Newsletter Issue 80 • August 2019
Celebrate International Youth Day with Feed the Future
Happy International Youth Day!
Young people around the world are key drivers of their economies, and agriculture can offer immense opportunities for them. It pays!
By engaging youth more meaningfully in the sector, from farming to processing to markets, we help them seize these opportunities. This takes a concerted effort, as young people face barriers to fully participating in agriculture-led growth, from laws to social norms and perceptions
to a lack of relevant skills or finance.
Feed the Future is harnessing the creativity and energy of the world’s largest generation of young people by helping them find inroads to markets, create thriving businesses and innovate to improve agriculture and nutrition.
This International Youth Day, check out the stories below to learn more about our work to empower today’s generation of young people to build a more food-secure, nutritious and resilient future for generations to come.
Feed the Future in Action
Jeffrey Appiagyei is changing the face of agricultural machinery for manufacturers across Africa.
In rural Kenya, youth are embracing farming to earn more income and succeed in life. 
Many young people in Nepal are seeing farming as the path to prosperity and making it a business.
A group of young farmers join together to meet growing demand for chickens and eggs.
Vegetable hubs bring young farmers together to learn, solve and save, laying the groundwork for success.
Partner Stories
Through Feed the Future, Isaac created an affordable fix for one of the most vexing problems for farmers in sub-Saharan Africa.
See how Laveck has grown from a part-time farmer to a founder and leader of credit associations aimed at helping youth.
Young entrepreneurs in Guinea
solve an age-old problem
with a new approach: motorbikes.
Virtual reality helps young people get more involved -- and skilled -- in managing a precious resource.
Upcoming Events
Feed the Future Week
September 16-20, 2019
Online via #HerImpact & #EndHunger
International Coffee Day
September 29, 2019
Photo Credits: Cover Photo – Bobby Neptune
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