June 2021
Did you know:

Same amount of water
The amount of water on Earth always remains constant because of the cyclical nature whereby water evaporates, condenses, and filters throughout the year.

Get more oxygen
A single tree releases more than 260 pounds of oxygen every year.

Protecting wildlife
Trees and forests provide shelter to 80% of wild animals.

So many Autumn leaves go to waste
Fall leaves comprise 75% of the solid waste in America’s fall season.

Strong supporters of Earth Day
The first Earth Day in 1970 was celebrated by 20 million Americans everywhere.

Click below to read about the history and more tips on Great Outdoors Month.
Batteries cause fires
It is important to note that Batteries are Hazardous Waste and should NOT be disposed of in your recycling or trash can, as these can cause fires. With fire risk already at an all time high with these elevated temperatures, let's do our part to prevent battery related fires at the landfill and recycling facilities.

Instead, you can collect and dispose of them at a proper collection site. Click the link to find your nearest location:
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