that you and your family and friends can sing joyous songs of the holiday.

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Don't forget to sign up HERE for Dreidels & Donuts at Tikvat Israel outside on the front patio on Wednesday, December 1, at 5 pm. 

RSVP by Monday, November 29. 
We want to wish everyone a joyous Chanukkah. As you know, this coming Sunday we begin lighting the Chanukkah menorah, or chanukkiah. See the illustration below, which should help with your candle lighting each night. Also, we have a included a handout, HERE, from the Rabbinical Assembly which includes instructions on the lighting and the appropriate blessings. 
On weeknights, candles should be lit after dark, and on Erev Shabbat the Chanukkah candles are lit prior to the lighting of Shabbat candles. Ideally the chanukkiah should be placed near a window that faces the street so that we can fulfill the mitzvah of l’farsumay nisah --publicizing the many miracles of Chanukkah.

May the festival bring strength to our people and may God cause a sukkah of peace to be spread over us, over all the people Israel, and over Jerusalem.
Also, Tikvat Israel's electric chanukkiah will be lit throughout the holiday with the corresponding number of bulbs and will be visible in the lobby through the main entrance doors of the synagogue.
Click the Chanukkah Tzedakah list below to open up a larger PDF. All of the blue links in the PDF open up the websites of the individual charities.
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