To all my loyal Sothys clients, it's time to celebrate 75 years of Sothys skin care expertise! Since 1946 Sothys has represented French excellence in professional treatments in 15000 beauty institutes,clinics and spas, paired with unparalleled, quality skincare products in 120 countries the world over.

I just had the pleasure of attending their first international SUMMIT- sadly, not via Air France- but what an amazing virtual experience!

 So let me share some highlights and some promotions~ for a celebratory autumn!
Why do we love Sothys?
It is without doubt THE most results-driven, botanically sourced, family-owned skincare line in the world. Discover why...
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We offer the experience of pleasure and French-inspired beauty in our elegant creek-side setting.

GIFT CERTIFICATES are available online or delicately gift-wrapped in person at the salon.
Sothys Anniversary Specials



HYDRATION DUO - Hydra 3HA Intensive Hydrating Serum and Cream
Regular $160  Holiday Price: $136 

YOUTH DUO - Youth Serum and Cream
Regular $182 Holiday price: $155 

DETOX ENERGIZING DUO - Detox Energizing Serum and Cream
Regular: $189 Holiday price: $160

NECK & EYE CONTOUR DUO - Perfect Shape Serum and Radiance Eye Contour Serum
Regular: $153 Holiday price: $130

SHOWER KIT - Hydra Nourishing Body Cream, Shower Gel, and Exfoliating Bath Mitt
Regular $107 Holiday Price :$92

*Holiday Duos excluded
Coming Soon

Getting back to our Summit, experts shared extensive product and treatment training including our EXCITING new skincare-infused foundation and make-up line! Two new types of foundation suited to your specific skin needs have emerged that will transform your skin's appearance!

Teint Jeunesse, youthful radiance.
Restore radiance and hide the signs of aging.

Teint Detox Energie™, perfect finish.
Enhance the complexion; conceal imperfections, excessively visible pores, redness and dark spots
Coming Soon

We are launching phenomenal NEW 20% Vitamin C microcapsules to enhance your Noctuelle night ritual for increased radiance and regeneration from daily aggressions.

NIGHT AFTER NIGHT, the Noctuelle™ line, with its Renovative Night Cream and upcoming innovation of 20% Vitamin C Micro Capsules reveals your skin to be visibly renewed. It appears rested, younger and more radiant.
Did you know that applying Noctuelle Regenerative Night Mask with a specific facial technique calms and prepares you for a more restful sleep? 
Receive a complimentary NIGHT MASK (10 masks) with your Noctuelle Night Cream purchase while supplies last!
Two sessions to choose from:
12:00 TO 2:00  ~  3:00 TO 5:00
Our Sothys Holiday Makeup Event! Featuring Solenne, our International Training Manager from Paris and Ziba, our Makeup Expert and Product Specialist from Newport, CA.

Special event promotions, raffle, gifts with purchase, champagne and hand crafted hors d’œuvres and delicacies!

Reserve your spot today!
Application Techniques & Facial Yoga
We all can attest to the benefits of yoga for our minds and bodies — our Summit featured experts from Singapore and Hong Kong passing along their knowledge and techniques for preserving the skin's youth while applying Sothys' Youth Creams, Perfect Shape Neck and Radiance Eye Contour Serum! We will be demonstrating these techniques at our Sothys Event

...and I think we all de-stressed with a one hour yoga session featuring Vincent, France’s top rugby player and Sothys' legendary Men's Line model, who graciously shared his screen. It's only fair that I share...
Green Chemistry

The best botanical active ingredients.

Sothys advanced research takes an ethical and responsible approach to its work, and its now able to offer the best botanical stem cells combined with botanical extracts obtained through environmentally friendly .

  • High-biotechnological processes
  • Sustainable supply chain
  • Certified origins
  • Protection of biodiversity
Join us as we float away into a joyous season together!

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