In 2020 &Activities Coming Up in 2021
Mark Your Calendar!!

For Jan. 12–A Virtual & Free TALK Event–An Overview: How to Getting Involved in Stem Cell Trials as A Patient, And Tech Training with Stem Cell-Related Dialogue & Activities

FOR Your Tech Girls in Middle School!!! Register Them at No Cost!

Jan. 7-8, 4 PM ET

TALK Begins Techfest 2021 Planning In January

We will begin TALK's Techfest Planning for our anticipated August 26-27, 2021 hybrid event. We will begin planning on January 7th at noon via Zoom, and each week this January at the same time for just 30 minutes.
Send email to: dawny@talklou.com to be included in our Zoom call where we will discuss tech trends and begin our coordination for this tech extravaganza with live speakers, a tradeshow, and more!! And enjoy some networking...every business needs that. Make it a Happy New Year!
TALK Benchmarks for 2020:

--Trained 25+ companies over six weeks virtually in the areas of cybersecurity for SMBs, including policy templates, company posters and more

--Trained 300+ middle school girls in 2020 via a TALK-TechGirlz partnership on STEAM subjects and advised regarding potential careers virtually

--Participated in national tech workgroups regarding cybersecurity subjects tied to scaling cyber learning and cyber awareness leading to participation in final reports due out in Q1 2021

--Hosted more than 25+ virtual and free events during the pandemic on tech topics for
C-suite and tech professionals from Decentralized Finance to AI to Connected Justice to Computer Science to Mobile Dental Care to COVID19 Subjects

--Held Virtual Happy Hours for Tech Professionals Online

--Took Members to a DC Tech Flyin in February 2020 on tech policy issues

--Contributed to tech trends and policy issues via organizations including Code.org, & Cyber.org

--Promoted the events and activities of more than 84 agencies, non-profits, corporations, including state and local resources around COVID19

--Produced informative weekly TALK newsletters to promote tech and healthcare news of interest

--Produced the 4th Annual TALK Cybersecurity Summit virtually in June 2020

--Engaged with CompTIA, the area’s Microsoft Future of Work Initiative, and other groups, on emerging technology discussions regarding action steps

--Participated in Metro Louisville’s Build Better Back Initiatives

--Promoted resources for entrepreneurs and others looking to take an innovative idea forward

--Three TALK board members now participate on advisory committees and related groups at the national level discussion, regarding national and federal cybersecurity efforts

--Explored and established regular partnership with area groups around tech and healthcare, including Greater Louisville Inc.’s business networks and the University of Louisville’s Trager Institute

--Extended our TALK mailing list to over 3500 interested individuals in the state wanting to know more about technology subjects

--Engaged With Under-represented groups in West Louisville with tech training, entrepreneurship, and STEAM activities
For COVID-19 KY Info:

KY COVID-19 Hotline (800) 722-5725 For Questions.
  • Do not respond to, or open hyperlinks in, text messages about COVID-19 from unknown individuals.
  • Ignore offers or advertisements for COVID-19 testing or treatments on social media sites. If you make an appointment for a COVID-19 test online, make sure the location is an official testing site.
  • Be aware of scammers pretending to be COVID-19 contact tracers. Legitimate contact tracers will never ask for your Medicare number, financial information, or attempt to set up a COVID-19 test for you and collect payment information for the test.
  • If you suspect COVID-19 health care fraud, report it immediately online or call 800-HHS-TIPS (800-447-8477).
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