“The bicycle is a curious vehicle.
Its passenger is its engine.” 
Bicycling in the Age of Coronavirus
Ken McLeod, policy director at The League of American Bicyclists, recently noted that “if current trends continue, America could see a record summer for cycling - especially as more people return to work and start commuting by bike.” 

What are your future commute plans? 

If you are thinking about commuting to work by bicycle, here are a few tips to get started.

●   Begin with a distance you can handle. Just because you ride 50 miles on the weekend doesn’t mean it’s practical to do that kind of distance before and after work.
●   Bicycle commuting doesn’t have to be “all or nothing”. Pick just one day a week to start.
●   Always wear a helmet and bright colored clothing for daytime and reflective items for evening.
●   Do a dry run on a non-work day.
●   Find routes with minimal traffic. Free apps like www.ridewithgps.com , www.mapmyride.com and www.Strava.com can be very helpful.
●   Be sure to have fully charged front and rear lights.
●   Think about how you will clean up after your ride in to work. Baby wipes are great to keep at your place of work for easy clean up, even in the worst of the summer’s heat.
Weekly Toolbox : Commuting by Bike
If you plan to try commuting by bicycle, make sure you are equipped with everything you’ll need once you start to pedal.

This short video is a great way to show you how to prepare. Remember to always do an ABC Quick Check before heading out. And, bring plenty of hydration with you as spring turns into summer.
Ride Opportunities this Week
Each week, we're featuring some of Hunterdon County's best bicycle riding opportunities. Here are a few for your consideration this week:
Road Ride:
Beautiful back roads, mostly flat pedaling and views of the Delaware River make this 30 mile route the perfect spring road ride. Although the plateau and river areas take up most of the route, once down at the river there will be one long ascent back up to the plateau. Be sure to carry everything you need with you.
Trail Ride:
The Landsdown Trail is a family friendly, short, flat trail that’s perfect for any type of bike. Conveniently located within the Town of Clinton.

Mountain Bike Ride:
If you want to try a very easy mountain bike trail, start on the Landsdown Trail and continue on to the Capoolong Creek Trail. There are no hills, rollovers or rock gardens to contend with and makes for a great way to ride in the woods for the beginner or anyone wanting to ride a quiet and peaceful trail.
Gravel Ride:
What makes this gravel route difficult is the notorious Pine Hill Road. That said, the hill can always be walked and it will be worth the climb. The quiet back road is beautifully tree lined. You are sure to see deer and other wildlife along the way.
No gravel bike? This ride could also be taken on a road bike with 28mm tires, a fast hybrid or mountain bike.

Neighborhood Ride: Neighborhood rides continue to be very popular. We’re excited to see so many individuals, couples and families posting about their local rides.
A reminder that if you are riding on the road, stay to the right. Ride single file. If you have children riding with you, have them ride in front so that you can see them. If you have more than one adult riding with the children, have one adult riding in front and one at the back of the group. Most importantly, be predictable for motorists. Don’t assume that they will know where you are going or that they see you. Make eye contact with every motorist you encounter. Use hand signals to advise motorists and other cyclists of turns or stops.
Help Us to Identify Bike Rack Locations

Bike racks and bicycle parking play an important role in encouraging bicycling. We’re always looking to identify the locations of bike racks within Hunterdon County as well as locations where bike racks would be helpful. 

As part of the BikeHunterdon initiative, goHunterdon offers bicycle racks to organizations, businesses, municipalities and schools, free of charge, for periods of up to one month to evaluate usage. We’ll then work with the appropriate parties to identify and select an appropriate permanent rack at that location. 

Provide your input by clicking on the button below.
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Bike Hunterdon is an initiative of goHunterdon to promote Hunterdon County
as a bicycle tourism destination and to support bicycling as a sustainable transportation option.