"Some old-fashioned things like fresh air and sunshine are hard to beat." Laura Ingalls Wilder

Welcome Spring!

In addition to a few new classes, we are excited to host some pretty awesome events in the next few months. Still haven't taken an aerial intro class? Want to shop premium brand athletic apparel without traveling to a mall? Or learn new acrobatic tricks with a few close friends? Looking for a mindfulness event for a child in your life? We have a workshop for that! Visit our website for a full list, or check out our links below.

Make sure to take part in the survey at the bottom of this newsletter. We are adding a few morning classes this summer (some with coordinating kid's class times) and want to ensure we have classes that work with your schedule. Schedule changes will go into effect the week of June 10th.

Join us for Mother's Day! All weekend long, bring someone you appreciate to a yoga class and one of you gets in free! (Valid 5/11-5/13). We also have new pricing for class packages to get a start on summer.

If you suffer from insomnia (and who doesn't at some time or another?), see our tips for three yoga poses to assist with a full nights sleep.

Enjoy the magic spring blooms have to offer! We hope to see you at the open house this coming Sunday.
Open House

We are thrilled to be hosting a Spring Open House! Join us Sunday, May 6th from 12-3 to check out Cat's Kid's Yoga, shop Athleta apparel, and learn more about our aerial and mat yoga classes.

Catherine Brenny, of Cat's Kid's Yoga, offers Kid's yoga three days a week as well as monthly workshops. Bring your kids to meet Catherine, and check out her yoga-based activities.

Athleta to You is a premium brand athletic clothing retailer for women. Come check out new styles and try on apparel. Place an order that day and receive free expedited shipping to your home. No inventory is available to take home the day of the trunk show.

Our instructors will be there to discuss all things yoga and answer any questions you may have. Still have questions about zenplanner? Stop by and we can help! If you haven't tried aerial yoga yet, silks will be available to test as well.

Lastly, we will have specials available that day only, including 15% off all packages and private parties booked that day. Don't miss out!

We have an exciting spring ahead of us and hope you'll join us for this unique event. See you soon!
May Events

May is loaded with fun events, we hope you can find time to join us.

Introduction to Aerial Yoga classes : Tuesday May 8th, 5:00
Tuesday, May 22nd, 5:00
Saturday June 2nd, 9:15-10:30
(book online through the class calendar)

Mothers Day Weekend special :
Bring someone you appreciate to a class on Friday, May 11th (Power at 9:15), Saturday May 12th (Hatha at 9) or Sunday (Yin at 5:15) and one of you will get a free class!

AcroYoga is a unique physical practice that combines yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage. AcroYoga develops a new awareness in body mechanics, strength and confidence while learning aspects of trust, communication and compassion. 
We will be working in partner groups of 3 to rotate base, flyer and spotter. Some yoga experience is helpful but not necessary. May 12th, 10-12 $40

We are starting to plan summer events, let us know if you have a suggestion!

New mat yoga package pricing!
Back by popular demand, we are adding 5 and 10 class packages to purchase. These memberships are valid on mat yoga only. Visit our website to purchase and learn more!

5 classes for $55, expires two months from purchase
10 classes for $110, expires three months from purchase
Rock Mandala Workshop for Kids
Looking for a way to incorporate mindfulness into a child's life? Explore Cat's Kid's Yoga and her unique workshops.

This month, she is hosting a Rock Mandala Workshop on Saturday, May 19th from 9-11 am for kids age 5-12.

A two hour workshop that includes Kid's Yoga, a snack and creating a mandala rock to bring home. The word "mandala" is sanskrit for circle. Your child will learn circles are the most common shape and have a deeper meaning that connects us with one another.

$25 per child. Please register at Catskidsyoga.com or through zenplanner.
Yoga for improved sleep
Tired of counting sheep? Insomnia is the worst. Try these three yoga poses to help ensure a quick delivery to dreamland.

Melting Heart (Anahatasana)
Come to your hands and knees then walk your hands forward, fully extending your arms, and allow your head and chest to drop toward the floor. If you prefer, you can prop your head with a blanket or block. If it's more comfortable, glide your hips back slightly toward your heels. Stay 3-5 minutes.

This pose targets the yin Meridians of the arms (Pericardium, Lung, and Heart Meridians). The Heart Meridian, especially, is involved with calming the mind. Difficulty sleeping is connected to a heart imbalance in Chinese medicine. That's because the heart is seen as the “house” of the mind, or spirit. If the heart is weak or agitated, it disturbs the mind, causing sleep problems. Aim to feel sensation in the underside of the arms into the armpits in order to optimally influence the Heart Meridian.

Dragonfly (Upavistha Konasana)
Sit and widen your legs just enough to feel mild sensation along the inner legs. Place your hands in front of you and fold forward, gently rounding the spine. Sitting on a folded blanket can help tilt the pelvis forward, and resting your arms and/or head on a bolster or cushion may provide additional calm. Stay 3-5 minutes or longer.

This pose targets the Liver Meridian, which runs through the inner legs, and helps promote a free-flow of energy through the body so that all organs function better, helping you rest well. And it affects the Bladder Meridian, which runs down the back body, along the sides of the spine, and the down the back of the legs. The Bladder Meridian influences the water element of the body, thereby cooling excess heat and calming the mind. Additionally, every major organ has a corresponding acupuncture point along the spine on the Bladder Meridian. That means gently stimulating the Bladder Meridian harmonizes all organs of the body.

Simple Twist
Lie on your back, draw your knees into your chest, and softly roll to your right side as though you were going to sleep. Slowly lift your left arm and take it to your left side, allowing the upper left shoulder to rest toward the ground. You can keep your left hand on your left waist for a while, and then gradually reach your left arm farther to the left to increase the twist. Stay 3-5 minutes then switch sides.

This pose targets all the main Meridians that enter and pass through the torso. By gently twisting the spine in this reclining twist, all Meridians are gently stimulated, thereby encouraging a homeostatic balance and greater harmonization between yin and yang energy.

Join us for Yin yoga Sunday nights at 5:15 for a calming way to start a new week.

Shared from the April 2018 Yoga Journal by Josh Summers
We're adding morning sessions for the summer! Please select what times would work best for you:
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