”...that every person should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all their labour, it is the gift of God”
Ecclesiastes 3:13
August 5, 2022
Dear Friend of Koinonia,
This summer, Koinonia provided a faith-filled experience for nearly 70 children aged 5-12 years of age, mentored 13 teens and young adults as counselors and assistant counselors, and provided desperately needed high quality childcare for local families for 6 weeks. Matt and Lin prepared 29 lunches for children and staff, each for 50-75 individuals. That is more than 1,740 lunches! We made sure that everyone was fed.
Every time that we prepared to eat, we led the children in the same thank you song. As time went on the children asked to help lead the song, and before long almost half the children were in the front leading the song-Nature Camp has become the children’s own and they want to participate and help.
         As you certainly know, Nature Camp was able to successfully run thanks to the generosity of donors such as yourself. Thank you! Because of your generosity, children and adults were able to spend a summer outdoors making new friends, learning how to care for one another, and most importantly – learning about the unbounded love of God.
         The staff, the families of Nature Camp, and the board invite you to celebrate the “good of all our labor” by sending in a gift now which we can use to begin preparing for our 60th anniversary and more youth programming. Below please see the many forms in which you can donate to help us celebrate. And yes, these are beautiful days at Koinonia. Your gift will add to our joy and continue to support our shared ministry in Christ!

With you in Koinonia and in Christ,
Dr. Kathleen Kristin Ruen
Executive Director
Camp Stories
Nature Camp, a six-session day camp at Koinonia, has finished its 6th week. Thank you to Program Director Rebecca, counselors Ashley, Derek, Leana, Valerie, Lin, Evan, Maddison, Liam, Arianna, Addison, Grace, Johnathan, Valexia and Jackson, and volunteers Matt and Elizabeth for making it an awesome experience! The Koinonia community is so grateful for your hard work & love.

Summer Sustainers
Koinonia operates year-round, and monthly donations help us have a consistent income which helps us prepare for busy summers like this one. It's easy to become a summer sustainer, and you will get a cool t-shirt as a thank you gift.
A donation now of $10, $21, $50 or even $100 a month can make a huge difference for our ministry.

We of course welcome any form of gift at all times of the year, so do not hesitate to make a one-time gift or send in a check today. God Bless You!
Honor Stones
The Walk of Honor is filling up!

We now have 9 honor stones - 4 completed and 5 in production - that will be placed in a path to the Icthus in time for Memorial Day Weekend 2023. In celebration of 60 years of ministry, each honor stone will cost $600 - $300 of which will be a direct donation to operating costs. Send in a check (or make an online donation) with the correct spelling of the loved one you would like to honor, and we will do the rest.
Common Ground
Common Ground Membership is a yearly commitment to Koinonia's operating costs. All donations, including memorial gifts, Church offering, Monthly Sustainer gifts, or one-time donations including checks, retirement disbursements, and online giving all count toward your membership. Membership levels include:

__ $10,000+   Guarantor
__ $ 5,000       Benefactor
__ $ 2,500      Patron
__ $ 1,000       Diamond        
__ $  500        Gold
__ $  250        Member

Consider joining the Koinonia Common Ground Family this year! There's no better time to begin than today.

Martin Luther Camp Corporation
165 Lakeview Drive Road
Highland Lake, NY 12742
No matter which way you contribute the 'good of your labour" to Koinonia, know it has and will make a huge difference in the lives of people who are hungry to be fed spiritually, emotionally, and physically. We look forward to receiving your celebratory offerings in the next few weeks and welcoming you to camp soon!

God Bless,                                         

Kathleen Ruen
Executive Director