July 2018
As we celebrate Independence Day, please think of the millions of Americans who are not independent in their own homes.

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" What's Next ? "

This article is from the AARP Bulletin Magazine. Over 30 million readers just read about the Living In Place Institute. Here is what Living In Place Institute Co-Founder Erik Listou said...... click picture to continue reading

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Here is what recent Virtual Class graduates have to say:

Diane - Occupational therapist in New Jersey "
"I was skeptical at first on how a virtual class would work. However, I thoroughly enjoyed it! I felt like I was in a live classroom setting which is important to me since I learn best through interacting with others." diane@homeheartbeats.com

Denise - Home inspector in Canada
"For me, this was an ideal set up. I didn't have to travel, saving travel and accommodation costs. Breaking the class into sections gave me time to digest each section without being inundated with more information that I could process."

Natalia - General contractor from Canada
"Without this option it would have taken me a long time to find the time and money to attend an in-person workshop!! Grateful for technology!!"

Lisa - Interior designer in Denver
"I am definitely pleased that I chose to take this virtual class instead of in a classroom setting. I was easier than driving and parking, but most importantly, it wasn't jammed into a two day period. I felt I learned much more this way than would have been possible in a two day class as it gave me time to re-read and digest what we discussed in class every day. Well Done!!!
Attention Industry Professionals:

Free Guidebook for Living In Place
Here is a wonderful Guidebook to help you further understand the concept and practical business application of Living In Place.

You will learn:
  • The need for safer homes
  • The Living In Place Solution
  • Just a few of the hundreds of designa nd product ideas you can include in ALL your projects, with live links for more information
  • Plus valuable information about becoming a Certified Living In Place Profesional

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What is CLIPP -
Why has it captured
international interest?
Why is it working?
Certified Living In Place Professional (CLIPP) is not like any other program. CLIPP is not a limited-market approach to helping only those who are aging.

This is a new direction. An approach that Co-Founder Louie Delaware describes as, "Our collective responsibility is to focus on our own unique area of expertise, then network with other experts. This is the only way we can work together to make all homes, Accessible, Comfortable and Safe and help ALL of our clients to continue, Living In Place !
 "Our research into earlier programs led to some basic conclusions. First, and most significant...

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