2019 Statistics
Men Employed -297
Taxes Paid - $215,795.83
Child Support Paid - $55,310.76

Men Housed - 67
Men Employed - 53
Graduates for the Quarter - 29
Baptisms for the Quarter - 11
Letter from the Director, Gary Kenney
The Program is doing well
Already this year we are seeing clients graduate and complete their six months successfully. I can truly say it is because we are making the client important; his life, his family, his hope. Moving forward as the weather breaks, several outside activities are planned such as our Gardening project, outdoor exercising with a competitive edge, all designed to connect the staff to the client.

US Foods service is Here!
We are so thankful for the decision of our corporate leaders to initiate a new food menu service that will significantly raise the quality of food service to our clients. Great food service will be delivered to our facility from US Foods and we are excited to taste our first meal from the great food products of US Foods.

Environment and the Coronavirus 
During this time our nation is under strict quarantine guidelines. Our facility in Erin is doing its best to keep all clients and staff safe by practicing proper protocol and operational procedures. Be assured we have taken steps to limit the possibility of infection by instituting a rigorous daily sanitation process and preventing all non-essential personnel entrance into the facility.  We have asked our clients to help us with these procedures and to communicate with their families concerning visitations and drop-offs at the facility. I would like to express to the families my great appreciation for your patience and support during this time, hopefully, and prayerfully things will back to normal soon.

Message to our friends
Always Safe Harbor of Erin is so thankful for the constant support we get from ordinary people living in the community, and those families that have had clients here. Thank you to the churches and businesses that go the extra mile in helping us fulfill our mission of changing lives one life at a time. Thank you to those who drive so far, who come out of the way to speak life to the clients and staff. You all leave a lasting impact.

Pastor Gary Kenney
Safe Harbor Erin
March Celebration Sunday
Congratulations to our graduates; Terry Nunley, Daniel Bowles, Jonathon Warren, Anthony Donahue, & James Rollins!
Happy March Birthday to Matthew Vogel, Timothy Jones, David Hunt, James Cameron, Morgan Allred, Raymond Hill, & Jonathon Warren!
Our Reliable of the Month was Casey Shelton! Congrats
Our Reliable of the Month was Casey Shelton! Congrats
Staff of the Quarter - Matt Ellis
I am the newest member of the staff here at Erin. I graduated the program in December. While in the program I worked full time at Bates Rubber and volunteered in the kitchen sometime working 80+ hours a week. Toward the end of my program I became full time kitchen staff and it felt like a great fit with the Erin staff. Now I have moved into the Reliable Coordinators position and have aspirations to keep progressing my recovery and position here with my new Safe Harbor family.
A look around Erin
Group session for today: whiffle ball and group walks to the boundary line! Our clients are having some fun in the midst of everything!
We want to thank Debbie & Robert Powers for the 80 lbs of ground beef...you are always thinking about the men, God Bless You both!
Thank You Pastor Scott for showing our Guys Christ with your walk, and taking our client Crews Barber and putting him on your praise team..awesome night!
We want to thank Rev. Richard Dantzler and his wife Dana for coming out and giving the guys an anointed praise and worship service...come back anytime!
What a great tour of  The Bakery Cos.  / Tennessee Bun Company in Dickson this morning! We are so proud to partner with this company to offer a great employment opportunity for the men in our program. Pictured from Left to right: Pastor Gary Kenney Director of Erin, John Newcomb Regional Director Erin, Bucksnort and Jefferson County. Teresa Cooper HR Manager Tn Bun Company, Kenny Lane Director of Operations Safe Harbor, back row Jeffrey Roberson Reliable Bucksnort, Matt Ellis Reliable Erin. Jason Butts Director Bucksnort!
Great Worship night & we were blessed to see 7 clients baptized!
Thank you Robert & Debbie Powers for donating a new washer & dryer to the Erin campus! We are beyond thankful for being blessed with you all being placed in the lives here!
Due to our local pastor from the outside church not being able to come in for service Sunday morning, we had a client “step up to the plate” to make sure the message was shared to his fellow clients. Bravo Mr. Raymond Hill, bravo!
Superbowl Sunday in Erin!
Thank you Jay for modeling excellence here at Safe Harbor Erin and showing us how it's done. Yet as this season ends so another will begin, and as someone close to us both said...When you're a wheel you gotta roll!

Jay has moved into the position of Director of Safe Harbor of Bucksnort, and we welcome Matt Ellis as the new Reliable Director.
Congratulations to Raven Heggie, winner of the Safe Harbor of Erin Pool competition. Also, Larry Chatman and Ronald Lockhart for winning the New Years Spade competition!
New Year Celebration! Steak was on the menu! Happy New Year everyone!
Partner of the Quarter - Tennsco
Once again, Tennsco continues to set the bar high as they continue to find ways to support our clients while employed at their company. Special thanks and recognition to Tennsco Human Resources Representatives, Tamara James, Kim Sesler and Jennifer Veldhoven for their outstanding coordination and collaboration with our Safe Harbor Reliable Coordinator, Matthew Ellis.

Through their constant effort to serve our clients, we have been able to successfully employ the men of Safe Harbor of Erin. We take this time to thank and acknowledge Tennsco  and its outstanding employee staff for giving our clients the opportunity of employment and new start in life.
February Celebration Sunday
Congratulations to our graduates; Payton Pearce, Michael Cantrell, Joseph Wideman, Jeffrey McManis, Toyal Crawford, Alex Baker, Cory Cottrell, Justin Wilson, Andres Bojorquez, Daniel Yarbro, Charles Price, Hershel Wilkes, & Kevin Thompson.

Happy February Birthday to Jerry Still & Craig Hicks!

Our Reliable of the Month is Alex Baker. Congrats!

The Client of the Month is Joshua Baker. Congratulations!

Dorm of the Month was awarded to Dorm 10.
Client of the Quarter - Lindsey Vincent
"Who am I ? I’m a recovering addict named  Vincent Lindsey, and my addiction was inherited because I came from a long life of drug users and alcoholics. But at the same time I had a choice, and I chose to do what I saw and that was to get high. Now, not one time did anyone explain to me that doing drugs was addictive and a disease. All I saw was the joy and laughter that it brought to the people that used. Not once did anyone warn me about the laws, the lies, the deceit, the prison time and the lost of trust from loved ones. My use of drugs had controlled my life over 25 years, placed in prison for 17 years. I’m what you call today a recovering addict. Because of my use of drugs I’m not what you call normal, everyday of my life has become a struggle to stay drug free, to stay out of prison, to remain a husband and a productive person.
Vincent Lindsey."

Vincent came to Safe harbor of Erin needing greater hope that he can become that person he was born too before drug use. He is doing well and is already on track with his family, and the road to sobriety and recovery. - Safe Harbor of Erin Staff
Battle in the Saddle 2020
First we want to say THANK YOU to every person who attended Battle in the Saddle 2020. Thank you to all of our wonderful sponsors, vendors, each person who bought a cake, T shirt, calendar, or donated to Safe Harbor.

Thank you to our staff who worked countless hours getting this event ready and worked this weekend signing people up, swinging a gate, sitting barrels, driving tractors, delivering shavings, announcing, time keeping, running errands, working our Safe Harbor booth, doing raffles, helping people get parked, and everything in between.

Thank you to our vendors who had an array of wonderful products for everyone to shop and for having services right on site to be utilized.

Thank you to Mid South Ag for the tractors and Randy Prince & Ralph Feathers for the drags.

Thank you to Old West Drill Team for our opening ceremonies on Saturday. They are a class act!

Thank you to Kelly Kaminski for choosing Battle in the Saddle as a host for one of the KK Run For Vegas qualifiers.

Thank you to Brent Puhl & team with Puhls Photography for the live webcast & sitting behind the camera capturing so many memories for our contestants.

Thank you to everyone who donated a cake or item for our Cake Auction. To each person who bought a cake, you helped to raise $2,095.00!

A huge THANK YOU goes out to Mark, OV & the entire Tunica Arena staff! We ran out of stalls and needed more, they got them put up. They didn't complain one time when we called needing something, whether it be more tables, help with something, etc. They did everything they said they would do and we are looking forward to Battle in the Saddle 2021 at Tunica Arena & Expo Center. They deserve a huge pat on the back after the show and we want them to know how much we appreciate them!

Here is a breakdown of Battle in the Saddle 2020...
Young Guns Entries - 178
Open Entries - 1,338
Adult Side Pot Entries - 391
Youth Side Pot Entries - 360
High Stakes Side Pot Entries - 54
KK Run for Vegas Entries - 39
Total Entries - 2,360

Money Paid Out
Young Guns - $3,115.00
Young Guns Average - $500.00
Open - $65,175.00
Open Average - $10,366.00
Youth Side-pot - $7,200.00
Adult Side-pot - $7,820.00
High Stakes Side-pot - $4,860.00
KK Run for Vegas - $3,139.50
Total Payout for Tunica - $102,175.50

Battle in the Saddle 2020 raised $34,000 for Safe Harbor, which has been our largest fundraiser to date. That money is going to fully renovate a multi-purpose building in Jefferson County and we will be putting computer labs in each of our 5 campuses. Thank you once again to everyone who made this possible.

Please mark your calendars for Battle in the Saddle 2021 which will be held in Tunica January 15 - 17, 2021!
January Celebration Sunday
Congratulations to our graduates; Justin King, Damen Boyd, Jeffrey Mathieu, Larry Chatman, Wesley Parrot, Johnathan Kinsey, Joshua Walker, Jeremy Coble, Ronald Lockhart, Dylan Fuller, and Christopher Gilbert.

Happy January Birthday to Tyler Gammons, Christian Carter, & Joshua Walker.

Our Client of the Month is Tyler Gammons.

Dorm of the Month went to Dorm 10.
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