July 5 , 2019
Durham Farmers' Market Newsletter
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Saturdays from 8:00 am-Noon
Wednesdays from 3:00-6:00 pm
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Meadow Lane Farm
Honeygirl Meadery
Botanist & Barrel
Maple Spring Gardens
The Spicy Hermit
Bonlee Grown Farm
Haw River Mushrooms
Terra Clotha
Chapel Hill Creamery
Catbriar Farm
East Durham Bake Shop
Hurtgen Meadows Farm
Strong Arm Baking
Fickle Creek Farm
Harland's Creek Farm
Melina's Fresh Pasta
Elodie Farms
Flat River Nursery & Farm
Pamela Strand Photography
Soul Cocina
Guest Vendor: Salty Catch Seafood
DFM Accepts
SNAP Benefits
The Durham Farmers' Market  proudly accepts SNAP benefits. To use your EBT
card at the Market, please visit the Market info table
at the center of the Pavilion.

The Double Bucks Program allows SNAP customers to receive double the amount of money they spend on tokens for purchases up to $10. 

The Market is working
closely with RAFI as our fiscal sponsor. Read more about
the program and our partnership  HERE

Thank you to everyone who donated to the Double Bucks program! We couldn't do it without you!

Also, thanks to Duke Health for their generous support of the Double Bucks program!

Farmer Foodshare Donation Station 
Farmer Foodshare's 
Donation Station Program collects donations of 
fresh food and cash from customers at the 
Durham Farmers' Market. 
The money is used directly at the market to purchase food from farmers; that food is then donated those who are hungry in our community. Farmer Foodshare's mission is to connect our local farmers with those who need food! Please  visit  or  volunteer  at our Durham Farmers' Market Donation Station! 

And don't forget to 
participate in the 
Donor Rewards Program. 
Get a sticker on your card every time you make a donation of cash or food. 
Once your card is full, you can redeem it for a  free  item at one of Farmer Foodshare's local sponsors!


































10% Campaign

Quick Links
It's our 20th anniversary and it's time to party. We cannot wait to celebrate with you tomorrow!  Join your favorite vendors and share your market memories with us. We'll kick-off the festivities with a small ceremony honoring our vendors at 7:30 am and cake will be served at 8:00 am. Our vendors and customers make our market community so special and we couldn't do it without you. We hope you'll make plans to celebrate this milestone with us!

Also, save the date for Tomato Day, which will be celebrated next Wednesday, July 10 and Saturday, July 13. We're grateful to have Chef Kyle Wilkerson back at the market hosting this event with us. You don't want to miss one of the favorite events of the year!

Finally, don't forget you can re-stock on local groceries at the
Wednesday Market every week from 3-6 pm.  See you tomorrow!

Mary Yost
Market Manager
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Upcoming Events
Wednesdays (through August 14)
  • Calling all kiddos! Join us every Wednesday afternoon for the Sprouts Kid's Club. After you complete a free activity, you'll earn $3 in Sprouts Club Bucks to spend on fresh fruits and veggies. We can't wait to see you at the market!
Saturday, July 13
  • Mark your calendars for Tomato Day - it's always one of the highlights of our year!
Fresh this Week!
VEGETABLES:  Beets, Carrots, Corn, Cucumbers, Dried & Fresh Herbs and Spices, Fennel, Garlic, Green Beans, Lettuce, Mushrooms, New Potatoes, Onions, Squash, Tomatoes, and much, much more!

FRUIT: Peaches, Blueberries and Blackberries

MEATS & EGGS:  Pork, Beef, Lamb, Mutton, Bison, Chicken, Duck, Goat/Chevon, Duck Eggs, Chicken Eggs


CHEESES: Fresh and Aged Goat and Cow Milk Cheeses

DAIRY: Skyr and Gelato

SPECIALTY ITEMS:  Pasta, Baked Goods including Pies, Breads, Cookies, Pastries, Gluten-Free Baked Goods, Beer, Meade, Jams, Jellies, Fermented Foods, and more!

CRAFTS: Photographs, Body Butters, Lotions, and much more!

Produce availability depends on weather conditions.

Meadow Lane Farm
Our 8 acres of pollinator wildflowers are in full bloom this week - the butterflies and bees are loving them!
Are you ready for a wonderful dry-aged ANGUS STEAK or burger for the grill this weekend?  Stock up on our ANGUS BEEF, perfect for the grill, are our STEAKS (Filet Mignon, New York Strips, Ribeyes, Sirloins, Skirt, Flank, Hanger, and London Broil); GROUND (including G. Chuck and G. Round) - perfect for juicy burgers; RIBS, Brisket, and our all-beef HOTDOGS. We will have all the cuts available this weekend.. even meaty SOUP BONES and DOG BONES.  

Butterflies love our pollinator garden!
Our pastured PORK is so delicious grilled.. thick PORK CHOPS, Ground Pork, variety of SAUSAGES (Chorizo, Brats, Italian, Country Mild & HOT), St. Louis Slab of RIBS (so good!), and much more.

Don't forget our LAMB and CHEVON (goat)... Loin Chops, Riblets, Shanks, Leg of Lamb, and more. 

Fresh USDA certified organic varieties of OKRA (both green and red), baby Squash, "Sungold" tomatoes, and cut flowers (yes! Certified Organic) will be available at the market this Saturday and more.  

We look forward to seeing you on Saturday. Thank you for your continued support of our Century Farm!  

Martha L. Mobley
919-495-1305 (text special orders)  
Honeygirl Meadery
Honeygirl Meadery is a small urban meadery in downtown Durham, making an ancient craft beverage for modern days. Made in the heart of Durham, North Carolina, Honeygirl meads (honey wines) are hand-crafted libations made in small batches with all-natural ingredients. Our mission is to celebrate nature and the work of honeybees by making meads with seasonal fruits, flowers, herbs and honey.  Owner Diane Currier started Honeygirl in 2014 and has continued to grow their line up over the past several years. A modern meadmaker, Diane continually experiments with different flavors and techniques in making her meads. All of our meads are naturally gluten free. We use both local and global true source honey to fully access the terroir of the honeybee and to experience all the places the bees have visited . Many of our meads contain local fruits, herbs and flowers from Durham and its surrounding areas to further accentuate our "drink the field" philosophy and bring the garden to your glass.

Visit our downtown Durham Tasting Room just one mile away from the market - open on Thursdays from 4-8 pm, Fridays from 4-8 pm, Saturdays from 12-8 pm and Sundays 12-5 pm. We hold tours of our facility on Saturdays at 2 and 3 pm.

This week at the market we will be sampling our Orange Blossom Mead, a traditional mead made with orange blossom honey; our Mango Mead, made with clover honey and juicy mangos ; and our Lavender Mead , made with orange blossom honey and infused with fresh-dried local lavender flowers.

We will also have bottles available of our Spice Apple Cyser and our Mango Habanero Mead.

Diane Currier
Botanist & Barrel
Botanist & Barrel crafts a variety of ciders, sours, and dry fruit wines. Using techniques from wine-making, brewing, and mixology they are constantly blurring the lines. They are Orange County's first winery and cidery, situated just north of Hillsborough, on Cedar Grove Blueberry Farm. They are also farmers raising dry farmed, no-spray, organic blueberries, for the best estate grown fruit on earth.

Founded in 2017 by brother and sister team and Orange County natives, Lyndon and Kether Smith focus on light-handed winemaking using old world methods with modern sensibilities. They lean towards whole fruit fermentation and make natural beverages with no additives or forced carbonation. They ferment to zero residual sugar and the ABV ranges from 7% to 15.5%. The ciders and wines are raw, wild, unfined, unfiltered, unpasteurized and you will find both still and sparkling ciders. They age in everything from tequila barrels, to sea salt bourbon barrels, to rum, to sauternes, to tawny port to bourbon maple syrup barrels. 
Botanist & Barrel is hyper-local, sourcing ingredients whenever possible from within 200 miles of our farmhouse winery. 

Lyndon Smith
Founder, Botanist & Barrel
Maple Spring Gardens
Summertime veggies are here! We have lots Heirloom & Red Slicing tomatoes, Sungolds, Blueberries, Green Bell Peppers, Eggplant, and Sweet Onions. PLUS plenty of greens -Lettuce, Salad Mix, Pea Shoots, & Arugula, and the last of the carrots!

To accompany all these yummy veggies we have basil, parsley, cilantro, chives, and tulsi. Come by and pick up a bag of tea for summer iced teas, or an infused vinegar for your salad. See you Saturday!

Ken & Sunshine Dawson

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The Spicy Hermit
The Spicy Hermit crafts traditional and seasonal kimchi using fresh produce from local farms (including those at Durham Farmers' Market!) and time-honored fermentation methods. What is kimchi? Simply put, kimchi is a delicious product resulting from seemingly magical alchemy of vegetables and spices. All kimchi from The Spicy Hermit is raw, gluten-free, and vegan, and manufactured at each produce's seasonal peak.  

Our current menu is: green cabbage, napa cabbage, radish, green garlic, kohlrabi and carrot, and scarlet turnip. Come early for best selection! Use fermented foods to help you digest as well as add depth of flavor to dishes, such as dips, sauces, or salads.

Eunice Chang
Visit our website!
Bonlee Grown Farm

Beautiful pepper plants! Succulents, Aloe, and Begonias!

$3 Geranium Sale. Hanging Baskets also!

Come check out our PICKLES, HOMEMADE JAMS and taste our COUNTRY CAVIER!

Amy and Ray Sugg

Haw River Mushrooms
This week at market Haw River Mushrooms will have blue oysters, golden oysters, lion's mane, and limited shiitake. We will also have both flavors, Sassy Teriyaki and Mild Sesame Teriyaki, of our new oyster mushroom jerky; we have doubled the amount of jerky per package for just $2 more dollars! 

Want to learn how to ID delicious, nutrient dense edible wild mushrooms? Join Haw River Mushrooms on Thursday, August 8th for our next class, Introduction to Mushroom Foraging. More details and registration online.  

To special order inoculated mushroom logs or sawdust spawn to be picked up at the market, simply e-mail us.  

Ches & Laura Stewart
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Terra Clotha
We have Durham shirts in a variety of styles and colors.  Trendy enough to wear to a Food Truck Rodeo in Central Park, hip enough to wear to a night out at DPAC or to a Bulls game. We've also got Durham-themed kids clothes. Because you're never too young to be cool.

Like our Facebook page  and while you're there, find a 10% off coupon to use with your next Terra Clotha purchase.
Chapel Hill Creamery
Fresh Mozzarella, aged cheeses, and our delicious pork for Saturday plus we have Pheta! Cheeses are made with the golden milk from our beautiful Jersey cows and the pork comes from pigs we raise on the farm. The pigs drink the nutritious whey from cheese making.

Other cheeses include Danziger, savory Hickory Grove, 7 month aged Calvander, fresh and tangy Dairyland Farmers, Carolina Moon,  and a little Paneer.   Tomatoes are at their peak for Caprese salad with  our Mozzarella in   or a sandwich with Dairyland Farmers.  Add the Pheta to salads or pasta with eggplant or shrimp.  Use the Hickory Grove for a great cheeseburger and grate the Calvander for pesto or a hearty salad. We have a recipe for Pesto at our booth. Danziger and Carolina Moon are delicious for an easy appetizer. Carolina Moon is soft like a Camembert and Danziger is a washed rind cheese with a pungent aroma. Danziger is named for the Chapel Hill family who sold us the land where our farm is. Paneer is an Indian cheese traditionally fried and added to cooked greens and curries. 

Pork chops are back! We also have really nice Spare Ribs. Choices of sausage include Mild and Hot Italian, Sage and Maple Breakfast Links, Mild and Hot Breakfast in loose pack, Chorizo, Smoked Andouille, Polish with garlic and mustard, and Bratwurst. Pick your favorite to grill or to add to tacos or a gumbo. We also have ground pork. Thanks for supporting us and the Durham Farmers' Market all these years and don't forget your cooler!

Porti a McKnight & Flo Hawley
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Catbriar Farm

Catbriar Farm wishes you a happy and safe Fourth of July holiday. We truly live in the land of the free and the home of the brave. 
This Saturday we will bring squash, zucchini, potatoes, onions, green beans, banana peppers, fresh and dried herbs. We have delicious bone-in chuck, sirloin tip and London Broil roasts, as well as ground beef for grilling. We also have soups. 

Graham & Sara Broadwell 
East Durham Bake Shop
Hope you all are enjoying your holiday weekend! We'll be bringing a variety of sweet and savory croissants, laminated pastries, savory pies, cookies, muffins, scones, granola, a few vegan and gluten-free baked goods, and iced hibiscus tea.

Special this weekend: sweet corn and heirloom tomato pies, blackberry mascarpone danishes, heirloom tomato and asiago cheese danishes and bourbon peach galettes (while they last!).

♥  Looking to place an advance order for a whole pie or other treats? Call the shop to place your order today!  Thanks for your support!
Hurtgen Meadows Farm
Happy 20th Anniversary Durham Farmers' Market!
This week we will a variety of summer squash, eggplant, tomatoes (cherry and slicers), carrots, cabbage, cucumbers - slicing and pickling, beets, chard, onions, leeks, potatoes, garlic, and basil.
Pick up some fresh eggs from our free-ranging chickens.
A selection of our award winning jams and jellies, which are made in small batches using local ingredients, will be available. Our family has made jams for multiple generations and we are happy to share with our customers. 
All of Hurtgen Meadows produce, plants, fruits and flowers are naturally grown using sustainable practices - no synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers are ever used on our farm. We'll see you at the market!
Strong Arm Baking

Come see us for hand rolled pastries, seasonal treats, large pies, cookies, and hearth baked breads. You can always e-mail us your special order  or give us a call at 828-400-4826. We look forward to baking for you! 

Julia & Thomas Blaine
Fickle Creek Farm
June Specials - Pre-order Only!

Certified Grass Fed & Animal Welfare Approved, Pasture Raised Beef
  • Save 20% on Frozen London Broil and Bottom Round Roasts: $7/lb
Pasture & Woodland Raised, Free Range Pork
  • Save 50% on Sweet Potato-Pork Liver PATE - $3.50 each
  • Bacon Ends & Chunks - 25% off
  • Artisan Salami - $8 each; 2 for $15; Case of 12 for $84
  • Beef/Pork Hot Dogs -  Now $8/lb
Pasture & Woodland Raised, NON GMO Fed, Free Range Chicken
  • Save 50% on Backs - $1.50/lb
Order ahead to increase the chances of getting the meats, poultry, and produce you want ( click here).

Get 14 more weeks and sign up with our rolling enrollment for our Warm Season CSA! Click to enroll and save 10% on all meats.

Rolling enrollment continues for our Warm Season CSA!  Click to enroll and save 10% on all meats.

Pre-order all standard cuts of beef, chicken, and pork using this simple order web link!
  • 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished, Pasture Raised ** LAMB  ** (never fed any grain)
  • Pasture & Woodland Raised, Free Range ** PORK  **
  • Free Range, Pasture Raised ** CHICKEN ** fed only Non-GMO Feed
  • 100% Grass Fed and Grass Finished, Pasture Raised ** BEEF ** (never fed any grain!)
  • Deli Meats: Beef Bologna, Salami (Pork & Beef), Pate, Hot Dogs
  • Free Range and Pastured Hen Eggs
  • No Nitrate Beef Snack Sticks & Bites (Mild, Sweet or Hot) and Jerky
  • Soup, Stew, & Stock Ingredients
  • Never Sprayed Produce
Harland's Creek Farm

Certified Organic Eggs from Pasture Raised Hens, $7.00/dozen. Mixed flock: Pearl White Leghorns, Mixed Heavy Browns, and New Hampshire Reds.

Harland's Creek Farm does not use any single use plastic packing. All our packaging can be recycled or composted at  am home. We use paper twist-ties instead of rubber bands, trimmed paper bags , and glassine, a polished paper bag If you need a bag to take things home in, we will provide you with a paper bag.
We researched non-plastic packaging earlier this year - read about our results online.

Best to all, 
Yoli, Erasmo and Judy
Melina's Fresh Pasta
We will be at market this Saturday with a variety of fresh pasta and  
sauces! Our seasonal ravioli flavor is Sweet Corn & Mascarpone. We  
will also be bringing our Basil Pecan Pesto - new for summer! Or pick  
up one of our take-and-bake lasagnas for an easy and delicious meal

Elodie Farms
Elodie Farms is a small goat dairy located in Rougemont, NC, a mere 30 minutes away from downtown Durham. We raise free-range goats and use their milk to make fresh cheeses and the whey leftover is used to make crunchy crackers that pair perfectly with our cheeses. We also make cajeta (spreadable goat milk caramel), blackberry goat cheese mousse, and goat cheesecake. We open our farm to the public during our monthly farm dinners, farm tours, birthday parties and other private events. Visit our website for more information or send an e-mail to [email protected]
We'll have:
  • Original and flavored chèvre (jalapeno, garlic + herbs, sour cherry and fig + honey)
  • Fleur verte (chèvre marinated in olive oil, bay leaves, pink peppercorns, garlic and herbs de Provence)
  • Whey crackers (sea salt, rosemary and fennel)
  • Cajeta
  • Blackberry goat cheese mousse
Follow us on Instagram and Like us on Facebook to see all the silly things our goats do on a daily basis.
Have a happy weekend!
Flat River Nursery & Farm

We will be at market with heirloom tomatoes, sungold cherry  tomatoes, sweet 100 cherry tomatoes, black cherry tomatoes, blackberries, greenhouse tomatoes, cukes, squash, bedding plants, herbs, hanging baskets and potted plants. 

See you at the market!

Charles & Joan Holeman
Timberlake, NC
Visit our website!
Pamela Strand Photography
I have a wide selection of photographic greeting cards and enlargements featuring Durham and NC icons,  Flowers, Animals, Astronomy, and the Wild West.

Many of these photos can be previewed on my websiteI also have enlargements in several sizes up  to 20x30." If you  need a larger size printed to canvas, or want an image converted to black and white, I'll be glad  to do that.  See you at the market!
Make your market an experience with an ice cold natural beverage from Homebucha! We offer multiple flavors of our locally fermented probiotic tea, and will also be serving iced matcha on these warm summer Saturdays. Matcha is a specially processed green tea, grown in the shade to encourage the plant to produce extra antioxidants and caffeine. One cup of matcha has the nutritional content of 10 cups of regular green tea! The leaves are then dried and stone ground to produce a vibrant green powder that we mix into a refreshing icy drink. Stop by to cool out with a kombucha or matcha!

Grant Ruhlman
Soul Cocina
Soul   Cocina  is a combination of eco-friendly philosophy and cutting-edge, dynamic approach to plant-based cuisine. We draw inspiration from Latin-American traditions and the availability of locally grown produce to create imaginative concepts.

We offer delicious tamales made the artisan way: with love, care and attention to detail. To ensure we respect tradition, we source wholesome ingredients before steaming them in banana leaves, creating a flavorsome and aromatic product. We pride ourselves on taste and quality, and it won't go unnoticed. Every bite you take will give you a taste of the rich Colombian heritage our tamales are built on.

We will also have soups and pasteles de yuca: delicious roasted yuca pockets filled with red lentils, brown rice and spinach. A handheld food very similar to empanadas, only gluten-free and made with wholesome ingredients!

Take home our ready to eat tamales and pasteles de de yuca or come hungry to the market because we also offer them warm to eat while you shop!
Guest Vendor: Salty Catch Seafood
Salty Catch Seafood Company will be driving from the N.C. Coast to bring the market community fresh caught NC Seafood. Stop by and see Steven and Renee and chat with Steven, a commercial fisherman. Know that when you buy Salty Catch Seafood you're getting the freshest N.C. seafood available. Salty Catch believes in offering a superior product along with exceptional customer service. We look forward to seeing you!

Renee Perry & Steven Goodwin
Cedar Island, NC
Parking & Street Information
The market is located at 501 Foster Street in the Pavilion at Durham Central Park.  Parking can be found on the street around the market, in the Ballpark Parking Lot on Corporation Street and in the Measurement Inc. lot, 423 Morris Street (look for the Durham Farmers' Market parking sign). There is a path at the bottom of that parking lot that leads you to the market. There are also public parking lots along Foster Street and on Morgan Street near the Carolina Theatre.  

Handicap parking is available on Foster Street, right next to the south entrance of the pavilion.
Durham Farmers' Market Animal Policy
Please note that the Durham Farmers' Market does not allow dogs or other pets in the market area during Market hours.  Service animals are exempt from this rule.

Leashed pets are welcome elsewhere throughout Durham Central Park.