Jesus, the Face of God?

Father, we thank for showing your very self to in the Person of Jesus, Your Son. Thank you for the gift of faith. For without faith, we won’t be able to see your splendor and glory in Jesus. As we celebrate your Epiphany today, like the three wise men and others in their company who journeyed from far away just to see you, we would like to offer our very self to you as the first and best fruit of your love. We would like also to offer you our plans and good words this New Year. Purify and sanctify us and our plans so that they will be truly pleasing in your sight. Grant us the grace and lead us to your Son, who is our Way to you. Like the wise men and others, grant us the strength and courage to change our way for the better, the way that leads to you alone, and not go back to the old way that leads to distraction. Please, help us.

Grant these through Christ our Lord. Amen.

Sts. Basil the Great and Gregory Nazianzen, bishops and doctors, pray for us.

Fr. Edgar Benedi-an, OSM
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There is no Filipino Mass today, due to yesterday's New Year's Day Filipino Mass.
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A Scene from the Snow

Enjoy this view from the Upper Gardens, looking over the Chapel of Mary and to the north. This photo was taken last week during the snow storm.