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Men's Health & Wellness Month
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NCH Celebrates Men during June!

It's not just women and children who
can benefit from homeopathy
June is National Men's Health & Wellness Month in the United States! This month is all about encouraging the men in your life to take care of their bodies by eating right, exercising, and working to prevent disease.

Homeopathy is an integral part of an overall wellness plan,
and supported by research!

Homeopathy Research -
Common Men's Health Concerns
Homeopathy in Sports Medicine

Kayne S. Homoeopathy in sports medicine: Br Hom J 1992; 81: 142–147, Complementary Therapies in Medicine, Volume 1, Issue 1, January 1993, Page 57

Homeopathy can be successfully used to complement, or in some cases replace, existing techniques of helping sports-related conditions.

Osteoarthritis in the Knee

Kneusel O, Weber M, Suter A. Arnica montana Gel in Osteoarthritis of the Knee: an open, multicenter clinical trial. Advanced Therapies 2002 Sep-Oct, 19-5, 209-18

Patients who used Arnica montana gel for osteoarthritis of the knee experienced decreased pain and stiffness and improved functioning during activities like stair climbing, standing, and rising from sitting.

Chronic Tension Headaches

Sharma N, Ameta A, Sharma S. Effect of homeopathy on chronic tension-type headache: a pragmatic, randomised controlled single blind trial J Headache Pain. 2013; 14(Suppl 1): P56.

Patients given homeopathy for their chronic tension headaches had less frequent headaches, decreased pain, and used less medication.
Happy Father's Day, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann!
At the National Center for Homeopathy we celebrate
the Father of homeopathy any chance we get!

Father’s Day is an international celebration honoring Dads, fatherhood, and the influence of fathers in society. It is celebrated on various days around the world, though more than 111 countries have adopted the U.S. date, which is the third Sunday of June.

Dr. Hahnemann was the father of 11 children. In fact, the need to make a living and support his growing family may very well have been the catalyst for his discovery of homeopathy, as republished below:

Hahnemann was dissatisfied with the state of medicine in his time, and particularly objected to practices such as bloodletting. He claimed that the medicine he had been taught to practice sometimes did the patient more harm than good:

"My sense of duty would not easily allow me to treat the unknown pathological state of my suffering brethren with these unknown medicines. The thought of becoming in this way a murderer or malefactor towards the life of my fellow human beings was most terrible to me, so terrible and disturbing that I wholly gave up my practice in the first years of my married life and occupied myself solely with chemistry and writing." - Dr. Hahnemann

After giving up his practice around 1784, Hahnemann made his living chiefly as a writer and translator, while resolving also to investigate the causes of medicine's alleged errors. While translating William Cullen's A Treatise on the Materia Medica, Hahnemann encountered the claim that cinchona, the bark of a Peruvian tree, was effective in treating malaria because of its astringency. Hahnemann believed that other astringent substances are not effective against malaria and began to research cinchona's effect on the human body by self-application. Noting that the drug induced malaria-like symptoms in himself, he concluded that it would do so in any healthy individual. This led him to postulate a healing principle: "that which can produce a set of symptoms in a healthy individual, can treat a sick individual who is manifesting a similar set of symptoms." 

This principle, like cures like, became the basis for an approach to medicine which he gave the name homeopathy, thus becoming Father of a new approach to medicine.

Republished from: Samuel Hahnemann - Wikipedia

Let's celebrate ALL fathers, including Dr. Hahnemann!

How are YOU celebrating?
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April 22 – 24, 2022  Reston, VA - In Person
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Each year the Joint American Homeopathic Conference (JAHC) brings together the world’s premier homeopathic teachers and thinkers as presenters. 

In addition to the invited, world renowned presenters, we seek to expand the types of learning opportunities at the conference by offering an annual Request for Proposals (RFP) to the larger homeopathic community.  

The RFP process gives experienced professionals the chance to present their work at the most prestigious U.S. based homeopathy conference. 

Deadline to apply is Friday, July 30, 2021

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