2019 Statistics
Men Employed -313
Taxes Paid - $209,507.05
Child Support Paid - $36,282.38

Men Housed - 76
Men Employed - 52
Graduates for the Quarter - 17
Baptisms for the Quarter - 8
Letter from the Director, Paul Garner
Greeting from Safe Harbor of Memphis! 
With the closing of the first quarter in 2020, I proudly announce Safe Harbor of Memphis has graduated 17 men and I'm currently processing 10 more to start the second quarter off with a bang! It is truly a blessing to see the drastic, but positive changes these men are making in their lives in the six months they have been at Safe Harbor. 

As everyone knows we going through some very trying times. We here at Safe Harbor of Memphis are doing our part to keep our clients safe and healthy. I would also like to extend a very well deserved and heartfelt "Thank You" to our leadership/administrative staff for everything they have done to and are doing to keep our clients and staff safe. Thank you!

In closing, I would like to leave you with some spiritual food for thought. This is taken from church service just this past Sunday. God is the only one to have lived through every pandemic on earth. So if we turn to him, stop, and listen he will guide us through this one!
Celebration Sunday - March 2020
Congratulations to our graduates; Mario Cogshell (not pictured), Alwood Brown, Rashad Dancy, & Bradley McLean
Happy March Birthday to James Kates, Patrick Dowlen, Courtney Browder, Noe Camacho Jr., & Zachery Smith!
Client of the Month was Roderick McGary! Congrats
Our Reliable of the Month went to Michael McAlister Jr.
Testimony Tuesday: Courtney Browder
Intake pic - 01/10/2020
Current pic - 02/10/2020

“My name is Courtney Browder and this is my Testimony: I'm 29 years old an looking back over my life these last 30 days, I was a wreck. I was selling meth and doing cocaine and gang banging at the same time. I thought that I was living a wonderful lifestyle til God sat me down so I could listen to what he was trying to tell me. I was moving way too fast not knowing that I was hurting everyone that was around me and the ones who loved me the most. My life was on the verge of being cut short due to the drug use and hustling in the streets. I stopped using and went back to the Gang life and it lead me back to using drugs again. When I went to jail all my gang buddies were no were to be found to give me the help I desperately needed. These 30 days have been a Blessing And a eye opener. I'm not around my old friends, I have gotten a better bond with my Mother and I can have a real conversation with her. I'm a little more focused on my life these days and trying to have a better relationship with God this is something I didn't have before. Thanks to Safe Harbor for giving me a chance to grow in this process of life. I was messed up when I got here and this place is helping me change every day.”
February Celebration Sunday
Congratulations to our graduates; William Robinson, James Banks, Victor Manor, Edward Ewing, Daniel Harrell, James Echols, Sinclair Files, & Scott Lundberg.
Happy February Birthday to Joshua Bailey, Emmanuel Thomas, Timothy Tichnor, Victor Manor, Daniel Harrell, & Lawrence Baird.
Our Reliable of the Month was Nicholas Callahan.
Client of the Month went to Elliot Gray.
Staff Member of the Month was Charles Sims. Congrats!
Staff of the Quarter - Joshua Jones
My name is Joshua Jones I am 38 years old but was 24 years of age when I first came to Safe Harbor in 2005. I came in broken, busted, and on the verge of losing everything that I ever loved in life. I had no friends, family, sense of direction, or purpose. Safe Harbor gave me all those thing back. 

I am currently the Admissions Coordinator at our Memphis location. I enjoy being able to help the clients from day one and watching them grow and transform over the next 6 months. It brings me so much joy knowing that I am able to be apart of this transformation.  
A look around Memphis
Memphis Clients giving back to the community and cleaning up!
Our staff meeting was followed up by bible study!
Pastor Charles celebrated 24 years with the Ministry! We are very thankful for you!
Praying as a staff for the 21 Day Prayer and Fast.
Partner of the Quarter - VMC (Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.)
Safe Harbor of Memphis would like to congratulate VMC (Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.) as our partner of the quarter.

VMC (Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.) is the nation's largest cooperative food wholesaler to independently owned supermarkets, serving over 1,100 member companies and over 3,000 locations throughout 28 states from 8 full-line wholesale divisions. The consolidated sales for AWG are approximately $9.7 billion. In addition to its cooperative wholesale operations, the company also operates subsidiary companies which provide certain real estate and supermarket development services, print and digital marketing services, and health and beauty care, general merchandise, specialty/international foods and pharmaceutical products. 

VMC (Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.) currently employee 12 of our men with another 4 in the process of being added. We would not be able to do what we do without the dedication, support and job opportunities provided to our clients without VMC (Associated Wholesale Grocers, Inc.). 
We hope that our relationship will continue throughout the years with growth and stability.
Superbowl Sunday in Memphis
Client of the Quarter - Ryan Kellerhouse
The road leading to Safe Harbor was definitely a lone one! Battling with drugs and alcohol since I was pretty much 14 years old. In and out of trouble, jails and institutions over the next 10 years. I ended up doing 5 years in maximum security prison as a direct result from drug and alcohol abuse.

After being released from prison I quickly jumped into a relationship. We moved in together and shortly after I stared drinking again. Over the next couple years everything seemed ok until I started drinking more heavily. My relationship was on the rock and Fathers Day it came to a head with me back in jail facing 10 more years in max. 

Prior to turning myself into jail I went to Harbor House, a 28 Day rehab during those short 4 weeks I had a counselor relate to me and was more helpful than any other in all me treatment visits. He referred me to a doctor who put me on much needed medication and recommended Safe Harbor for extended treatment.

Here at Safe Harbor I was taught a different approach to Recovery! That through Jesus Christ all things are possible! To work and earn my keep. Help with social issues such as anger management, fatherhood, and employment skills. I was also able to get a full time job and permanent employment. They are also helping me find housing prior to graduation.
Safe Harbor of Memphis has helped me save money and practice my budgeting skills. The facility and staff have been a blessing like no other. I am forever grateful for all they have done!
Battle in the Saddle 2020
First we want to say THANK YOU to every person who attended Battle in the Saddle 2020. Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors, vendors, each person who bought a cake, T shirt, calendar, or donated to Safe Harbor.

Thank you to our staff who worked countless hours getting this event ready and worked this weekend signing people up, swinging a gate, sitting barrels, driving tractors, delivering shavings, announcing, time keeping, running errands, working our Safe Harbor booth, doing raffles, helping people get parked, and everything in between.

Thank you to our vendors who had an array of wonderful products for everyone to shop and for having services right on site to be utilized.

Thank you to Mid South Ag for the tractors and Randy Prince & Ralph Feathers for the drags.

Thank you to Old West Drill Team for our opening ceremonies on Saturday. They are a class act!

Thank you to Kelly Kaminski for choosing Battle in the Saddle as a host for one of the KK Run For Vegas qualifiers.

Thank you to Brent Puhl & team with Puhls Photography for the live webcast & sitting behind the camera capturing so many memories for our contestants.

Thank you to everyone who donated a cake or item for our Cake Auction. To each person who bought a cake, you helped to raise $2,095.00!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Mark, OV & the entire Tunica Arena staff! We ran out of stalls and needed more, they got them put up. They didn't complain one time when we called needing something, whether it be more tables, help with something, etc. They did everything they said they would do and we are looking forward to Battle in the Saddle 2021 at Tunica Arena & Expo Center. They deserve a huge pat on the back after the show and we want them to know how much we appreciate them!

Here is a breakdown of Battle in the Saddle 2020...
Young Guns Entries - 178
Open Entries - 1,338
Adult Side Pot Entries - 391
Youth Side Pot Entries - 360
High Stakes Side Pot Entries - 54
KK Run for Vegas Entries - 39
Total Entries - 2,360

Money Paid Out
Young Guns - $3,115.00
Young Guns Average - $500.00
Open - $65,175.00
Open Average - $10,366.00
Youth Side-pot - $7,200.00
Adult Side-pot - $7,820.00
High Stakes Side-pot - $4,860.00
KK Run for Vegas - $3,139.50
Total Payout for Tunica - $102,175.50

Battle in the Saddle 2020 raised $34,000 for Safe Harbor, which has been our largest fundraiser to date. That money is going to fully renovate a multi-purpose building in Jefferson County and we will be putting computer labs in each of our 5 campuses. Thank you once again to everyone who made this possible.

Please mark your calendars for Battle in the Saddle 2021 which will be held in Tunica January 15 - 17, 2021!
Visit us online at www.safeharbormemphis.org