Happy Women's History Month

"Animals Real and Imagined: Paintings, Prints & Drawings"

Show ends on February 28, 2022

During the virtual artist's talk this past Thursday, facilitated by Denise Jarrott, I was able to discuss the works on display, and the animal subjects. Here, I describe the process of shoeing a horse, as seen when I was permitted to view a blacksmith caring for NYPD horses, via a comparison to human nail care. The talk was a wonderful chance for everyone gathered to gain more insight into the paintings and to learn more about the various creatures we share our city with. A big thank you to Denise, and everyone at the New Amsterdam branch who has worked so hard to program a great show and talk. 

New Amsterdam branch of NYPL

9 Murray Street

New York, NY 10007


Their current hours: Monday -Thursday 10-7

Friday-Saturday 10-5 Closed Sunday

"The Cinematographer": Director's Cut

I have been selected for the Manhattan Arts International HerStory 2022 Exhibition

Manhattan Arts International presents the “HerStory” 2022 exhibition

 January 31 through March 31, 2022

Art by more than 100 extraordinary women artists are included.

My art for the "HerStory" 2022 Video is on the Manhattan Arts International YouTube Channel. Enjoy watching the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VonKSz5xgbs

"The Cinematographer": Director's Cut

This watercolor depicts a domestic interior -- my own. At the time the painting was done, my household included, besides myself, a fox terrier and the man to whom he was deeply attached. Though the composition is a result of the sometimes random capture of a visual field that a camera permits, it also includes a sly art-historical commentary on Diego Velazquez's masterpiece, Las Meninas. 

In that group portrait, a dog dominates the foreground. In the background, portraits of the king and queen appear -- optically impossibly cropped, as it happens -- reflected in a mirror. Dimly lighted paintings from the royal collection adorn the walls of the dimly lighted room. Light from an open door pierces the background. The artist himself appears as well, holding brush and palette. In The Cinematographer, my camera and I appear only in reflection, the fox terrier is front and center, much like the Infanta Margarita in Las Meninas, paintings are hung on the walls, the dog's owner pays attention only to the newspaper he is reading, much as some of Velazquez's ancillary figures attend to their own conversations. 

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