July 2020
Dear NEHEP Partners, 

We hope you’re staying safe and healthy this summer. 

As we celebrate Healthy Vision Month, we’re using this edition of the Eye Health Connection Newsletter to highlight how eye health is connected to overall health. Take a look at the featured resources that you can use to spread the word — and discover upcoming events that will help us highlight this important connection.

Kristina Beaugh Savitske, MPH, CHES
Director, National Eye Health Education Program (NEHEP)
Be part of Healthy Vision Month 2020
We’re celebrating Healthy Vision Month by putting a spotlight on the connection between eye health and overall health — because eye health is my health ! Check out our listicle and eye health ambassador stories, and explore partner resources that you can use to spread the word, including social media posts, graphics, and more.
Learn about retinal conditions with resources from ASRS
American Society of Retina Specialists (ASRS) offers more than 35 fact sheets for patients on retinal diseases and conditions. Medical experts wrote and illustrated each downloadable fact sheet, which include information on symptoms and risk factors, testing, and treatment options for specific conditions.
Get a glimpse into NEI’s research on vision loss
Ever wondered how we make sense out of the facial expressions we see — or how stem cells could help patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD)? NEI’s cutting-edge research projects investigate new ways to prevent, treat, or even reverse vision loss. Learn more about NEI’s research with our More Than Meets the Eye 2020 video series.
Navigate COVID-19 with Vision Council’s new platform
The Vision Council’s Reopen Eyecare is a new digital platform designed to help providers navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on their businesses. 
Calendar of Events
Join the Healthy Vision Month Twitter chat with Salud America!
On July 28, NEI is joining forces with Salud America! and the National Hispanic Medical Association to co-host a Twitter chat to discuss how people can make eye health a priority — and why the Hispanic/Latino community is disproportionately affected by eye problems. Make sure to follow @SaludAmerica, @NatEyeInstitute, and @NHMAmd on Twitter.
Other Events
July 15, 2020: Prevent Blindness’s 9th Annual Focus on Eye Health National Summit
July 15, 2020: Vision Expo’s Virtual EYE2EYE Series Coffee Talk
September 11, 2020: The Glaucoma Foundation’s grant deadline for researchers striving to improve the lives of glaucoma patients
Ongoing: Hadley Presents Becoming Socially Confident After Vision Loss podcast (free to listen with login)
Ongoing: American Foundation for the Blind’s free sessions from the 2020 AFB Leadership Conference
Ongoing: Lighthouse Guild’s free CE credits for health care professionals
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