2nd Quarter News
2018 Statistics
Men Employed - 390
Taxes Paid - $238,526.94
Child Support Paid - $24,361.18

Men Housed - 81
Men Employed -63
Letter from the Director - Paul Garner
I want to begin by wishing you a Happy Fourth of July! As we celebrate the birth of our country with various activities, I ask that you take a minute to say a prayer for all the men and women in uniform, past and present, who have served to protect the freedom we enjoy.  

This quarter is bittersweet for me. I recently transferred from our Nashville campus to Memphis. I would like to thank or executive staff for the believing in me, my former staff in Nashville for their dedication and hard work, and last but not least my current staff in Memphis for welcoming me with open arms and doing what ever it takes to get the job done.

Many exciting things are happening at Safe Harbor of Memphis. We have recently united with three new partners. We are happy to welcome Highline, Von Drehle, and Devine Courtyards. These are three new places where our residents can find gainful employment after their tenure with us.

Also, let me just say that Safe Harbor Memphis is very appreciative and excited to have the opportunity to partner with The Honorable Judge Tim Dwyer and his awesome staff in Drug Court Shelby County Tennessee. The extremely hard and difficult task that they have does not go unnoticed. The compassion and willingness that this team uses to find a way for a client to have an opportunity for Recovery, Transitional Housing and Treatment for those that need one more chance, is absolutely astounding. Let Safe Harbor Memphis give Judge Dwyer and the Drug Court Team of Shelby County a heartfelt “Thank You”. The Safe Harbor Memphis IOP Treatment Team is excited, as well, to have the opportunity to be partnering with the Drug Court. It is in these partnerships that many people are receiving the level of care that they need for Recovery and Sobriety. Safe Harbor is only one of many that are blessed to be providers for Shelby County Drug Court and we are so grateful to have this opportunity.

On behalf of all the staff at Safe Harbor of Memphis I would like to thank everyone that has helped change the lives of the men that come though our doors. It all goes back to our company motto “Reaching the lowest through the power of the Highest”.

Thank you, Paul Garner 
Celebration Sunday in Memphis
We want to congratulate our graduates for the 2nd Quarter, Tony Campbell, Charles O'Neal, Trevor Garland, Randall Britt & Samuel McTyre. We wish these men the best as they continue on their journey.

Congratulations to all of our award winners as well! We are going from Good to Great!

Here are a few pics from our Celebration Sunday for April, May & June.
Partner of the Quarter - Landau
Safe Harbor of Memphis proudly announces Landau as our Partner of the quarter. Landau currently employees 7 men from Safe Harbor of Memphis and 13 women from Fresh Start. We could not do what we do without Landau’s dedicated support and job opportunities.  

In 1938, Rudolph Landau began selling workman's uniforms to service station and garage employees by driving from garage to garage calling on customers. As sales grew, Rudolph was able to move the business out of his Model A Ford and into a retail store located in the heart of Memphis' medical center. 

Shifting the retail store's focus from work clothing to healthcare clothing, Rudolph built alliances with Memphis hospitals to ensure the Landau store serviced all the hospital employees' uniform needs. While his wife Bessie took care of the books, Rudolph was responsible for sales until his death in 1957. Later that year, after Rudolph's son Nat graduated college and returned to Memphis to help his mother run the business. Nat's vision was to take the business to another level by becoming a manufacturer. Originally the manufacturing 'division' consisted of five seamstresses sewing just a couple of basic lab coats in the basement of the retail store. 

As the business slowly grew, Nat was able to take greater risks by developing unique products. Over time, many of these were successful, and the company was able to expand into our own manufacturing plant.  

On account of Nat's values, the continual reinvestment in employees’ development and state-of-the art technology resulted in a thriving business. In the early 1980s, Landau was the first manufacturer to introduce scrubs in fashion-focused colors, creating a new market for the healthcare industry. In the late 1980s, Landau created another new market for the healthcare industry by introducing print designs. Thanks to these key innovations, the business continued to grow further expanding our manufacturing facilities.

In 1992, a third generation of Landaus entered the family business: Bruce and Gregg. Nat, Bruce and Gregg—along with more than 1,600 associates—base our relationships with employees, customers and vendors on a commitment to personal and professional integrity and to excellent service. Remaining true to these core values, we have enjoyed partnerships lasting 25 years and more. At Landau, we believe that our joint future is brighter than ever
A look around Memphis
God showing up & showing out this weekend in Memphis. Well over half of our clients responded to the altar call! There was too many to get in the picture .
Great service in Memphis. Christ Tabernacle Church came and worshiped with us. The Word was taken from Psalms 8:3-6. “What is man that You are mindful of him.”
We had a wonderful time in Memphis celebrating Memorial Day. We prayed over all of the fallen who have sacrificed so much for us to be able to have our freedoms here at home. We hope you were able to enjoy the day with your family & friends as well!
We would like to welcome VonDrehle Corporation to our list of corporate partners for Safe Harbor Memphis!
We would like to thank Lipscomb & Pitts for “knocking it out of the park” for our clients in Memphis. They treated our men to Skybox seats for yesterday’s game.
Thank you Lipscomb & Pitts for everything you do for Safe Harbor!
Safe Harbor of Memphis | “I Am One” Award
Each month staff vote on what city will get the I Am One Award. Congrats Safe Harbor of Memphis Staff & Clients.

Memphis chose to use their money to get a new AC System!
Client Testimony - Albert Push
"I came to Safe Harbor on February 13th 2019. Since I’ve been at Safe Harbor I have been have been treated well. I have finally gotten the chance to do a little work here and I’m feeling a lot better about myself.  

Sometimes its hard for me to speak up for myself, but since I’ve been at Safe Harbor the staff has helped me come out of my shell. I have come back to life and noticed I have a voice. 

I would like to thank the staff for choosing me as client of the quarter and helping me moved forward in my recovery!" 

Thank you,
Albert Push