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A way to expand your inner world, that makes your outer world more "spacious," is to journey shamanically. There are so many books, online and in-person courses, and shamanic practitioners in this area and beyond who can show you how to get started and then mentor you from there if you need. I recommend getting to know this spiritual practice as it is a sure-fire way to get to know yourself in all its multi-dimensionality. It's not a religion but more of a method to explore the inner worlds and to get in touch intimately with your essential self/selves. Below are some shamanic practitioners, healers, and teachers that I recommend.

Lynn & Dee LaFroth, producers of Essential Wellness/Celebrate Wellness publications
The Art of Shapeshifting:
Visionary Art and Healing
By PaulaBarkmeier

Within every one of us there is a wild and natural creature, a powerful force of instinctual and creative being. My work speaks of a longing for wildness. Opposing forces of dark and light find their place.
The creatures inhabiting my installations of art are hybrids of real entities in nature and imaginary forms. Different perceptions of reality are questioned. Where do animal and human meet? Human and animal parts morph to form new species. Boundaries between the conscious and unconscious realms are blurred. One is invited to question the relationships between these creatures, and how they interact with us in our dreams, psyche, and everyday existence.

Shamanism in a Modern World
By Alberto Villoldo, Ph.D.
Four Winds Society

We live in an age that suffers from loss of Soul.  We learn in school that the world is inanimate, that the universe is dead, that the Earth is an island of life in a lifeless Universe.  We learn that the stars are not the eyes of god, but nuclear furnaces that will become white dwarfs and eventually explode, spewing their lifeless innards into the void of space.

We have learned to explain too many things.  To an Indian child high in the Andes, or on a Hopi reservation in the Southwest, life is a mystery, the sky is inexplicably wondrous, rocks are beings that talk to you and counsel you.  They know that rivers don't lie, that when the mountain speaks it whispers with a voice that was heard on the first day of creation.

Shamanic Events
Aug 4, 5, 6: The Art of ShapeShifting--
Visionary Art and Sound Meditation

The Art of ShapeShifting is a collaboration between Minneapolis visionary artist, Paula Barkmeier, and national composer/sound healer, Paul Rudy ( Visual art and sound together brings evolutionary expression, profoundly touching upon and bringing to light the medicine of the in-between dimensions. Origins and boundaries become fluid and forms from the Great Mystery manifest through a thin veil.    Click here for more information, RSVP and ticket sales.
Nov 4, 5, 6: Following the Faery Paths of the Earth and Stars Shamanic Retreat and click on retreats

With Jeanne Marie Troge, MA, at Camp Knutson, Crosslake, MN (near Brainerd).  Shamanic dance, drumming, fire ceremony, healing, ritual, story telling and more!  Elen of the Ways/Stars and the deer/reindeer spirit will lead us on the Faery Paths and Spirit Roads.  Experience the Crystalline healing chamber, connecting to the Ancient Star Ancestors.

jeanne troge new
Shamanic Healing

Chee Vue (aka: Master Shaman PaLiChi) has been awakened to her special gifts and psychic abilities since the age of 2. She has been publicly practicing shamanic work, chi energy healing, and psychic readings since 2006. She utilized a very integrative approach to her healing way. Master Shaman PaLiChi has first-hand experience working with the mentally ill and the chemically dependent, pregnancies and infertility, depression, trauma, moderate to critical physical illnesses, and paranormal activities. She is also a Sifu of spiritual direction and "opens the door" to higher source guidance for all individuals and their life purpose to name a few. She believes, "As 'young' as mankind is, we have the will to drive our course into a purposeful direction in this lifetime and this is our turning point." 763-742-8690.
The wounded spirit can feel overwhelmed by life in general and problems can seem insurmountable. Mary Stoffel works with both people and their animal companions to help restore spiritual balance and personal power. With training through the International Foundation for Shamanic Studies, she uses telepathy, energy interference patterning, essential oils and shamanic healing methods to help people and animals deal with holistic health issues. Author of The Practical Power of Shamanism: Heal Your Life, Loves and Losses. 763-444-8146
Shamanic Training & Education

Four Winds Society
Considered the gold standard in shamanic education, The Light Body School's, 300-hour Energy Medicine certification program prepares wise and ethical energy medicine practitioners. Under the guidance of Dr. Alberto Villoldo, Marcela Lobos, M.A. and senior FWS teachers, students are immersed in the mystical merging of ancient wisdom and modern science, as they learn to heal themselves and others. Contact us today to begin your journey of a lifetime. 877-892-9247.

Dr. Alberto Villoldo

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