2019 Statistics
Men Employed -285
Taxes Paid - $99,965.63
Child Support Paid - $47,784.87

Men Housed - 74
Men Employed - 64
Graduates for the Quarter - 28
Letter from the Director, Jay Butts
As the first quarter of 2020 comes to a close, I am so excited to see what the rest of the year brings. I have spent the last year and a half at our Erin facility as the Reliable Coordinator and the Assistant Director under the leadership of Director Pastor Gary Kenney. I was honored when asked to take over as Director of our newest facility Safe Harbor of Bucksnort. I have a burning flame in my heart for these men and want to see all the clients in our programs succeed and get their life back. I will do everything in my control to earn the clients respect but at the same time give them the structure and accountability they need to change their lives. With the staff I have around me we are definitely going to help change lives here in Bucksnort.

Jay Butts
Director Safe Harbor of Bucksnort 
March Celebration Sunday
Congratulations to our graduates; Blake Stockdale, Charles Harding, Gerlado Fontanez, Jacob Chitwood, Ethan Brewer, Harold Smith, James McMillin, & Malvin Hester! 
Happy March Birthday to Bryall Webb, Robert Jones, Billy Milam, Robert Gipson, & Mark Reed!
Our Reliable of the Month was Justice Wertin! Congrats
Our Client of the Month was Grover Moore. Congrats! 
Our Client Volunteer of the Month went to Troy Beasley! Congrats 
Our Staff Member of the Month was Joshua Smith!
Congratulations to our Dorm of the Month!
Our Partner of the Month was Truform!
Staff of the Quarter - Jeffrey Roberson
In 2017 I hit an all time low in my life. I made decisions that lead to the fall of a six-year business adventure including 3 full-time employees, 25 independent sales contractors, and 5 office locations in three different states. I pushed my family, friends, subordinates, colleagues, and everyone who cared about me away. With the recent loss of my mother and an ongoing battle with depression, I started seeking help. 

I tried going to pathways to start counseling and that did not seem to help. I continued self-medicating until that method landed me in jail. After multiple public intoxication charges, the judge decided it was time for me to seek in-patient treatment. The only place that I was able to get a bed and immediate help was Safe Harbor of Clarksville. 

My wife and kids kissed me goodbye and started a journey of sobriety with me that has touched many hearts and brought a joy to my family that I have never known. Safe Harbor’s Christian based classes, work program, and love support helped nurse me back to health. Safe Harbor being open and operational gave me the chance to make decisions that lead me where I am today.

Upon completion of the program, I felt compelled to stay and help give back what so unselfishly given to me. I was offered a chance to try and help with the reliable program at Safe Harbor. I eagerly accepted and have been happier than I have ever been. 
I have been married almost fourteen years now. I have four beautiful, healthy, and amazing children who feel loved by their dad again. I look forward to a lifetime of giving back sobriety so I can keep my own.
You have my heart,
Jeff Roberson
A look around Bucksnort
What a great tour of  The Bakery Cos.  / Tennessee Bun Company in Dickson this morning! We are so proud to partner with this company to offer a great employment opportunity for the men in our program. Pictured from Left to right: Pastor Gary Kenney Director of Erin, John Newcomb Regional Director Erin, Bucksnort and Jefferson County. Teresa Cooper HR Manager Tn Bun Company, Kenny Lane Director of Operations Safe Harbor, back row Jeffrey Roberson Reliable Bucksnort, Matt Ellis Reliable Erin. Jason Butts Director Bucksnort!
Partner of the Quarter - Truform Manufacturing
Truform develops manufacturing capacity for the appliance/automotive industry. Their value system is focused on passion, energy, good work ethic, integrity, culture and teamwork. Hands down, they are success driven. While specializing in this technique, they have opened opportunities for many people across Dickson County and more! We are thankful to be partnered with Truform!

Truform’s rapid growth sparked a relationship last year with our Reliable Program here at Safe Harbor Bucksnort that has continued to grow as Truform expands their operation. We are excited about the future and our guys are so happy to have an opportunity with such a great company! Currently we have 8 client working at their plant in Dickson, Tn. Thanks for giving our men a chance to grow with you, Truform! This is why we are proud to recognize Truform as our Partner of the 1st Quarter 2020.
Jeffrey Roberson
Reliable Coordinator
Safe Harbor of Bucksnort
February Celebration Sunday
Congratulations to our graduates; John Austin, Daegon Brown, Larry Hopkins, Cody Townsend, Derrick Treadwell, Tyler Underwood, Cary Vinson, & Steven Whitehead.
Client of the Quarter - Troy Beasley
"My Name is Troy Beasley. I am 42 years old and I am from Central City, KY. I was raised by my mother who worked tirelessly to make sure I never wanted for anything and taught me right from wrong. I played sports my whole life.

At the age of 18 I had back surgery due to a football injury that began my 24 year addiction to opiates. From the age of 21 to 39 I worked in either sales or entertainment with periods of success. I was a corporate trainer for a telemarketing firm, an announcer for W.W.E, and a renewal specialist for an IT firm. I never could sustain success.

May 18th of 2018 my mentor had a stroke. May 21st my best friend passed away 18 years to the day after our other best friend we played ball with passed. The day after the woman I was with for 11 years told me she was with someone else. Those events broke me mentally, spiritually, and emotionally. I could not get myself together enough to go carry my best friend to his final resting place.

Brokenhearted and not knowing where to turn I moved to Florida and ended up homeless and eventually found a half way house and 4 months of sobriety. During that time I longed for a relationship with God not just focused on getting to as many meeting as I could. I eventually relapsed and 5 days later my body shut down. I was in a medically induced coma with a respirator in my throat. This was not enough to make me stop. I went back out for 4 months and lost 70 lbs. and could not get it right.

In May of 2019, I started trying to get clean again and put 2 months together. I received a call to come back to Tennessee to film a wrestling TV show. I relapsed again and found a way to Safe Harbor of Bucksnort where I renewed my relationship with the Lord and found my calling and finally began working through all the things I believe fueled my 24 year addiction. I have been able to save enough money to take care of the things I need to for years and I have became humble and shed my ego. I have developed a passion for serving the Lord and the men here. I am now a student volunteer and April the 5th I will become a full-time staff member. I will graduate April 19th.

It is an honor and privilege to do what I do daily here and for the first time since I can remember I have a sense of joy and peace and I am excited about the future."
Battle in the Saddle 2020
First we want to say THANK YOU to every person who attended Battle in the Saddle 2020. Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors, vendors, each person who bought a cake, T shirt, calendar, or donated to Safe Harbor.

Thank you to our staff who worked countless hours getting this event ready and worked this weekend signing people up, swinging a gate, sitting barrels, driving tractors, delivering shavings, announcing, time keeping, running errands, working our Safe Harbor booth, doing raffles, helping people get parked, and everything in between.

Thank you to our vendors who had an array of wonderful products for everyone to shop and for having services right on site to be utilized.

Thank you to Mid South Ag for the tractors and Randy Prince & Ralph Feathers for the drags.

Thank you to Old West Drill Team for our opening ceremonies on Saturday. They are a class act!

Thank you to Kelly Kaminski for choosing Battle in the Saddle as a host for one of the KK Run For Vegas qualifiers.

Thank you to Brent Puhl & team with Puhls Photography for the live webcast & sitting behind the camera capturing so many memories for our contestants.

Thank you to everyone who donated a cake or item for our Cake Auction. To each person who bought a cake, you helped to raise $2,095.00!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Mark, OV & the entire Tunica Arena staff! We ran out of stalls and needed more, they got them put up. They didn't complain one time when we called needing something, whether it be more tables, help with something, etc. They did everything they said they would do and we are looking forward to Battle in the Saddle 2021 at Tunica Arena & Expo Center. They deserve a huge pat on the back after the show and we want them to know how much we appreciate them!

Here is a breakdown of Battle in the Saddle 2020...
Young Guns Entries - 178
Open Entries - 1,338
Adult Side Pot Entries - 391
Youth Side Pot Entries - 360
High Stakes Side Pot Entries - 54
KK Run for Vegas Entries - 39
Total Entries - 2,360

Money Paid Out
Young Guns - $3,115.00
Young Guns Average - $500.00
Open - $65,175.00
Open Average - $10,366.00
Youth Side-pot - $7,200.00
Adult Side-pot - $7,820.00
High Stakes Side-pot - $4,860.00
KK Run for Vegas - $3,139.50
Total Payout for Tunica - $102,175.50

Battle in the Saddle 2020 raised $34,000 for Safe Harbor, which has been our largest fundraiser to date. That money is going to fully renovate a multi-purpose building in Jefferson County and we will be putting computer labs in each of our 5 campuses. Thank you once again to everyone who made this possible.

Please mark your calendars for Battle in the Saddle 2021 which will be held in Tunica January 15 - 17, 2021!
January Celebration Sunday
Congratulations to our graduates; Derrick Treadwell, Christopher Rand, Ricky Hudson, Caleb Jackson, Earnest Castle, Chris Vestal, Bryan Minyard, Jonathan Flatt, Deangelo Johnson, Charles Walker, Ambres Payne, & Bradford Roberts.
Visit us online at www.safeharborbucksnort.org