Weekly Announcements for the Beacon Family!
E-Bulletin for the Week of June 7th
As we enter the Season of Pentecost, I am struck by the symbol of fire and how we are seeing fire in a worldly way as the protests happen. Let us pay attention to this season and to what the Holy Sprit may be saying to us in it!

P.S. The Lord's Table is the thing that defines us and reorients us to our identity. In these times, we need that more than ever. Please have elements ready to celebrate the Lord's Table together.
Join us for our Sunday Celebration!!
Click the link below for the Service Outline.
Seek Week Reunion
Reunited again to seek and hear God's voice throughout Orange County. Join us this

Wednesday, June 10th from 7-8:30am

Visit www.seekweek.org for more information.
The Gospel & Race
What does the Gospel have to say about Race? Andy explores this topic in a 2 part series. If you haven't gotten a chance to listen to this sermon series, click the links below:
Download the Outline for the Book of Ezekiel
Jeremiah also wrote the book of Lamentations after the destruction of Jerusalem. It is an important book to have in our arsenal as we live in a time of loss and destruction as well.
Father's Day, June 21
O k Dad's here is your chance to shine. After the Celebration on Father's Day, bring your 10 best Dad Jokes and we will see how they stack up! Kids- get ready to groan!
Since we are now primarily meeting online, we should all be aware of some standard etiquette while online, ESPECIALLY DURING WORSHIP. Please read before Sunday.
Stay connected the rest of the week...
Children's Online Classroom:

1) Join Right Now Media
2) Click Libraries & locate The Beacon Church tab
3) Go to Children's Celebration Channel
4) Weekly Tru Classroom Curriculum will be posted

Email Reina (reina@thebeacon.church) to receive weekly children's curriculum.
  • Mail directly to the office: 1100 Town and Country St. Suite 1250 Orange, CA 92868
  • Online Bill Pay through your bank – free!
  • Online through our website: www.theBeacon.church
  • Text your Gift (above)
Let's Celebrate Beacon Class of 2020!!
The Path at the Beacon…
We GATHER on Sundays...
Beacon Spotify Account
Click the image to go to The Beacon Spotify account where you can listen to the Recent 30 songs we've sung in our Celebration Services and all the songs ever sung at The Beacon!

If you want to introduce a song to The Beacon, share it with us!
If you missed a week, want a friend to listen or simply want to hear the message over again, they are available WITH POWERPOINT graphics beginning on Tuesdays.
Thursdays, 3-5pm
Ric will have a Canopy in his driveway and you can pull up and pray about whatever is on your mind. No masks required because you can stay in your car at a good social distance!
We GIVE of our time, talent and resources...
This your our annual 50 DAYS OF LOVE CAMPAIGN moves right were it belongs, into our homes. Every week for 7 weeks, we will challenge you to be strategic in 6 different ways:
  • Week 1 Encouragement
  • Week 2 Prayer
  • Week 3 Service
  • Week 4 Service
  • Week 5 Compassion
  • Week 6 Generosity
  • Week 7 Connection
Each week we will guide you.
June 7 - June 14
Find a way to meet and connect with someone and go deeper in your relationship.
ONGOING OPPORTUNTIES to serve our communities
We are constantly adding new ways you can serve including Prayer, delivering meals, donating blood, making masks, etc. Check to see how you can continue to GIVE during this crisis.
We GO with our GO>> Community
We're rebooting our APEST class as an online course! To register visit classroom.google.com , click on the + sign on the top right corner, and use class code h42sqhy join.

We are postponing this class to Tuesday, June 16th at 6:30pm.

If you have any questions, please email Andy (andy@thebeacon.church).
We have several communities that meet across Orange County:
Irvine North, Irvine South, Costa Mesa, North Tustin, East Orange
We are hoping to start new communities:
Spanish, Cowboy equestrian. Anaheim
(during the crisis we launched groups in Brea/Fullerton & North Orange)

COMMUNITIES meet at varying times through the week and also the 1st Sunday of each month.
If you are currently not part of a community group, please do not hesitate to email or call/text Ric or Andy
We GROW in a D.N.A. group
(D.N.A. groups meet within a GO>> Community)
In addition, we offer the following resources to GROW ...
Free online graduate-level courses from BibleProject
Classroom offers self-paced, graduate-level theology classes online for FREE. The purpose of Classroom is to aid church and ministry leaders in their study and teaching of the Bible as a unified story that leads to Jesus.
If you love the Bible Project Videos we use on Sundays, and would like to learn more, you are about to get blessed. They creators of the Bible Project have created a teaching platform to learn the Bible in depth.
A Community Study on Spirit Dependence
In  Acts 1:8 , Jesus tells his disciples they will receive power to be his witnesses. He promises them the Holy Spirit as the source, direction, comfort, and power for life and mission. However, we regularly rely on tactics, tools, and templates to do the work of the Holy Spirit. Many of our missional communities struggle on mission because we’ve neglected the Spirit. This dialogical exercise is designed to help a community learn the role, power, and practice of following the Holy Spirit. Authored by Todd Morr.
RightNow Media is the "Netflix of Christian Discipleship Resources." Thousands of resources are available as a owner/member of the Beacon Family. If you would like to access this free resource, scan the QR Code to register or click below.
@ 9:30am

@ 7:30-8:45pm

If you have questions, you can contact 
  • Pastor Andy 714-997-8881
I urge, then, first of all, that requests, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for everyone.
 (1 Timothy 2:1) 

Prayer is a vital part of our faith-walk, a great privilege, and an active support of God's work in our personal lives, our ministries locally and throughout the world.  
  • Our E-Catalyst (PrayerNet) comes to your e-mail Inbox on Tuesdays. Be part of God's answers! Sign up below.
  • Or submit a prayer request of your own by clicking here.  
  • 5ive @ 5 -Take 5 minutes and join others across the city praying for our community at 5pm daily.

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