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Open Saturdays 8-12
*Winter Market Hours (Saturdays: 10am - 12pm) Begin in December*
501 Foster Street
*Masks are appreciated*
Market News!
"I am a 26 y.o. artist based in Chapel Hill, NC. My art form of choice is balanced-rock sculpture. All of my sculptures are comprised solely of rocks: there is no glue, wire or rods. Because of this, the sculptures are always temporary: they last anywhere from a few seconds to a few days.

If you like what you see, please consider making a purchase! In addition to prints and posters, you can purchase tote bags, mugs and more! Just click on one of the initial purchase options for any particular photo and scroll down to see more.

I am also available for personal lessons, distanced performances and group demonstrations (contact me at to discuss details) If you would like to make a direct contribution, my Venmo username is @Mara_Gardner17. Thank you!"

New Hope Audubon Society
Visit their table at market on 11/6 and 11/20

"Leaving your leaves is one way to change some of the forces at work behind the twin crises of climate change and loss of biodiversity. Some direct impact and benefits to leaving your leaves includes more beneficial insects including pollinators and fireflies, less stormwater runoff, healthier soil and trees, and less air and noise pollution."

Beautiful Colorful Sweet Bell Peppers!!! Free Range Brown Eggs and lots of Jams and Homemade pickles (Kosher, Sweet and Sour, and Bread and Butter)!
Decorate with our lovely MUMS and fall cut flowers!!!

Apple butter and Pumpkin Butter!!!

Pre-order by calling/texting 919-548-0977.
Thanks for buying local!!

Amy and Ray Sugg
and Jessica
Catbriar Farm
We have Cubed Steaks, Bone-In and Boneless Chuck Roasts, London Broil Roasts, Bottom Round Roasts, and Shank Cross Cut

Creamy Tomato,
Spicy Collards & Black Eye Pea
Green Split Pea & Vegetable
15 Bean & Ham
Alphabet Vegetable
Silky Black Bean

Purple Top Turnips

You may pre-order and pre-pay to make your visit to our table quicker. You may always pick up other items if you want. Everything is first ordered, first served until supplies are depleted. Please email your order to by 8:00pm on Thursday. We will need your name, a phone number and a detailed list of your items to preorder. We will respond to confirm your order.

Thank you!
Graham & Sara Broadwell 
Catbriar Farm 

Celebrity Dairy
Celebrity Dairy will be at market this week with FIG goat cheese. Delicious to put on apples, graham crackers or to eat on a sweet bagel!! 

We offer a selection of goats milk items handcrafted with love in Siler City, NC! At our booth you'll find a rainbow of flavors displaying our spreadable cheeses, nestled in among our pure chevrè, aged bloomy rind cheeses, yogurts, gelato, fudge, & even soaps. As NC's pioneer farmstead goat dairy, we've been treating all our goats like celebrities since 1991 and strive to do the same for our customers! Help us limit contact and keep each other safe during market transactions by placing pre-orders through our website,
Chapel Hill Creamery
Farmhouse Cheese Thunder Mountain Swiss is here!! It is well aged and strong like a Gruyere. We bring this cheese out in the fall to go with more hearty dishes and beverages. Good for turnip grain, quiche, grilled mushroom and Swiss sandwich. We also have Carolina Moon, YoYo, Dairyland Farmers, Danziger, Hickory Grove, and Calvander. Check our sign for other choices that we may add. 
   Pastured Beef ground beef is a customer favorite for cheeseburgers and our herd is pasture raised and Animal Welfare Approved. We also have Chuck Roasts and some steaks.
  Whey Fed Pork is Back! Pork from our farm is available including mild or hot dinner sausages, breakfast sausage, chops and ground pork. See you Saturday!

Instagram: @chapelhillcreamery 
Ever Laughter Farm
It's pepper season! From sweet pimentos to punchy poblanos to spicy cayennes, I will have a full table all summer. I'll also have potatoes, garlic, houseplants, a few native perennials and more. See you on the street!

Will Cramer 
Fickle Creek Farm
Chicken Backs Special
Great for Soups and Stocks
Only $2 per lb

We are low on freezer space!


50% off
Half Hams w/skin
Large Picnics w/ skin

Buy Four Get $8 Credit (~1 Free)
At checkout you must use promocode 'Saus8'

Broad Breasted Whites
Pasture Raised on NonGMO feed
$6 per pound  * $50 deposit
Reserve your bird online

Get Some Jowl Bacon for your last of summer BLTs!

Large Boston Butt Roasts
Save 25% - Only $6 / lb

PORK Bacon Ends & Chunks
Save 25% - Only $6.75 / lb

Veggies available this week include...

Sausages for all your grilling events!

Smoked Kielbasa  Smoked Andouille
Smoked Jalapeno  Smoked Green Pepper n Onion
Hot Italian  Mild Italian  Bratwurst

Chorizo  Country / Mild Sage  Hot Extra Sage

Winter Season CSA Enrollment is now OPEN
October through March
Enroll in Meat CSA and get a 7% discount for the next 6 months! 
Also available: Monthly Egg BiWeekly Egg

Pickup at Farm on Friday & Saturday
Pickup at Markets on Saturday
Delivery on 1st, 3rd, & 5th Wednesdays 

Our freezer is full!
Share a Half of Whole Hog with Friends & Family
Save extra $30 this week; Total of 20% off!
Use promocode "halfhog30" when ordering

Inventory is updated by Monday by 5 pm !
If we have fresh meat, additional updates to the store may occur by Friday 8 am.

**Beef & Lamb: Pasture Raised **
**Pork:       Pasture & Woodland Raised Free Range*
**Chicken:    Pasture & Woodland Raised, NON GMO Fed, Free Range **
**Hen Eggs:   Pasture Raised, **
**Veggies:    Never Sprayed **
Fruchtenicht Honey
Honey bees and humans are the only animals who direct one of their fellows to a distant location by means of symbols. If you are told to deliver a package to 100 Clover St. in Cloverdale, you may be shown a map of the road to Cloverdale or get verbal instructions to follow Highway 27 and that the house is in the SW of Cloverdale. You drive there, then (your GPS is on the fritz) you hunt around until you find a sign for Clover St. then follow the house numbers to 100. Voila!

A honey bee forager returning with a rich load will pass it to a receiver bee and then attempt to recruit her fellows to El Dorado with the famed bee waggle dance. She indicates the direction by wagging her abdomen and dancing in a straight line at an angle to vertical which mimics the angle of the target to the position of the sun, then loops back and repeats. The vigor of the dance conveys her opinion of the source’s value, and its duration the distance. As she dances, her body is being stroked by potential recruits who pick up the scent of the nectar and may receive a droplet.  

Much like our driver, the recruit doesn’t hit right on the spot. There is an error factor in the angle of maybe 10º which diminishes the farther the travel but a distance error which increases with distance. One study found new recruits landing within 25 m of a target 300 m away. Then the bee, like our driver, must hunt around searching with her sensitive antennae for the odor of the nectar, and use her sight to narrow down the search to flowers. 

Foragers returning with rich loads are unloaded by receiver bees within perhaps 40 seconds and will then dance. Foragers returning with inferior loads (nectar can vary from 10% to 70% sugar) may spend several minutes before a receiver bee will take her watered down crap. She doesn’t dance. 

A finding from a recent study: not all foragers are the same. There are Hero of the Soviet Union bees who may make ten or more trips a day and slackers who may make one. The lazy bees may be just born bad (queens mate with up to 20 drones so there is genetic variation in her daughters) or they may be impaired by viruses or pesticide exposure. Think of the octogenarian or someone with the flu searching for 100 Clover St. They might just stay home.
Haw River Mushrooms
SO much variety on sale with Haw River Mushrooms this weekend! For a short time only we will have both our summer varieties and our winter varieties! Fingers crossed we will have Pink and Golden oysters alongside our Italian oysters as well as blue oysters, lions mane, cinnamon caps and shiitake. 
We will also have grow bags back in stock. These are ready to fruit, at home grow kits to get fresh blue oysters or lions mane growing in your kitchen. 

We strongly encourage preorders to reserve your favorites and make pick up quick. 
Orders are open until Friday at 1PM. 
Find our products online at: Haw River Mushrooms Online Store ( or go to for more information. 
Honey Girl Meadery
This week we we’re bringing some of our favorite new seasonal meads for Autumn like our NEW Barrel Aged Apple Vanilla Mead and Cranberry Sage Mead.  And bee sure to get your hands on some of our Honey Chai Mead and Spiced Apple Cyser perfect for mulling for the cooler weather!
We are always happy to make recommendations for you in person at the market, or you can pre-order online from our entire line-up, and pickup at the Market. PLEASE NOTE: Pre-orders for DFM pickup must be placed by 6:00pm on the Friday before the Market. Simply select Durham Farmers Market as your pickup location when you place your order. 
Our Tasting Room is about a mile away from the Market & currently open for curbside take out and outdoor seating Friday through Sunday. Grab a bottle or a flight and explore our extensive mead selection! 
Honeygirl Meadery 
105 Hood Street, Suite #6
Durham, NC 27701
Tasting Room Hours:
Friday & Saturday 12:00 - 7:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 – 6:00 PM
Curbside Pick Up Hours:
Friday & Saturday 12:00 – 7:00 PM
Sunday 12:00 – 6:00 PM
Visit our online shop to order mead for pickup, for shipping, or to purchase gift cards for friends. 
Thank you for your continued support!  Bee Well!
Diane, Nicole, & Becky
Phone: (919) 399-3056
Hurtgen Meadows
On our tables this week: Brussels sprouts greens, kale (Siberian, red, green and toscano), rainbow chard, arugula, sweet potatoes, sweet peppers, hot peppers, lunchbox peppers, classic and mini eggplant, squash, sweet onions, potatoes, garlic, eggs and jams (fig, blueberry, blackberry, strawberry, pear, peach, peach mango, yellow sweet onion, red sweet onion, medium red pepper and hot red pepper).

Pre-order online
Tuesday 8 pm through Thursday 8 pm 
Maple Spring Gardens
Happy Fall Y'all!

With this lovely turn of weather, tomatoes are winding down, but we will continue to be bringing you lots of beautiful greens - Salad Mix, Baby Kale, Bunched Kale, Arugula, head Lettuce, Pea Shoots - along with Radishes, fresh herbs like Cilantro, Parsley, Dill, Mint.

For a limited time we have our 3 favorite flavors of fall -
Fresh BABY GINGER, Hibiscus, and Stinging Nettles! Only available until first frost.

This delicious ginger, full of bright spice, is thin skinned with no need to peel, and easy to chop with little to no fiber. You can keep it in the fridge for 2 weeks or stock up and freeze enough to eat 'til next season. 

Coming soon - fresh Turmeric, Beets, Carrots, Broccoli & Cauliflower.

Stop by and check out our NEW Herbal Sweetums - organic apple cider vinegar infused with farm grown herbs and sweetened with honey.  

~Elderberry; Clary Sage & Lemon Balm; Tulsi Rose~

These tonics can be taken daily, added to soda water for a delicious beverage, tossed on roasted veggies, added to pies, or in dressings and marinades - get creative! 

Fire Cider will make a comeback in late October.  
Other herbal offerings to check out 
farm grown Herbal Tea Blends, Pure farm distilled Hydrosol Aromatherapy Mists/Toners, Garden Faery Salve for skin irritations and dry hands, Arnica Plus topical antiinflammatory ointment for injuries or sore muscles, and for those late season pests Blissfully Bug Free insect repellent.

See you Saturday!

Sunshine Dawson and Team

Sunshine Dawson, Herbalist 

Website    Facebook   Instagram
Meadow Lane Farm
Both delicious meat-type LAMB and CHEVON (goat meat) are in plentiful supply so reserve your LEG of LAMB (whole or half) for the holidays... and Chevon (goat) leg... along with thick, meaty LOIN CHOPS. Fresh pastured 21-day dry-aged ANGUS BEEF also available this Saturday... and that means thick, grilling size RIBEYES, NEW YORK STRIPS, SIRLOINS, Slabs of beef RIBS, Brisket, and ROASTS, and much more. We have other perfect cuts of meat for you to cook out. Try thick pork chops or maybe a juicy Chevon (goat) burger on the grill. This is Saturday's link for placing orders, November 6th. Cutoff time to place an order using this link is Thursday at 5:00 p.m..  

OFFERINGS this week:

Natural pastured MEATS:
         ** 21-day dry aged Angus Beef:
               -- Ground ($8/lb.)
               -- Ground CHUCK ($9/lb.)
               -- Steaks  (Ribeye (bi), New York Strip, Sirloin (bi), Flat Iron, London Broil/Top Round)
               -- Short Ribs
               -- Roasts (Eye of Round, Chuck, Shoulder, Top Round, Rump Roast, Sirloin Tip)
               -- meaty Soup bone bags
               -- Shanks (Osso Bucco), Oxtail, Marrow Bones, Knuckle Dog Bones
          ** Yorkshire X Pork
                -- Ground (1 lb.)
                -- Pork Chops (2 per pack... 1")... perfect cooked on the grill.
                -- Ribs (great bbq'ed on grill!)
                -- Country X-Sage SAUSAGE - Mild or Hot (bulk or spiral link)
                -- Italian SAUSAGE - Hot (spiral)
           -- smoked POLISH Kielbasa (4-link packages)
           -- Smoked Green Pepper/Onion SAUSAGE (4-link packages)
           -- spicy Chorizo
               -- ROASTS: Picnic and Boston Butt 
                -- Backbone "Pork Chops": similar to chops (more economical)
                -- Neckbones (wonderful meaty broth)
                -- Pork liver; pig tails/ears; fatback; pork skins, pig feet
          -- SMOKED, sliced BACON.. (from "sweeter" processor)
                -- smoked hocks (great for seasoning greens)
                -- farm fresh PORK LARD buckets.. $8 per bucket (1.5/1.75 lbs.)
                -- 'Heat & Serve', eastern style NC BARBEQUE... $14.00/lb..from our pastured pigs.. delicious & easy for a quick meal!

             ** Dorset X Lamb:
                -- LOIN CHOPS (2 per pack)
                -- LEG of LAMB (whole or halved)
                -- whole SHANKS
                 -- Stew Meat (bi)
                 -- Lamb ribs
                 -- organ meats & Bags of meaty soup bones
                  -- Bratswurst LAMB Sausage
            ** Boer Chevon (goat meat):
                  -- Ground Goat (1 lb.)
                  -- LEG of CHEVON (whole)
                  -- LOIN CHOPS (2 per pack)
                  -- Whole Shanks
                  -- Stew Meat (bi)
                  -- organ meats & Bags of meaty soup bones.

** USDA Certified organic vegetables:
New: ** Baby Arugula ... $5 per bag
New: ** Baby "Zephra" yellow bi-colored summer squash... $6 per lb. (from greenhouse)
New: ** Heads of delicate tender green lettuce... $5 per head (from greenhouse)
       ** PADRON (spicy) peppers... $5 per pint
       ** Shishito peppers ... $5 per pint
       ** sweet "LUNCH BOX" colorful peppers .... $5 per pint
       ** EGGPLANT: 3 varieties (purple globe; long Asian; or small Fairy Tales): $6 per pint for Fairy Tales; (others by the lb.)
        ** Lettuce (heads): $5 per head for larger heads; $3.50 for smaller heads... new crop
        ** Assortment of butternut squash and pie pumpkins... LOTS!
        ** "Sungold" Tomatoes (limited)..outside grown.. $5 per pint

Farm fresh summer FLOWER Bouquets: $20 each (Marigolds, zinnias, and more)... limited

Marigolds, "flower with many petals", ... so fragrant and colorful in either yellow or orange.. are
gorgeous this week growing inside the greenhouse. Mario will have beautiful bouquets made for you again this week.. mixed with greenhouse grown Zinnias, etc.  The organic produce inside the greenhouse is also ready to be harvested, such as baby, new crop ARUGULA and large heads of tender green LETTUCE.  Sweet potatoes will hopefully be dug this week and placed in a heated open room for curing to increase the sweetness and shelf life of the potatoes. The strawberries must also go in the ground this week... we are about 2 weeks behind in getting these beautiful plants planted.  We are having to bring in extra helpers this week in order to get these jobs accomplished before the rain and colder weather later in the week! 

It is not too early to be thinking about ordering your beautiful holiday wreaths... each meticulously made by Mario from greenery on the farm. We will have two sizes.. small ($45) or large ($55).  A sign-in sheet is at our check-out table on Saturday's... reserve yours now. 

Thank you for your continued support of our Century Family Farm!
Martha L. Mobley
919-495-1305 (text or call if questions)
571 Leonard Farm Road
Louisburg, NC 27549 -- farm's email

Melina's Fresh Pasta
We will be at market this Saturday with a variety of fresh pasta and sauces! We will be bringing many flavors of ravioli including our award winning Pimento Cheese, Pumpkin, and 3 Cheese and Garlic and items like Tomato Parmesan Cream Sauce. Or pick up one of our take-and-bake lasagnas for an easy and delicious meal! If you would like to place a preorder for the market, please call us at 919-403-3663 by Friday at 5pm.

If you would like to place a preorder for the market, please call us at 919-403-3663 by Friday at 5pm.

Phoenix Farm
We will be at market Saturday with lots of great produce! We will have bell pepper mixes, shisitos, roselle hibiscus, carrots, beets turnips, radishes, spinach, lettuce mix, and more!

Hope to see you at the market Saturday,
Roberson Creek Farm
We will have lots of fresh Eggs for you to enjoy.
Our Hens are Happy Hens.
They are on Pasture all day every day.
We will have Pumpkins,Great for Soup, bread, pies.
They are cooking pumpkins.
Thank you for shopping with us each week.
We are Cash Only.

Bobby & Vicki Roberson
Roberson Creek Farm
Sarah's House of Clay & MASKS
Fired my kiln a second week in a row. Lots of new wares coming to Market, including a new supply of my popular Durham Bull Mugs.

Special orders welcome. I’d love to fulfill your special requests!

Potholders, lightweight and colorful, make great gifts for yourself or friends!

Looks like masking is here to stay.
Keep a mask handy. 
Make it a pretty one. 

My original fabric designs are available for purchase at my Spoonflower shop, ‘Designs by sarahhowe’

Sarah Howe 
Soul Cocina
At Soul Cocina, we blend nutritious plant-based living with the traditional flavors and techniques found in Latin American cuisine. Our menu changes weekly, with the season’s freshest ingredients inspiring our fare. This week we are offering a new fall inspired dish: greens & beans stuffed acorn squash, and a new delicious dessert: apple crumble bars (pictured here!). You can also cozy up with our other fall offerings including our roasted butternut squash and apple soup, pumpkin lasagna, black beans, poblano peppers & butternut squash enchiladas, pumpkin cheezecake and much more!. We still have our tasty pupusas as well, and you can always stop by for a warm pastel de yuca or a fresh tamale to snack on while you explore the market... We hope to see you soon!  

Soul Cocina | (919) 559-0255

Instagram: @soulcocinatriangle
South Wind Produce
South Wind Produce will be at market this week!

Pre-ordering is available Tuesday and Wednesday through our website.

We look forward to seeing you!
Angie and Miles

Instagram: @southwindproduce
We’re back! We’ll see you all bundled up— kimchi soup, anyone? It’s as simple as adding broth or water to kimchi- then adding whatever’s in your fridge: some protein (pork, tofu, or hot dogs work well), some veggies, maybe an egg at the end. Boil it all and enjoy with rice or buttered toast.

You can order kimchi for Friday delivery or pickup on Saturday at our booth. 

To get $2 off 2 or more jars — just use coupon code 2jars. You must have a minimum order of 2 jars.

Current menu: Napa cabbage, green cabbage, mustard greens, green garlic, butternut squash, radish, sweet onion, collard greens, turnip

Eunice Chang
Owner, The Spicy Hermit
Find @thespicyhermit  on Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

Terra Clotha
Even though some of us are still wearing shorts and T-shirts, it is cool enough these days for the rest of us to be wearing our Durham Hoodie. Warm, colorful, stylish, and in touch with the city. Also available on special order. We also have long-sleeved T-shirts for children and adults. AND BY THE WAY, we are happy to do special holiday orders. Colors, sizes, designs to your specifications. And like many others in this crazy world, some of the shirt sizes, dye colors, silkscreen ink, left-handed smokeshifters, etc., that we need to make that happen are sitting in ships off the California coast waiting to be unloaded. Because even though we deal with domestic companies, some of the supplies our suppliers need have to come from far-off places, and thus, we are subject to some of the breaks in the global supply chain that everyone else has do deal with. Which is a long way of saying that you should get your order in early.

Wild Scallions
Wild Scallions Farm will be at market with some great fall produce including: potatoes, butternut squash, pumpkins, bok choy, turnips, daikon radish, peppers, our last onions and a bit more.  And the fall flush of dahlias are here! We'll have plenty of lovely flower bouquets and bunches of fresh eucalyptus. 

All our produce is sustainably grown for healthful foods from healthy fields!

Looking forward to seeing everyone!
Matt and Renee
Full Flower Herbs
We’re back with all the good plant medicine crafted from fresh local green friends. We’re bringing a very small batch of mugwort burn wands perfect for clearing and setting ritual space and for connecting with ancestors and guides in dream space—Mugwort clarifies dreams and their recall upon waking. As well as our beloved elderberry syrup, to keep you feeling fine this winter, and to tickle your taste buds. Come taste it and see what we’re talking about! 

Email me, Lindsay, with anything you want to be sure I bring.
MoonDance Soaps & Sundries
Natural soaps, Diaper Lotion Potion
and Moisturizers all make great gifts. Local gifts are packed with goodness and love!

Pre-order ahead of market and get a free bar of Pumpkin Spice soap to keep for yourself!!

For pre-orders: Enter "DFM pickup" in the notes section.

Pre-order by Friday at 5p for pickup at DFM each Saturday. 
Piri is a Black family owned business based out of East Durham, we make food influenced by our Southern and Afro Diasporic roots. Our current market offerings include a variety of soups and prepared side dishes that are easy to reheat at home.