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Celebrate National Adopt a Cat Month
With LA Animal Services By Adopting
A Feline Friend!
Los Angeles, June 18, 2021 –  It’s National Adopt a Cat Month so LA Animal Services is urging animal lovers to open their hearts and homes to adopt a feline friend or two! There are many wonderful cats and kittens available in our Animal Services Centers ready to be a part of your family. To encourage pet adoptions and to celebrate Cat World Domination Day (June 24), LA Animal Services is waiving adoption fees for cats and kittens through a generous grant from the ASPCA.

Here’s how you can be the “cat’s meow” this month:

I Want to Adopt a Specific Cat or Kitten

If you would like to adopt a specific cat or kitten, please follow these steps:

  • Visit and identify a cat or kitten you would like to adopt.
  • Call 888-452-7381 with the Animal ID number or A# (example: A1234567).
  • LA Animal Services will share all the information available on that animal.
  • If you’re interested in moving forward with the adoption, LA Animal Services will take your information and schedule a pick-up appointment.
  • During the appointment, staff will introduce you to your selected animal.
  • To follow COVID-19 safety protocols, social distancing will be observed and face coverings will be required during your scheduled appointment.

I Want to Visit an Animal Services Center to Meet Cats and Kittens Available for Adoption

If you would like to adopt a cat or kitten by by visiting one of our centers to meet cats and kittens who are available for adoption, please follow these steps:

  • Call 888-452-7381 to make an appointment.
  • Potential adopters will be provided a date and time for their visit to one of our Centers, and will be encouraged to view available animals on our website at prior to coming to their appointment.
  • Upon arrival for the appointment, staff and volunteers will guide the adopter through the kennels to view animals available for adoption.
  • If there is a pet you are interested in adopting, our staff or a volunteer will provide you with all available information on the animal, and you will be escorted to a designated area so you can get acquainted with the animal(s). 
  • To follow COVID-19 safety protocols, social distancing will be observed and face coverings will be required during your scheduled appointment.
Foster a Feline Friend

Please consider fostering if you are unable to adopt a pet. If you would like to foster a cat, we recommend fostering a feline friend for a minimum of two weeks. When you foster an animal, you’ll be able to provide helpful information to the Centers about the cat’s unique traits and personalities, which can then be shared with interested adopters.

If you would like to foster a cat and/or kitten, please follow these steps:

  • Visit and identify an animal you would like to foster. 
  • Email the volunteer liaison at with your completed foster application (if you have not fostered before), a picture of your government-issued identification with photo (i.e., driver’s license), and the Animal ID number(s) of the pets you are interested in fostering. 
  • We will call you once your application is reviewed to schedule an appointment.
If you have been approved to foster kittens with LA Animal Services, email your district's lifesaving liaison and Thomas Kalinowski at to be set up with your foster kittens.

LA Animal Services is always looking for foster volunteers who can care for bottle baby kittens -- kittens who are learning to eat on their own -- as well as sick kittens and moms with litters.. Help save the lives of these vulnerable feline friends. Be a foster volunteer lifesaver! Complete the foster application and email it to

For more information about adopting or fostering a pet, or how you can support and donate to help the pets in our Centers, visit
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LA Animal Services promotes and protects the health, safety, and welfare of animals and the people who love them, and is one of the largest municipal shelter systems in the United States. With six Centers across the City, LA Animal Services serves approximately 60,000 animals annually and responds to 20,000 emergency calls involving animals or people in danger. LA Animal Services is part of the Human Animal Support Services (HASS) international coalition, joining 38 municipal shelters and animal welfare organizations across the country to reimagine and transform the way shelters care for animals and their families, by offering access to resources to help keep families together; getting lost pets home quickly without having to enter the shelter system; providing food and medical assistance; and continuing to build on a strong adoption and foster program so pets find their permanent homes or are placed in foster care. Visit our link.tree for helpful links to the services and resources available to you and your companion animals. Connect with LA Animal Services and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.
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