Springtime Spread
Three Days of Wine
Bountiful Blooms
Welcome to our latest newsletter.  Spring is here as heralded by the dislay of white blossoms spanning our orchards. Of course, what better way to enjoy this time of year - host a party.  Here are some gourmet ideas to share...
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                                                                                April 2013

Springtime Spread.


pear spread cracker   
Becoming one of our more popular gourmet offerings - our Asian Pear Spread is now available for sale via our website.   Uniquely figgy and balsamic in flavor,  this spread is delicious atop a bite of your favorite hard cheese,  or to spread on toast points. Asian Pear Spread is an easy addition to your hors d'oeuvres for your spring time parties.   It is also simple and delicious to use as a wet rub for a roast chicken or baked ham.  All natural, no additives or preservatives.  

Click here to purchase:  Asian Pear Spread.   Celebrate spring with free Ground shipping code: spring.

Threes Days of Wine.

PA wine festsTravel across Pennsylvania with Subarashii and enjoy Springtime views during this annual marathon of wine festivals taking place in Hershey, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

Hosted by the PA LCB, this is a delicious way to discover fantastic wines available here in Pennsylvania - wines from all over the US and the world, including Subarashii Kudamono.   Subarashii will be sampling its Asian Pear wines and dried pears during each of these wine tasting festivals.

May 8th, 9th and 10th, taking place each evening,  these upscale wine tasting events will be a lovely way to enjoy a spring night.  Bottles will be available for purchase as well.   And a new format  to enjoy for this year's Philadelphia leg of your wine journey: Philly Food & Wine Festival, tastings of great food with wine! 


Bountiful Blooms.

pear blossoms in a row

Spring has fully arrived in our orchards.


We gratefully appreciated the lengthy weeks of cooler weather leading up to the month of April.  The timing of the bloom this year could not have been better, as a late April bloom is certain to make for a terrific harvest of our Asian Pears this fall.



asian pear newton      

Asian Pear Newtons

A few months ago, The Washington Post featured a series of recipes using our fresh Asian  Pears, dried Asian Pears, and Asian Pear spread. The Asian Pear Newton (for those classic fig newtown lovers, this is the ultimate!) was one that was especially clever in its use of our Asian Pear Spead in its recipe.

Enjoy this decadent cookie with moist Asian Pear filling. Click here to link to this recipe.

To order dried Asian Pears for this recipe, visit our website; or contact us for a fine retailer near you. To order our Asian Pear Spread for this recipe, visit our website. Click here to find out where to purchase our Asian Pear Dessert Wine for this recipe.




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