A Letter from the President

Thanks to you, 2022 was Steuben County Community Foundation's most impactful year to date - more scholarships, more grants, and more growth! 

Your generosity and support made it possible for us to celebrate 30 years of connecting people who care with needs that matter - making Steuben County a better place to live, work, and play.

Jennifer Danic

President and CEO

The Impact of Your Generosity






Community Leadership Initiatives


Individual Gifts


Unique Donors

30th Anniversary Celebration

On June 15th of 2022, as part of our 30th anniversary celebration, 30 Steuben County nonprofit organizations received a special gift to continue to build, grow and dream of a stronger, brighter future for our community.

Organizations received:

$10,000 unrestricted operating grant

One-minute impact video

Link to all impact videos

Vicky Willis' Legacy

At the December 1st anniversary celebration event, SCCF announced its gift from Vicky Willis, a seasonal Steuben County resident, who passed in August of 2022. Willis maintained a donor-advised fund since 2007, and left the foundation a community-changing gift upon her passing.

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Thank you to our 2022 donors!

101 Lakes Trust Inc

Allstate Life Insurance Company

Angola Area Chamber of Commerce

Angola Balloons Aloft Fund

Angola Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram

Angola Lions Club

Angola Physical Therapy

Angola Treats/DBA Angola Dairy Queen

Angola United Methodist Church

Anonymous Donor

Autokraft Auto Body

Aviation Endeavors, LLC

B&B Financial Resources Opportunities

Bellic River Group, LLC/dba Ben's Soft Pretzels

Best One Tire of Angola

Bike 101 Lakes

Bill's Professional Towing

Boggs Financial Management Services, Inc

Booth-Rose-Krebs, Real Estate, Inc

Boulis Concessions, LLC

Bowen Center

Bruce's Concessions

Cameron Hospital

Cameron Hospital Foundation, Inc.

Campbell & Fetter Bank

Cardinal IG

CEO Discretionary Fund

Christel DeHaan Family Foundation

City of Angola

CJ & Bea Geiger Family Fund

Clear Lake Township Land Conservancy, Inc.

Col. William & Mrs. Evelyn Brock

Colby Family Fund

Committee to Elect Denny Zent

Community Foundation of Greater Fort Wayne

Corkle Auto Sales

Cory Business Systems LLC dba Toms Donuts Original

Country Garden Fresh LLC

Crooked Lake Association

Crossfit Angola

Croxton & Roe Insurance Svc, Inc

Dave Dilts Excavating, Inc.

DeKalb County Soil & Water Conservation District

Dekko Foundation, Inc

Dick & Fran Wilder Memorial Fund

DMB Farms

Downtown Angola Coalition

Dr. Charles and Mrs. Anne MacLean

Dr. David W. Goodwin

Dr. Dolores M. Tichenor

Dr. Garst and Mrs. Jocelyn Haughey

Dr. Joanne McKeag

Dr. Joyce A. Rockwell

Dr. Kenneth and Mrs. Ellen Bisson

Dr. Mark E. Phillips

Dr. Matthew Zimmer DVM and Mrs. Susie Zimmer

Dr. Oren and Mrs. Joyce Skinner

Dr. Ralph and Dr. Sheri Trine

Dr. Rex and Dr. Ginger Bolinger

Dr. Richard and Mrs. Demarius Sue Rupp

Dr. Richard Johnston

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Roberta Tierney

Dr. Thomas and Mrs. Sherri Enneking

Dr. Thomas J. and Mrs. Mary Ann Wiegand

Dr. Thomas Miller

Dr. Todd and Mrs. Mary Briscoe

Dr. Wilmer and Mrs. Pat Iler

Dry Dock Marine Center

ecash, Inc

Estate of Anita Dierkes

Estate of Victoria J. Willis

Farmers State Bank

Fidelity Charitable

Fire & Ice Italian Ice, LLC

First Federal Savings Bank of Angola

FOP Pokagon Lodge #163

Fort Financial Credit Union

Freedom Academy

Freedom Heating-Cooling-Plumbing

Fremont High School

Fremont Middle School

George O. Witwer Advised Fund

Gerald & Carole Miller Family Foundation

Girls Inc of Jefferson County, Indiana

GWRRA District IN

H & S Automotive and Machine Service, Inc

Hamilton Cemetery Association

Hamilton Life Center

Helmer Community Center, Inc

Hysong Outdoors LLC

iMAN, Inc

Indiana Farm Bureau Insurance

Intrepid Helicopters

Jack and Anita Dierkes Memorial Fund

Jacob Insurance Service LLC

James & Theresa Hornbacher Advised Fund


Kampgrounds of America, Inc

KeyBank National Association

Kiwanis Club of 101 Lakes Angola

Knights of Columbus Council # 7053 Our Lady of the Lakes

Kohart Management Solutions, LLC

Kona Ice Trifinium

Lake Gage & Lime Lake Association, Inc.

Lake George Conservancy, Inc

Lake George Cottagers Association

Lake James Association Inc

Lakeland Marine Retailers, Inc

Leaf Filter North LLC

Lee Deller Farms

Legends Running Shop

Liv It Up Trust

Lorna's Fund

Lynn Stockwell Trust

M.L.C.D. Inc

Madison Consolidated Jr High School/Staff Appreciation Account

Margaret A. Kramer Foundation

Merry Mixers Extension Homemakers Club

Midwest Crushing & Screening

Miller Poultry

Mr. Adam and Mrs. Emily Miller

Mr. Adam Simonds

Mr. Alan and Mrs. Analee LaRowe

Mr. Alan and Mrs. Rhonda Knisely

Mr. Alan and Mrs. Susan Diefenbach

Mr. Alvin and Mrs. Maureen Bedenk

Mr. Andrew and Dr. Kara Laughlin

Mr. Andy Grandin and Ms. Kristin Carr

Mr. Anthony and Mrs. Desiree Isa

Mr. Arthur and Mrs. Mary Rinehart

Mr. Barney Bryan

Mr. Bert and Mrs. Sue Elliott

Mr. Bill and Mrs. Bonnie Booth

Mr. Bill and Mrs. Christine Geiger

Mr. Billy and Mrs. Rita Arnold

Mr. Bob and Mrs. Linda Wilder

Mr. Brandon and Mrs. Elisa Manley

Mr. Brian and Mrs. Christine Walters

Mr. Brian and Mrs. Kenda Friend

Mr. Brian and Mrs. Molly Weber

Mr. Brian and Mrs. Sharon Springer

Mr. Brian D. and Mrs. Kathryn E. Miller

Mr. Brogan Blue

Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Hayley Brown

Mr. Bruce and Mrs. Jan Matasick

Mr. Bud and Mrs. Roberta Holiday

Mr. Chad and Mrs. Annessa Enyeart

Mr. Charles and Mrs. Theresa Dickerhoff

Mr. Chris Schweikert

Mr. Christopher and Mrs. Martha Slee

Mr. D. Anthony and Mrs. Lori Starkey

Mr. Dale and Mrs. Debra Higbee

Mr. Dale and Mrs. Lisa Caudill

Mr. Dale and Mrs. Virginia Chard

Mr. Dan and Mrs. Betty Pocock

Mr. Dan and Mrs. Lisa Hochstedler

Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Eileen Wallace

Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Kasey Felts

Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Kathleen Ryan

Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Pamela Disser

Mr. Dave Quinn and Ms. Judi Bond

Mr. David and Mrs. Cheryl McClure

Mr. David and Mrs. Jennifer Danic

Mr. David and Mrs. Julia Bloch

Mr. David and Mrs. Lisa Waterman

Mr. David and Mrs. Lynn Syler

Mr. David and Mrs. Mary Conklin

Mr. David and Mrs. Ruth Walters

Mr. David K. and Mrs. Bonnie Snyder

Mr. Dean and Mrs. Deb Twitchell

Mr. Dean and Mrs. Jeanette Meridew

Mr. Derold and Mrs. Nancy Covell

Mr. Dick and Mrs. Carole Wohlford

Mr. Don and Mrs. Marleta Rowdabaugh

Mr. Donald & Mrs. Brook Dresser

Mr. Doug and Mrs. Beth Jackson

Mr. Douglas and Mrs. Jean Deller

Mr. Douglas Mulvaney

Mr. Duaine and Mrs. Patty Manon

Mr. Ed Uslar

Mr. Eddie and Mrs. Bethanie Jackson

Mr. Edward and Mrs. Janet Carpenter

Mr. Edward and Mrs. Kaylene Souers

Mr. Edwin and Mrs. Syndy Kelley

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Jennifer Rockhold

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Kathleen Tyler

Mr. Eric and Mrs. Miki Anspaugh

Mr. Eric Wirick

Mr. Evart and Mrs. Jacqueline Carpenter

Mr. Fred and Mrs. Julie Foland

Mr. Fred Wooley

Mr. Frederick Krick

Mr. G. Craig and Mrs. Shellie Ralston

Mr. Gary and Mrs. Carolyn Hohenberger

Mr. Gary and Mrs. Cynthia Crum

Mr. Gary and Mrs. Kimberly Hutchins

Mr. Gary and Mrs. Sherri Sible

Mr. Gary D. Henderson

Mr. Gene and Mrs. Marianne Sickels

Mr. George and Mrs. Kathy Schenkel

Mr. George and Mrs. Peggy Campbell

Mr. George and Mrs. Sandra Kirby

Mr. George and Mrs. Stacy Gilbert

Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Beverly Beebe

Mr. Gerald and Mrs. Margaret McNabb

Mr. Grant and Mrs. Jill Goeglein

Mr. Greg and Mrs. Karen Hughes

Mr. Gregg Farrell & Mrs. Pamela Ridgway-Farrell

Mr. Gregory and Mrs. Cynthia Smith

Mr. Harley and Mrs. Judy Rensch

Mr. Harley and Mrs. Sharon Dodge and Christa Dodge

Mr. Herschel and Mrs. Beverly Erwin

Mr. J. P. and Mrs. Ann L. Rysenga

Mr. Jack & Mrs. Melodee Frye

Mr. Jack and Mrs. Beverly Bireley

Mr. Jack and Mrs. Karen Baumgardner

Mr. Jack and Mrs. Pamela Nihart

Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Ginger Smith

Mr. James and Mrs. Bonnie Deetz

Mr. James and Mrs. Christine Scott

Mr. James and Mrs. Cindy Benfer

Mr. James and Mrs. Heidi Woodworth

Mr. James and Mrs. Jean Parsell

Mr. James and Mrs. Karen Huber

Mr. James and Mrs. Kathryn Zimmerman

Mr. James and Mrs. Marilyn Simons

Mr. James Bushey

Mr. James P. Moffitt

Mr. James W. and Mrs. Linda Miller

Mr. James W. Brand

Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Karen Fleming

Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Lisa Brown

Mr. Jeff and Mrs. Pam Harger

Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Ann McDermid

Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Jacquelyn Jack

Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Karen Brown

Mr. Jerry and Mrs. Patty Champion

Mr. Jerry and Mrs. R. Joan Forrest

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Kathy Yotter

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Lois McEntarfer

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Mary Shearer

Mr. Jim and Mrs. Tammie Gasaway

Mr. Jim Shearer

Mr. Joe Nichols

Mr. John and Mrs. Diane Stock

Mr. John and Mrs. Julie Stevens

Mr. John and Mrs. Kathy Dettorre

Mr. John and Mrs. Lona Pritchard

Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Dutton

Mr. John and Mrs. Mary Hageman

Mr. John and Mrs. Robyn Drews

Mr. John D. and Mrs. Debra S. Wilson

Mr. John Peters

Mr. John Petry

Mr. John Slagle and Mrs. Kim Merck-Slagle

Mr. Johnston and Mrs. Marion Stewart

Mr. Jon and Mrs. Betty Willman

Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Carolyn J. Brown

Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Barbara Caruso

Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Michelle Molargik

Mr. Joseph Nagler and Ms. Robin Walden

Mr. Joseph O'Neil

Mr. Ken Nagel, Sr.

Mr. Kim and Mrs. Deborah Shoup

Mr. Kim Tubergen

Mr. Kirby and Mrs. Karen Ann Myers

Mr. L Verne and Mrs. Drusilla Hart

Mr. Larry and Mrs. Phyllis Gurtner

Mr. Larry Krupp

Mr. Logan Brooks

Mr. Marcus Miller

Mr. Mark & Mrs Wanita Sellers

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Claudia Bock

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Jan Rosenbaum

Mr. Mark and Mrs. Julie Ridenour

Mr. Mark Darnell

Mr. Mark Renshaw

Mr. Martin and Mrs. Patricia Maringer

Mr. Marty and Mrs. Lynn Dygert

Mr. Marty and Mrs. Robin Holiday

Mr. Marvin and Mrs. Karen Miller

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Deborah Blaz

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Jana Christ

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Kay Kunce

Mr. Michael and Mrs. Laura Jaicomo

Mr. Michael G. Heroy

Mr. Milton and Mrs. Alice Dowd

Mr. Neal Patterson

Mr. Noah Beldon

Mr. Noel and Mrs. Debra Horvath

Mr. Noel and Mrs. Maggie Mulligan Knox

Mr. Patrick and Mrs. Sarah Van Ort

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Inger Friend

Mr. Paul and Mrs. Joyce Malecki

Mr. Pete and Mrs. Sheryl Beck

Mr. Phil and Mrs. Mickey Wilson

Mr. Phil and Mrs. Cindy Carr

Mr. Ralph and Mrs. Margaret McDowell

Mr. Randall & Mrs. Anita Hagen

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Alaina Ring

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Carrie Meyer

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Phyllis Gaff

Mr. Richard and Mrs. Ruth Ann Brietzke

Mr. Richard L. and Mrs. Sara L. Smith

Mr. Rick and Mrs. Brenda Shipe

Mr. Rick and Mrs. Gay Kirkton

Mr. Rick and Mrs. Tammy Rinehart

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Nancy Webster

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Terri Spidel

Mr. Robert and Mrs. Terryl Potts

Mr. Robert Frederick Buesching

Mr. Robert Young

Mr. Rodrick and Mrs. Barbara Knox

Mr. Roger and Mrs. Deborah Knauer

Mr. Ron and Mrs. Colleen Richter

Mr. Ron and Mrs. Karen Sanders

Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Linda Buss

Mr. Ronald and Mrs. Rita Deller

Mr. Ronald Parker

Mr. Roy and Mrs. Cindy Meyer

Mr. Roy and Mrs. Joyce Fuller

Mr. Roy and Mrs. Shelly Williams

Mr. Ryan and Mrs Lesa Estes

Mr. Sam H. and Mrs. Cheri A. Nofziger

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Becky Miller

Mr. Scott and Mrs. Sheila Brown

Mr. Stephen and Mrs. Sharman Weber

Mr. Steve and Mrs. Val Brown

Mr. Steven and Mrs. Annemarie Rhinehart

Mr. Steven and Mrs. Kathleen Kelham

Mr. Steven Schroeder

Mr. Taylor and Mrs. Haley Mowry

Mr. Terry and Mrs. Judy Manahan

Mr. Terry Hamlin

Mr. Terry Padgett

Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Melissa Scare

Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Catherine Offerle

Mr. Toby and Mrs. Valerie Bireley

Mr. Todd and Mrs. Melyssa Stock

Mr. Tom and Mrs. Linda Christlieb

Mr. Tom and Mrs. Susan Berry

Mr. Tony Culver

Mr. Vaughn and Mrs. Elaine Coolman

Mr. Victor and Mrs. Carolyn Miser

Mr. W. Funk

Mr. Warren Cahill

Mr. Wayne and Mrs. Ruth McNabb

Mr. Wendell and Mrs. Saralou Zimmer

Mr. Weston Miller

Mr. Wilbur and Mrs. Margaret Ann Hobson

Mr. William and Mrs. Amy Fee

Mr. William and Mrs. Heather Somerlott

Mr. William and Mrs. Judith Greffin

Mr. William B and Mrs. Marie Hanna

Mr. William Bruce Scranage

Mr. William James Owen

Mr. William Schmidt

Mr. William W Purdon, Jr.

Mrs. Anna Mahnesmith

Mrs. Anne Turner

Mrs. Barbara Enyeart

Mrs. Barbara Sheffield

Mrs. Barbara Wenger

Mrs. Bobbi Grill

Mrs. Cindy L. and Mr. Keith M.Turner

Mrs. Eileen M. Fulton

Mrs. Ellen Ballinger

Mrs. Gladys Shipe

Mrs. Karen Holley Horrell

Mrs. Jana German

Mrs. Janet Dowell

Mrs. Janet N. Barge

Mrs. Jennifer Carricarte

Mrs. Jill C. and Mr. Steve Borchers

Mrs. Jill Simons Willman

Mrs. Josephine Brock

Mrs. Kimberly Gibson

Mrs. Joyce Gutstein

Mrs. Judith Custer

Mrs. Kristina Gabbard

Mrs. Lori Wagner

Mrs. M. Judith Tuohy

Mrs. Mary Seeman

Mrs. Patty Peterson

Mrs. Phyllis Perry

Mrs. Sharon Baker

Mrs. Sharon Goldasich

Mrs. Sue Compo

Mrs. Susan Spangle

Ms. Alice Jeannine Walker

Ms. Alice Joan Davis

Ms. Allison Surowitz

Ms. Alyce Hughes

Ms. Amanda Lawson

Ms. Autumn Chilenski

Ms. Barb Hendrick

Ms. Barb Schroeder

Ms. Barbara Campbell

Ms. Barbara J. Hanselman

Ms. Barbie Myer

Ms. Beth Lovell

Ms. Betty Gibson

Ms. Bonnie Famulare

Ms. Bonnie S. Clinton

Ms. Brenda Frisch

Ms. Candace Heller

Ms. Candyce Discavage

Ms. Carol Bassett

Ms. Carol Franze

Ms. Carol Haller

Ms. Carol L. Smith

Ms. Catherine H. Elkiss

Ms. Cheryl Ballinger

Ms. Christine Blomeke

Ms. Christine Simmons

Ms. Corinne Houser

Ms. Dee Hammond

Ms. Denise Dach

Ms. Diane E. Ummel

Ms. Donna Rabe

Ms. Eleanor Merritt

Ms. Elizabeth Warren

Ms. Enid Cokinos

Ms. Jane Mitchell

Ms. JoAnn Hanson

Ms. Jodi Deller

Ms. Julie Monson

Ms. Katherine Weybright

Ms. Kathleen S. Baker

Ms. Kathy Hart

Ms. Kayla McCullough

Ms. Kiersen Crowl

Ms. Kim Russell

Ms. Kriste Light

Ms. Kristin Harris

Ms. L. Judith Glasgow

Ms. Laura Buell

Ms. Lexi Myers

Ms. Linda Birkenbeul

Ms. Linda Jones

Ms. Lisa Lindsey

Ms. Loraine K. Vaughn

Ms. Lori Hyska

Ms. Lynn Wernet

Ms. Marilyn Myers

Ms. Marita Lythgoe

Ms. Marlene Reiter and Ms. Sherry Albright

Ms. Mary Ann Barth

Ms. Mary L. Brooke

Ms. Marybelle Ward

Ms. Morgan Stuckey

Ms. Nancy Bryan

Ms. Nancy P. Kirchner

Ms. Nancy Ramsey

Ms. Niann K Lautzenhiser

Ms. Noelle Miller

Ms. Norma Neuhouser

Ms. Pam Sullivan

Ms. Patricia Fulton

Ms. Peggy A. Miller

Ms. Phyllis Yates

Ms. Rita Rice

Ms. Robin Davis

Ms. Ronda C. VanGompel

Ms. Rosalie Bowerman

Ms. Sally Eckrich

Ms. Sandra Ault

Ms. Sandy Ferrell

Ms. Sarah Hutchins

Ms. Sharon Hantz

Ms. Sharon Meyer

Ms. Stephanie D. Kersten

Ms. Susan and Ms. Robin Lowe

Ms. Tatsy Hayes

Ms. Tracy Knittle & Ms. Marlene Morales

Ms. Wylie Fredrick

North Wayne Cruise In

One Handy Man, LLC

Orland Lions Club

Panache Salon Spa

PaPaw's Italian Ice, LLC

Pink Energy

PK & Sons Enterprises, Inc

Pleasant Lake Historical Society

Prairie Heights Community School Corp

Ralph E. Taylor Conservation Fund

Rev. Craig and Mrs. Cheryl Burkholder

Rho Chapter of Psi Iota Xi

Robert W. Baird & Co Inc

Ronald and Rita Deller Advised Fund

RustyKaren Limited Inc.

Sandhill Environmental Services, LLC


Sheets Family Fund

Shipe Well Drilling

Sons of the American Legion Post 257

Spirit of Community Fund

St Anthony of Padua Catholic Church

Starkweather Family LLC

Steuben County Economic Development Corporation

Steuben County Lakes Council

Steuben County Not For Profit Capacity Building Fund

Steuben County REMC

Steuben County Soil & Water Conservation District

Steuben County Tourism Bureau

Steuben County Treasurer

Summit Financial Group

Swager Communications, Inc.

The Gard Family

The James Foundation Inc

The Seigel Group LLC

Thomas L Bryant Living Trust

Timmy's Pizza & BBQ, Inc

TLA Signs

Touch of Lace, Inc

Tradition Transportation Company LLC

Tri Kappa Zeta Upsilon Chapter

Tri State Carpet & Restoration

Trine University

Triton Metal Products

Trust of Hazel Kain

Vestil Manufacturing Corporation

Wagler & Associates

Walmart Foundation

Wise Enterprise

Wood-Land-Lakes Resource Conservation & Development

YMCA of Steuben County

Steuben County Nonprofits

Check out our nonprofit directory for a listing of 501(c)(3) charitable organizations serving Steuben County.

New addition, Community Resource Guide available to those in need.

Board Members

Adam Miller- Chair

Chris Snyder- Vice Chair

Kayla Warren- Treasurer

Brenda Shipe- Secretary

Kathleen Armstrong

Brevin Bennett

Craig Burkholder

Kevin Diehl

Pam Harger

Angie Logan

Rob Moreland

Bill Stitt


Jennifer Danic 

President & CEO

Sandy Ferrell 

Office Manager

Lisa Biers

Vice President of Programs

Carmyn Hottell

Program Director

Sara Williams

Marketing Intern