Cambodian Community Dream Organization, Inc.
Dream Journal – June 2021 
Celebrating Father’s Day
Over the years we have enjoyed watching our bachelors on the staff find their life partners and start families. Fatherhood brings another close connection to our Dream Team. From our fathers, to you and yours: Happy Father’s Day. To honor your father, grandfather or a mentor in your life please consider donating a water well or latrine.
Rebuilding Preschools
Model Community Preschool Design is Ready

In order to expedite and simplify the preschool building design and get ready for construction we asked one of the volunteer architects from Singapore Bernard Ng to take into consideration the comments from our team on the ground to his very well thought out design and within a week he came up with a perfect model rural preschool design.

His design is simple but effective, aesthetically pleasing and also very practical. It cleverly uses local materials. The next stage is a blueprint to give to some local contractors to find out who can build it within our small budget.  Architect Ms Beng Kiang, PhD has given us some wonderful inexpensive ideas and plans to make basic furniture and storage out of wooden pallets, PVC pipes and used tires. We all enjoyed the online interactive meeting in the service of Cambodian children’s early education. 
WASH toilet block experience
WASH Toilet blocks are being built at a fast pace as we need to complete 7 toilet blocks in the next few months. We would like to highlight the story of one of the workers, as it was told by our staff. 
We would like to share with you the story of one of our construction team leaders, Mr. Roeun Kork, 26 years old who is an orphan.

He lost his mother, older sister, and grandfather 16 years ago because their boat was attacked by a strong wind while they were out fishing. Along with his father, and youngest sister (9months old) they survived boat capsize. Two years later, his father remarried. His youngest sister was sent to an orphanage and he lived with his grandma. He was in school only 3 years, and no one took care of him. He dropped out of school and started looking after cows for a neighbor in his village in exchange for food. At 16 years old, he started his journey to work as construction laborer, carpenter, electric worker. He learned everything quickly but had very little pay, often just food.

Luckily, CCDO found him and asked to work with our construction latrine project. He did an amazing job making use of his multiple skills. CCDO has interviewed him, and he wants to get professional training from a vocational training center to certify his skills. We want to help him achieve his dream and in turn he can help us achieve our dream of education for all village children.
Huge thanks to the following donors who each generously gave $5,000 to build new preschools.

Jim Riley honored his 96 year old mother, Jacqueline Marie Riley, who passed away recently. 

Bruce Reeves is honoring his late wife, Sherrill Reeves and daughter Simone Martel.

Beth and Kevin Hoffman donated funds for a preschool, too, as they saw firsthand the impact of our little munchkins going to preschool when they visited our projects in Cambodia with their own little ones some years ago. 

Staff News
The CCDO family is growing as our Scholarship Coordinator, Sothea Phonn and his wife, Sen Pisey gave birth to an adorable baby boy. His name is Heng Heng, born on 12 May and weighed in at 5 2/3 lbs.
We are slowly creating our own CCDO soccer team.
Ordinary people can do extraordinary things
to change lives, one child at a time.