It may not feel like summer the Summer Solstice was at 8:54am this morning.
With summer here, let's look back on spring 2019. It has been a highly variable spring with alternating very wet and very dry stretches. This is typical and a challenge in irrigation management.   April and May this year will be classic with heavy rain in early April followed by one of the hottest springs stretches ever. This was followed by a very wet late May then back to mostly dry since.  
These swings create the scenario for Weather-Based irrigation to be very beneficial and help save water and money. When the weather changes, we are charged with changing the irrigation schedule to water, depending on the need. This requires we "guess" what the weather is going to be and rely on, "less than perfect" forecasts. Weather-Based irrigation takes the guess work out by making daily changes based on actual weather data. These quick and accurate changes help to water the correct amount and result in 20-40% water savings.
As can be seen from the graph above, last year started dryer than the 10-year average and finished wetter than average as well. And the fluctuation from day to day was quite significant .
As a Primier Partner with Weathermatic, we can offer the SmartLink Weather-Based Control System with no up-front capital cost. As with many technologies today, their innovative new program is 'Subscription-Based' and comes with the hardware with no upfront capital cost. This makes conversion to Weather-Based control, which we have been promoting for a decade now a NO-BRAINER.  
WeatherMatic is offering the upgrade to their hardware included in their monthly fee which ranges from only $40-$50 per month per controller. And for this fee, they guarantee lifetime warranty and hardware upgrades as long as the subscription is maintained.  
For a small increase in the monthly fee, you will never have to replace your irrigation controller technology. NEVER!
Irrigation management is important as water is a precious resource and the cost is rising significantly faster than any other landscape or facility cost. We are working on evaluating the new irrigation technologies being developed to help recommend and facilitate water conversation practices to help save you money.
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