16 May 2019
Celebrating our Communicants
Greetings from Mr. Gault

Friday, 10 May at the 12:10 PM parish mass, our school community bore witness, along with the parishioners of Our Holy Redeemer, to six young men who received their First Holy Communion. It was an honor to celebrate this blessed moment with Karim F., Walther G., Aiden J., Anthony P., Steven R., Kevin S. and their families. We are very proud of these young men who are embarking on this next phase of their faith journey. They know that they have the love and support of their families on this faith journey as well as their family here at The De La Salle School.
Last week all of the students gathered in the gymnasium for the finals of the school wide Math Bee. Finalists were challenged to solve a variety of math problems that included addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. No pen or paper, no calculators, all problems were solved using good old-fashioned brain power. First place went to Eric R. in seventh grade, second place to Zacharias G. also in seventh grade and third place to Randy L. in eighth grade. Congratulations to these young men as they represented our school at the Math Bee and competition sponsored by Kellenberg Memorial High School on 15 May.
In January of this year the Administration, faculty and staff of The De La Salle School began a self-study as part of our Lasallian Mission Assessment Process (LMAP). After much thought and hard work, our 32-page self-study report was submitted to the Office for Mission and Ministry for the Brothers of the Christian Schools - District of Eastern North America (DENA). On Tuesday, 14 May and Wednesday, 15 May Ms. Kerry Conroy, Associate Director of the Office of Mission and Ministry at DENA, led a visiting assessment team consisting of Ms. Carol Soltys, Principal of The San Miguel School Providence and Mr. Kevin Hiler, Assistant Principal of The San Miguel School Washington DC. During that time, they had the opportunity to meet with all members of our staff, speak with board members and parents and, most importantly meet with a large number of students. The oral report presented at the end of their visit was very affirming and uplifting and we eagerly await their final written report.
Wishing all a happy and safe Spring,

First Holy Communion

Math Bee

Week of 6 May

Word of the Week

(adjective) -
expressing admiration or praise

Gentleman of the Week - Derek G., 8th Grade
Writer of the Week - Christian C., 7th Grade
Artist of the Week - Daniel I., 7th Grade

Week of 13 May

Word of the Week

etymology (noun) -

1. the study of the origin of words

2. the history of a linguistic form (such as a word) shown by tracing its development since its earliest recorded occurrence in the language where it is found, by tracing its transmission from one language to another, by analyzing it into its component parts.


Gentleman of the Week - Angel M., Grade 8
Writer of the Week - Kelvin L., 6th Grade
Artist of the Week - Jan-Marco D., 7th Grade

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