2019 Statistics
Men Employed -396
Taxes Paid - $182,378.57
Child Support Paid - $35,662.99

Men Housed - 126
Men Employed - 80
Graduates for the Quarter - 16
Baptisms for the Quarter - 5
Letter from the Director, Eric Alexander
Greeting in the name of Our LORD and Savior, 
These first 3 months of 2020 has come and gone, seeming like a blink of an eye! It's a blessing to be walking among the living in the land of the Lord. Our purpose and passion is to prepare a place where Jesus can lay his head!! In Luke 18:41 Jesus posed this question to the blind man, "What wilt thou that I shall do unto thee?" Now my insight in addition to traditional commentary is, Jesus wanted to know how would him doing this benefit Gods purpose. So when his sight was restore, the bible says in 43 that he was healed immediately, followed Jesus and glorified God. That is truly my life story right there! When my eyes were opened and I saw the love Christ had for me, I accepted His way in replace of my own, and started following Him, and now My life is engulfed in worship to HIM!
We are so blessed to see all these men begin to grasp the importance of completing this program! We have had men that we thought would never graduate this program, step up and make the greatest turn around and attitude adjustment that they appeared to be a different person. We are forever grateful to our partners and friends that help in transforming these men's lives. We are thankful for every donation, every gift and act of love and kindness show to the men that we serve. We are excited once again for our upcoming Spring Revival that starts April 5th thru April 10. The power in the spoken Word, will save souls, heal brokenness, and restore men to their rightful place in God!

We are in the planning stage of our Spring Time festivities, our 9th Annual Pinnacle Mt. Friends and Family Outing, Weekend park Outings just to name a few. We look forward to the men getting to chance to be involved with wholesome recreation and fun!

I would like to spotlight Ms Ann Hollis for all the help and support she contributes to Safe Harbor Little Rock, she does all the screening for new clients for SHLR, and she really whips those approval out like nobodies business!! 3 cheers for Ms. Ann!
We at SHLR is in the mist of major construction and renovations, we are 70% complete with our Staff quarters and have plans to move to the clients living area by April. It's challenging to oversee the planning, prep and progress of the work, which Mr. James Duff is doing a good to great job by leaving no stone un-turned and putting forth efforts of excellence to build up the House of God!! Shout out to Him!

It is my honor and privilege to be apart of this ministry team!! The Lord has saved me from so much, and even at my best I've repaid so little.

All Honor and Glory belongs to HIM!!
Pastor Eric Alexander
A look around Little Rock
Our Regional Director, Kevin Potter, showed up and blessed all the clients with cake and ice cream. Thank you Mr Potter!
20 Clients from SHLR enjoyed a nice day for an outing at the "Big Dam Bridge". These guys really got their walk on!!!
Our clients did a great job cleaning up Dollar General, which is located right next door to us. Volunteering and giving back to community a positive thing!
Shout out to Stratton Seed for making sure our guys have the right safety equipment for there safety. He also includes our guys every Wednesday in there safety classes! Thank you Stratton Seed!
God always provides! We needed someone to answer the phone, and a client asked if he could do anything to give back. He started yesterday and is doing a amazing job.
Giving back to Brown's and thanking them for all the donations they give to us! We are blessed.
Thank you Mr. Duff for the care you show for Safe Harbor of Little Rock. Thank you for taking care of the building that we have been blessed with having so many years!
Dedication to building up God's house!!! James, Shane. Corey, David and Naqvi....you guys rock!!
Our Assistant Chaplain is gifted. Thomas Blaylock is an excellent teacher!!
Great Sheriffs Department in Little Rock! Thank you Pulaski County Sheriff Department for all you do! They always go above and beyond the call of duty
Shout out to Joshua Dean taking care of the van he is assigned to. Way to go Josh!
Kohler blessed Safe Harbor of Little Rock with 12 new shower kits, 12 new sink faucets, and 12 new toilet seats. Thank you Kohler for everything!
Our very own Dakota Moon played and sang Amazing Grace during Thursday morning praise & worship!
Partner of the Quarter - Industrial Crate & Supply Co.
Safe harbor of Little Rock would like to nominate and congratulate Industrial Crate & Supply Co (I.C.S) as Partner of the Quarter. We have been partnered with them for a little over three years now. Many clients of our program have gotten a good transitional start off with their company and we have also had over seven men go to full time employment with them. Industrial Crate & Supply Co continues to offer employment to Safe harbors clients and has been a rock of a partner during these three years. We hope to be partnered with them for many more years to come.
February Celebration Sunday
Congratulations to our graduates; Travis Detweiler, Billy Strickland, & Joe Brenson.

Our Reliable of the Month was Joe Brenson.
Our Client Volunteer of the Month is Ryan Ross.
Dorm of the Month went to Dorm 2. Great job guys!
Congrats Michael Rouse on being the Staff Member of the Month!
Client of the Quarter - Ryan Ross
"Hello, My name is Ryan Ross. Throughout my life I've struggled and needed divine help from my creator. Even in the darkest times, he always was there even when I strayed away He never did. Just waited patiently waited for me to show back up at His door to knock. 

Once again He blessed me with freedom from prison, and has given me a position to help here at Safe Harbor. I really appreciate the opportunity to be able to look into furthering my education, the ability to successfully complete the program, continue to file the paper work, to get medical care, to get stable and healthy again, and provide for the things I need.
Staff Spotlight - James Duff
Mr Duff has been and still is instrumental in the improvements going forth at SHLR, He has been with us for almost a year and a half and has been help improve this facility since. Mr. Duff is knowledgeable of all phases of building maintenance and construction, also he it expertly trained in auto mechanics. But most of all, Mr. Duff has the willingness to be committed to the repair and upkeep of the facility. He is an example of hard work and dedication. He was recently hired as a full time team member and and stayed patient thru the process. I'm am blessed to have him on our team. "Good work James!!!"
Battle in the Saddle 2020
First we want to say THANK YOU to every person who attended Battle in the Saddle 2020. Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors, vendors, each person who bought a cake, T shirt, calendar, or donated to Safe Harbor.

Thank you to our staff who worked countless hours getting this event ready and worked this weekend signing people up, swinging a gate, sitting barrels, driving tractors, delivering shavings, announcing, time keeping, running errands, working our Safe Harbor booth, doing raffles, helping people get parked, and everything in between.

Thank you to our vendors who had an array of wonderful products for everyone to shop and for having services right on site to be utilized.

Thank you to Mid South Ag for the tractors and Randy Prince & Ralph Feathers for the drags.

Thank you to Old West Drill Team for our opening ceremonies on Saturday. They are a class act!

Thank you to Kelly Kaminski for choosing Battle in the Saddle as a host for one of the KK Run For Vegas qualifiers.

Thank you to Brent Puhl & team with Puhls Photography for the live webcast & sitting behind the camera capturing so many memories for our contestants.

Thank you to everyone who donated a cake or item for our Cake Auction. To each person who bought a cake, you helped to raise $2,095.00!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Mark, OV & the entire Tunica Arena staff! We ran out of stalls and needed more, they got them put up. They didn't complain one time when we called needing something, whether it be more tables, help with something, etc. They did everything they said they would do and we are looking forward to Battle in the Saddle 2021 at Tunica Arena & Expo Center. They deserve a huge pat on the back after the show and we want them to know how much we appreciate them!

Here is a breakdown of Battle in the Saddle 2020...
Young Guns Entries - 178
Open Entries - 1,338
Adult Side Pot Entries - 391
Youth Side Pot Entries - 360
High Stakes Side Pot Entries - 54
KK Run for Vegas Entries - 39
Total Entries - 2,360

Money Paid Out
Young Guns - $3,115.00
Young Guns Average - $500.00
Open - $65,175.00
Open Average - $10,366.00
Youth Side-pot - $7,200.00
Adult Side-pot - $7,820.00
High Stakes Side-pot - $4,860.00
KK Run for Vegas - $3,139.50
Total Payout for Tunica - $102,175.50

Battle in the Saddle 2020 raised $34,000 for Safe Harbor, which has been our largest fundraiser to date. That money is going to fully renovate a multi-purpose building in Jefferson County and we will be putting computer labs in each of our 5 campuses. Thank you once again to everyone who made this possible.

Please mark your calendars for Battle in the Saddle 2021 which will be held in Tunica January 15 - 17, 2021!
January Celebration Sunday
Congratulations to our graduates; Dakota Moon, Dakota Stovall, Jeremy Drennon, Marcus Lawson, Dustin Wrinkle, Guy Hays Jr., & Robert Johnson!
Our Reliable of the Month is Trent Morgan.
Client of the Month went to Brandon Treece.
Client Volunteer of the Month is Eldred Henry.
Staff Member of the Month is Joshua Dean.
Congrats to Dorm 2 for being Dorm of the Month.
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