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November/December 2019     
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The Importance of Validations for New Clients

When a new client sets up a first appointment with me, they often don't know what to expect. They've heard that I can translate what their pets think, want, and feel, but they still have a lot of reservations. First and foremost, they want to be certain th at it's really their pet I'm talking with. I understand. I'd want to know, too, if it were my pet.   
But some of the questions people want their pets to answer, as validations, a re  about things that a pet simply wouldn't know the answer to. For example:  
W hat kind of breed are you? What breed were your parents?    
Pets know if they're a dog, a cat, or a horse, but they don't know the specific names of different breeds.  
How old are you? When were you born?    
Pets don't work with calendars and watches, so the  best I can do is give you an approximation if a pet remembers how many winters have passed.  
Why did you get this disease? How long ago did you get sick? Could I have done something to prevent it, fix it,  change  it?    
This is a tricky question. Many times  we're talking about the sudden recognition of something like a slow-growing cancer that the human didn't notice until it was too late. Pets might know they haven't been feeling normal for  awhile , but it's in their makeup to disguise their pain, so they wo uldn't know how to answer this question.  
You can see that some things are just impossible for animals to be able to validate for their parents, but pets do have  answers, even to some fairly unusual questions.  
Just last week, I had a new client who wa s reluctant to have a conversation with her pet in Spirit. She emailed me saying her husband (who had a session with me before) told her she NEEDED to talk with me, but she asked me what if anything I'd be able to get from her pet. I told her that, at the  very least, she could have some closure and some validations. After thinking about it, she decided to go ahead and schedule an appointment.  
The first question on her list was:  What was the nickname I used to call her?  
As some of you know, I don't hear vo ices telling me the answers. Instead, I work with pictures. The pet and I simply exchange pictures back and forth (a process I call picture telepathy). I then translate the pictures pets send me into words.   
I told my client that I don't normally receive  specific names, but that sometimes I do get feelings that indicate what a name might be. The feelings a pet expresses may tell me how the pet felt when she was called by a different name.   
When I contacted Lola, I asked her:  What was the special name your  mom used to call you?  She then sent me two feelings.  
First, she reminded me about how Spanish-speaking people sometimes add a little extra to the end of a name. For instance, Lola will become Lolita.  
She then let me know that the name her mom called her made her feel loved, and that it was also sweet.   
I told her mom that I didn't know if the name she used had the word "sweet" in it or not, or if it simply made her pet feel that way.  
My client immedi ately said that it made perfect sense to her because she used to call her pet "Lola-beans" (like jelly beans). So it was her pet's name, with an addition at the end that was a reference to something sweet.  
There couldn't have been a better validation for  my client at the beginning of that conversation, and it made the rest of the communication go very smoothly!  

      Above: Lola-beans, now in spirit.

Dr. Monica
My 6th Book twins

My editors and I have been working overtime to complete the n ew book I promised would be ready soon. It's a compilation of over 70 stories from my files. Many of them are about YOUR pets.  
The book is now in the formatting stage. We've been given an estimated publication date of the end of January or early February.   At that time, it will be available both as an e-book and as a paperback book. I'll let you know the exact date when the time comes.  
You can also look for it on my website
Co-hosting a Radio Show  
I'm so excited to announce that I'll soon be a co-host for one of the number-one-ranked talk radio shows in the West. It's the Dr. Pat Show - Talk Radio to Thrive By!  
Dr. Pat  Baccili  is an award-winning host who has a show Monday through Friday on KKNW AM 1150 in Seattle.  
To find out how to access the show, check out their website at www.TheDrPatShow.com. Under the tab  About Dr. Pat Bacilli , look for the 100 Syndicated  Station list in the drop-down menu to find the most convenient way for you to watch.  
You can also visit the website: 

or contact them at: 
KKNWAM1150 Seattle@1AlternativeTalk
My first appearance on the show will be Decembe r 20, 2019. Then, as of January 1, 2020 I'll be on the show regularly once a month, answering your questions, so be sure to tune in!  

My shows name is "Pets Talk". I hope it will be informative and fun.

Have a wonderful Thansgiving!

Dr. M.

Dr. Monica Diedrich