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Incredible Love
Coming Soon: My New Book!
New Beginner's Animal Communication Online Course
When Summer Temperatures Rise
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Celebrations! There are so many things I am thankful for in my life and I take every opportunity to enjoy them. It doesn't have to be on "that" day, and many times I start the celebration earlier and make it last for two or three days. In this case, a week or more.

At the end of July, my husband and I celebrated 47 years of marriage and 51 years we've known each other. And, this month, it is my birthday so we are still celebrating. Kids coming home, grandchildren getting together -- it is a wonderful time to be in the same place and celebrate life!

I continue to learn from my clients and, for the first time, I am able to share with you how you can communicate with your pets by offering a comprehensive online course (more information below). The first lesson starts September 1st.

As always, my life is a whirlwind. I am planning a live workshop in Tulum, Mexico during November; working on the Intermediate and Advanced Modules for the Online Animal Communication Course; and, I am completing my 6th book (it will be available soon)! 

But I never, for one minute forget who makes all this possible: YOU.

I thank you for believing in me and for your continued support

Dr. Monica
Incredible Lovetwins
Remmy and Roxie are twins. When they were born, they were the only two kittens in their litter, which is very unusual for cats. They're now a little over 12 years old, and they share their lives with a very good client of mine. Sandra takes excellent care of the girls, and we speak often. 

She wrote to me on July 17th to request an emergency consultation while they were still at the vets waiting for test results. Remmy was not doing well and Sandra needed to know directly from Remmy how she felt. We already knew she had heart disease, but now her belly was bloated and she was obviously in some distress.

After careful examination, the vet found a cyst on her kidney that was filled with fluid. Even after extracting half a liter, there was still more fluid inside.

It had been difficult for Remmy to remain relaxed during the procedure, so they opted not to try remove any more at the moment. They were concerned, though, that it would quickly fill up again with more fluid, so there was talk about doing surgery to remove the cyst, as well as doing an endoscopy to check her intestines.

After consulting with her cardiologist, it became obvious that, with care, Remmy could handle the endoscopy, but her heart wouldn't be able to tolerate any surgery. The endoscopy then revealed that she had a small cell lymphoma in her intestines, in addition to the cyst on her kidney.

Faced with two major problems, and the fact that surgery was not an option, it became a matter of time, and doing everything possible to keep her as comfortable as they could.

When I talked with Remmy, I explained to her that she was very sick, and as much as Mom wanted to fix the problem for her with surgery, she was just too sick to have any operation. We then had a long talk about how she viewed her life, about her sister, and about saying goodbye.

Just a mere two days later, Sandra e-mailed me again because she needed to have an emergency consultation with Remmy's sister, Roxie.

Roxie was so lethargic she had to be taken to the vet right away. After doing some tests they found that Roxie also had a heart condition, and pancreatic cancer. Once again, surgery was not an option.

When I talked with both girls, neither of them was worried about her own health or about dying, but rather they were each worried about the other sister being left alone.

I think this was the first time I ever heard two animals telling me they'd prefer being put down at the same time, rather than leaving the other one behind. I was absolutely stunned by the fact that they were both thinking about leaving together.

Obviously, they're not only twins by birth, but they're also twin souls who wanted to leave this world together, just as they were born together.

You can read much more about their life story as written by their human mom, by clicking here.
Coming Soon: My New Book!
From this experience with Remmy and Roxie (above story), as well as from so many others, I've learned so much about animal spirits and souls that I want to share more of their stories with you. 

That's the reason I've spent this past year writing a new book that's almost ready for publication. The title is: Your Pet Called . . . 70 Stories Your Pets Told Me to Heal Your Soul and Mend Your Heart

I'll be sure to let you know when it will be available for purchase as an ebook.
New Beginner's Animal Communication Online Coursecourse
Over the years, my clients have asked me to do more and more workshops because everyone wants to learn about how to communicate with their animals.

I do a lot of workshops, both overseas and in the United States, but there are still many people who aren't able to attend in person.

In order to remain as available as possible for consultations, which I can't do while traveling, and so that you can learn without having to travel to a workshop location yourself, I decided to prepare an online course for you.

I'll be involved with you at every step in the learning process. There will be exercises you'll need to practice, and the opportunity to ask a couple of questions for clarification. 

The Online Animal Communication Course contains three (3) modules: Beginner's, Intermediate, and Advanced.

The Beginner's Module consists of three lessons, and is starting soon. It is scheduled as follows:

  • September 1 - Lesson 1
  • September 11 - Lesson 2
  • September 21 - Lesson 3
You'll want to take this course if you:
  • wish you could communicate with your own animal friends, but doubt your ability to do so
  • love animals and want to understand them better
  • wish you knew what your animals were thinking and feeling
  • wonder if you're making the right decisions for your animals
  • feel frustrated about behavior, training, or health issues with your animals
  • wish you could have input from your animals about end-of-life decisions
  • want to connect with an animal friend in the spirit world
  • work at a shelter and wish you could help place animals with the right humans
  • have a rescued pet and want to know some past history they might be able to tell you about
  • train animals and want to have a better understanding of what they need from you
  • love animals and want to help them more effectively
  • wish you were able to communicate with all life
If you'd like more information about the Beginner's Module, as well as the Intermediate and Advanced modules, please visit my website to read all about them. Secure your spot for the Beginner's Module by making your deposit now! 

If you have any questions, email me.
When Summer Temperatures Rise
We all know how hot it can be having to sit in a car waiting for someone who ran into the store for "just a minute."

Pretend for a moment you're a dog in that situation. You cannot open the windows, can't turn the car on to run the A/C, you're wearing a fur coat you CANNOT take off, and you cannot open a door to get out.

The temperature in a car can rise so much faster than most people believe. At only 70 degrees (F) outside, the inside temperature of a car can rise to almost 90 degrees in 10 minutes, and to 104 degrees in 30 minutes! It can rise even higher after that.

The longer your pet sits inside the car, and the higher the temperature rises, you're literally allowing your dog (or child) to BAKE in your car.

Do you really need to take your pet with you, only to leave them in a miserably hot car, even with the windows slightly open?

You might plan to be gone for only five minutes, but it's always much longer than that.

Your pets will actually be much happier being left home ALIVE, instead of being placed in a situation where they may suffer from heat stroke, irreversible brain damage, or even death.
Just as the inside of a car heats up miserably in warmer weather, the pavement can also heat up to temperatures that can be damaging to your pet.

For example, if the air temperature is 77 degrees, the pavement may be a whopping 125 degrees! Think about this. You can fry an egg in just 5 minutes at 131 degrees. The picture shows you what happens when you walk your dog on a very hot day on very hot pavement.

There's a "5-second test" you can use to see if the pavement is too hot. Simply place your hand on the pavement and hold it there for 5 seconds. If you can do this comfortably, it's safe to walk your dog on it. If it's uncomfortable for you, it's also uncomfortable, and maybe even painful, for your dog.

Always pay attention to the environment around you and think about your pet first.
Have a safe rest of the summer!

Dr. M.

Dr. Monica Diedrich