Celebrate Your Gains
The theme of this 4-part series is to Create Your Health and Well-Being. This continues as part 4 of 4 - "Cebebrate your gains, keep your mind on your goals". Please click on each hyperlink to review Part 1 of 4, Part 2 of 4, and Part 3 of 4.
Celebrate your gains, keep your mind on your goals and train your mind to be grateful for what is versus what is not here.
Wow…this is the most crucial step for us to understand and implement. It may also be the most challenging in that it is so strongly engrained in a way that is not serving us.

The Universal law that is not in our current awareness is:

What we give our mind's attention to - GROWS!!
Our mind is a magnifier and vital energy simply flows where our attention goes.
The mind is a great tool that we have and own, yet it tends to be linked to negativity.
Have you heard this expression?

Our mind is like Velcro to negativity and Teflon to positivity
If we train ourselves to see and give full attention to our progress, even the smallest amount initially, progress will grow! 

Choosing where you put your mind’s attention will either serve you and your progress, or slow you down and not serve you.
Say you had a session with me and now your body feels more relaxed, open, feeling more aligned, grounded, and you can breathe a little bit deeper, your mind is calmer.
Then, you leave therapy and enter the environment and life situations that add stress to you and your life. Remember that healing is a process and not a single event. What you do between sessions Is super important and vital for your long-term progress.
In the previous Blogs (Parts 1, 2 and 3) we talked about what habits to create and sustain for making changes, but not much about what to do with the mind, and how to influence the mind to be on our side, act as our friend, versus when our mind is our own worst enemy.
What you want the mind to do it to stay on your side, to serve you and not control you. The good news is that our brain has neuroplasticity, the brain's ability to change and adapt as a result of experience, and you can reprogram old ways of being or acting. We just need to become aware and consciously practice more empowered ways.
So, each time your mind wants to pull you to the old patterns of:
-       Writing stories
-       Analyzing
-       Judging self or others
-       Feeling sorry for itself
-       Spinning out of control
-       Blaming others
-       Making excuses
-       Feeling like a victim
-       Not believing in yourself
Here are 4 keys to align the mind with our body and breath:
1.    Refocus your mind on breathing in a slow and deeper way 
2.    Refocus your mind on present moment awareness
3.    Refocus your mind on your body
4.    Refocus your mind on the sensations in your body and breathe through them
  • Take a few, deep and relaxed breaths into your belly 
  • Focus on WHAT is working for you
  • Love into your mind, soften your thoughts, and drop further into your body
  • With each breath into your body, express gratitude for your heart to pump, for your digestive system to process food for you and for your lungs to breathe
  • Feel your body when you breathe, identify parts that hurt and parts that do not hurt - you will feel things you could not before, breath by breath you will feel in the moment and come to life as you are
  • Feel the surfaces that touch your body, SLOWLY grasp one hand into the other, then put both hands on your chest over your heart, drop each hand on each leg, using the grounding presence of touch to reduce body tightness and tension
  • Tell yourself “Every day and in every way, I am getting better and better”
  • If you gained some range of motion, or if you feel lighter, say thank you to your body for it is serving you and working for you.
The most important thing that you can do when you want to heal, or you feel any life or body challenge at all, is to soften, surrender both your mind and your body - just breathe and smile. You will awaken and ignite your deeper intrinsic healing capacities.

That's how it simple it is... love yourself enough to celebrate your gains, keep your mind on your goals and train your mind to be grateful for what is versus what is not here.
In love and health,

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