Yes, I know. Officially, Mother's Day was one week and one day ago. I'll be honest and say my overwhelming schedule forced me to make this late post. However, as I think about it "Mother's Day" can not be summed up with dinner, flowers and a 24 hour tribute. In my book Mother's day is every day. I encourage you to honor your mother and the women in your life who have made great contributions, deposit, sacrificed, inspired and shaped you into the person you are today every day! Let's face it, contributions like that are lifetime debts that can never be paid off. Therefore Every day is Mother's Day!

Today and everyday I celebrate my MOM; and to you... Happy Mother's Day, Every day!
Inell Cutts Dugan
M OTHERS are precious gifts from God. Today as I celebrate my gift I reflect on her amazing character that I can safely sum up in one word. FIERCE! My mom who has now been gone for over 20 years was the fiercest woman I know. Yes, fierce can be such a harsh word but once you knew my MOM, fierce took on a whole new meaning.

She earned this title in my heart and in the hearts of many by the life she lived, the hearts she touched and thee apogee love she demonstrated daily. Even in my early childhood I recognized something amazingly beyond the norm in this person I affectingly called MOM.

My mom, the oldest of eleven siblings, mother of five beautiful girls, a pastor’s wife and advocate of helping those in need believed through her FAITH in God there was nothing she could not do. I can strongly say 99.9 percent of the time she pulled it off and did just about anything she put her “Go Getter” mind to do.

Her desire in life was to Inspired.   My sisters & my lives are living testimonies of her daily doses of inspiration. But it didn’t stop with us; it was shared and received with just about everyone that knew her. She had a special knack of even on your worst days bringing out the very best in you. 

Her strong firm words of Empowerment would sting and convince you all at the same time that you actually could “do all things through Christ who strengthen you”; (Philippians 4:13); and after a few ouches you thought you could conquer the world.

Those moments when life would occasionally catch her off guard and throw a fast curve ball or sometime even knock one down it was her Resilient bounce back spirit that not only got her back in the game but allowed her to always win the game. 

She was never one to quit. Through her godly wisdom and trust in thee almighty God I never saw MOM back down instead I saw amazing Courage rise up and confront any obstacle that came her way.     

Her life motto “If I could help somebody” spoke for itself as she Encouraged so many through her loving and giving ways. She was a woman who wore many hats both physically and spiritually and wore them all very well. Her work in the community & serving on many boards explained her heart and proved her humanity.  She opened her doors to many, would literally give the coat off her back and her homemade mouth watering meals was always a sure way to capture one’s heart on any given day at any given time.

Yes, my MOM had a strong desire to inspire. She lived to help others.   MOM is gone today but still helping and giving through the “Katherine Dugan Scholarship Fund” named in her honor. Her legacy lives on and continues to “help somebody” in our annual Woman at the Well Prayer Breakfast giving out over $40,000.00 in educational and hardship scholarships.    

FIERCE she was without a doubt. For she was one of F aith/Faithful, Inspiring , E mpowering, R esilience, C ourageous and E ncouraging; My MOM was thee epitome of the Proverbs 31 woman. She was fierce when it came to her husband, her children, her entire family, her church family and of course, the God she served. “Favour is deceitful, and beauty is vain: but a woman that feareth the LORD, she shall be praised.” Proverbs 31:30

Happy Mother’s Day to my MOM, she’s departed from this life but will always live on in my heart.
Truly…..“I’ll always love my Mamma”
Every day!
Every Day is Mother's Day!
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