June 3, 2018  
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Making May Day your own  

May 1 is typically recognized as May Day. It  has a long and varied history, dating back millennia. In many countries it is a traditional spring holiday. In the US, May Day took on a new meaning, as an International Workers' Day, with the first movement for an eight-hour work day.  Why not make this day one of renewal and begin your next quest...until everyone can read. Build a team, then select a goal to run, walk, hike, bike or do whatever is your passion to raise awareness and funds for IDA. Make your quest a part of our movement for Structured Literacy in every school.

Time for new treads?

Is it time for new running or hiking shoes? Your footwear can dictate how much you will enjoy your time on the road or trail. More important, old and worn out shoes can lead to excessive foot and muscle fatigue and even longer term injury.  Running shoes should be retired around 400 miles. If you are logging 10 miles a week get new shoes every 10 months. Hiking boots should be replaced at approximately 700 miles.  

Mothers Day FUNdraising

Even on Mothers Day moms continue to be our #1 fans and supporters. They cherish, believe in, love and care for us. Honor your mother with a party that gives back. Create a 50/50 party fundraiser. Ask for $20 donations; put half toward food & beverages and half in a  donation in your mom's name to IDA. Then, surprise your mother with a special event for her day!

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