June is traditionally a time for celebrations and, school graduations are truly a milestone to remember! Although this year is a bit different it is still a time to celebrate. When celebrating, keep in mind that teens and even some adults might think it’s okay to include alcohol as a rite of passage. One wrong decision can result in tragedy, not just for the young person, but for family members, friends and our entire community. Talk with graduates about celebrating fun and safely, making certain your party includes the understanding that youth and alcohol do not mix!

Other Ideas for celebrating during this time!
  • Compile a video of congrats from friends, family members, teachers, and other VIPs
  • Embarrass them (lovingly) with a huge lawn sign.
  • Turn your front door into a celebration of achievement.
  • Create a keepsake photo book of school memories.
  • Take those cap and gown photos!
  • Host a virtual commencement ceremony with a speech from your own grad.
  • Throw a (household) party: Food, decorations, the works.
  • Play graduation songs
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