Share Your “Wins” This Winter

It’s tough to find seasonally appropriate, sensitive ways to promote certain products and services right now. But, as we learned at the start of the pandemic, that doesn’t mean brands should go silent; in fact, that’s actually the worst thing you can do.

Instead, you should use those resources to advertise your “wins.” This season, take a moment to share the successes you achieved in 2020.

For example, it would be fantastic to send an end-of-year email about:

  • Recent promotions and hires
  • Goals you’ve met
  • Your team’s first-ever Zoom (you know you took a screenshot)
  • Marriages/engagements/family additions
  • New projects, like starting to offer curbside pickup
  • New committees, like adding a diversity task force
  • Putting up holiday decorations (at work, or where you work from home)

While discussing blogs recently, we laughed over the comment: “Everyone loves a roundup!” 

Well, that’s a great way to collect anecdotes and pay tribute to your team at the same time. Employees get to brag a bit about their latest accomplishments, which can boost morale. Or they can acknowledge their colleagues, which makes everyone feel appreciated.

Your customers will also enjoy those personal, relatable, behind-the-scenes stories. Suddenly, you’re not a business: You’re real people who came together to get through 2020!

This is how you can make an impression and build meaningful relationships. Most of all, it won’t look like you only reach out to your audience when you want to close a sale. 

We can guess your next (entirely reasonable) question: But will this actually help drive sales? 

The answer, in fact, is yes! 

People are more likely to engage with companies they like and respect. They’re more likely to think of your brand first when they need something, because you’ve made a real impact. And if you inspire people with great storytelling, they might browse your website to learn more.

We hope this strategy turns into yet another great “win” for your company. We look forward to sharing even more successes with you in 2021.
Mad 4 Our Clients
We are so excited to have launched a brand new website for our client, Animal Cancer Care Clinic. We have been hard at work on this project, and it is already paying off! After seeing the website live, an employee expressed that it made her feel like "she was doing something big and a part of something really important." You can't ask for more than that!
Mad 4 Our Community
We are taking a new approach on holiday giving this year! In lieu of corporate gifts, we have decided to make a donation to two local non-profit animal shelters. We will be donating to the Cats Exclusive Veterinary Clinic and Adoption Center, as well as 100+ Abandoned Dogs of Everglades Florida. We are so excited to use this opportunity to make a difference in our community this holiday season! Click the logos below to join us in making a donation to these worthy organizations.
In Our Blog
The calendar has seemed a little deceptive this year; it seems like just a few weeks ago, it was March! Now, we’re counting down the days to January. We still have several weeks left of 2020, And it’s important more.