Habitat Headlines
March 2021
It's A God Thing
When you work for a non-profit, like I do, sometimes things just happen. Good things. For example, we think about what we need and then with no rhyme or reason, that need somehow is met. A donor calls a few minutes after we speak a request. A volunteer arrives just when we have no help. My colleagues in the non-profit world agree that this happens to all of us.
So why was I so emotional when it happened during my Business Networking International (BNI) meeting? I am a seasoned executive and know to expect this sort of joy. But on Wednesday February 24th, the kindness came at me like a thunderous wave and brought me to tears.
I think of it as “a God thing!”
We had received a call from Bethany Christian Services to assist them in keeping foster children with their granddad. He needed a furnace, hot water tank and gas stove (which we occasionally sell in our Restores) to make the house suitable for the children to live there. On my weekly BNI call, when the group circled around to me for my weekly ask, I asked them to keep an eye out for a gas stove for the family. I casually mentioned the other items as well, fully understanding that they were “big ticket” items and out of the group’s range.
After I finished my one minute ask, one of the members from Abstract Title Agency, Jodi Merlot, texted me and said, “I will buy the stove.”  And not thirty minutes later, the entire BNI group had offered to pitch in to buy the other items so that two little kiddos could stay with their family. A furnace and a hot water tank!
As the offer was made by the group, I had to turn the Zoom video option off. My eyes had suddenly become filled with tears and my nose was red. How could my request be answered so quickly and seemingly effortlessly by my BNI members who had never met the family and are only just beginning to know me? Was it my pitch? My voice inflection? My great eye contact? I think not!
As I tell my staff frequently, it was a “God thing.” My friends refer to it as “divine intervention,” because humans cannot possibly make things happen in warp speed. It simply is not possible.
But on that Wednesday morning, with every member sharing their own set of “asks,” mine came true. I called the Executive Director at Bethany and shared with her my news of grace and goodness. She then called the family and in her own way, whispered the words that they needed to hear. “Your family is coming home!”
With the help of the businesses listed below, it was in fact, a “God thing.”
Please frequent these businesses and let me know when you do, so I can let them know how God’s grace never stops and how kindness and compassion circle back to those with the biggest hearts.
With every best wish,
Helen Hicks
President and CEO
Thank You to Business Networking International for Helping Keep a Family Together at Home!
Upcoming Events
You're Invited to the Women Who CREATE Luncheon!
Honorary Co-Chairs Maria Silamianos, Anna Craprotta, & Sophia Merkouris
cordially invite you to Macomb County Habitat for Humanity's
Women Who CREATE Luncheon

Wednesday, April 21, 2021 from
11:30 am to 2:00 pm at the
Italian American Cultural Banquet Center
43843 Romeo Plank Rd. Clinton Twp.

Tickets $25 ea.

Speaker Lineup:
Melanie Priehs
Entrepreneur and Owner of Rockmillion
Tresa Baldas
Reporter for the Detroit Free Press
Cieara Prazuch
Partner Family Member
Save the Date for our Exclusive Home-In-One Golf Outing!
The Exclusive Home-in-One Golf Classic is fast approaching! Monday, June 28th it all tips off at
Greystone Golf Club.
Champion of Champions
A Philanthropic Competition for
Leaders in the Community
Champion of Champions is a 16-week challenge, a competition between community leaders and their teams who raise funds for Macomb Habitat for Humanity in honor of a local family of the year.

Candidates build strong campaign teams to support and expand their reach, where each dollar raised is equal to one vote. The team who has the most votes, (money raised) is named the Champion of Champions at the finale event.

Volunteer Events 2021
Volunteer work is complete on the homes in Clinton Township, Eastpointe, and Roseville on 2020’s list of projects. Besides completing one more Chippewa Valley School student-started home in Clinton Twp., we will be choosing three foreclosed homes in Eastpointe to rehab. We plan to work on several Critical Home Repair projects for veterans and seniors. Stay tuned for spring and summer opportunities to lend a hand.
Thrivent Choice Dollars® = Make A Difference by March 31st
Benefit members of Thrivent Financial accumulate funds, based on their holdings, that can be directed to support non-profits and organizations, including Macomb County Habitat for Humanity. Members must log in to Thrivent.com and direct those Thrivent Choice Dollars® by March 31st, or they get directed by others. If you are a Thrivent member, you can use the link below to direct your Thrivent Choice Dollars® or make other donations supporting Macomb County Habitat for Humanity in less than two minutes. We have been blessed by several Thrivent Action Team grants in recent months as well.
ReStore Update
Starting Thursday, March 18th, Drop Off Days will be extended to Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at both Macomb County ReStore Locations!
ReStore Locations
Shelby ReStore
46660 Van Dyke, Shelby between Hall Rd. & 21 Mile
Mask required for entry.

Store Hours
Tues-Fri: 10 am - 6 pm
Sat: 10 am - 5 pm
Warren ReStore
23211 Van Dyke, Warren
at 9 1/2 Mile
Mask required for entry

Reduced Drop Off Hours
(Starting 3/18)
Thurs-Fri: 10:30 am - 5:30 pm
Sat: 10:30 am - 4:30 pm.
Not Itemizing? No Problem
Giving More under the CARES Act through March 14th
To help alleviate the coronavirus’s economic devastation, Congress has enacted the Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act (CARES Act). Included was a brand new universal deduction for charitable contributions. Taxpayers who do not itemize may now deduct up to $300 per year in charitable contributions. Such deductions must be: (1) in cash (no property like household goods), and (2) given to a 501(c)(3) public charity such as Macomb County Habitat.

Since this is a universal “above-the-line” deduction, taxpayers do not have to file Schedule A (itemize) to claim it. Instead, taxpayers list it as an adjustment to income on Schedule 1 of Form 1040 and then deduct it from their gross income (along with all other adjustments to income) on the first page of their Form 1040.

We can provide you a letter to document your donation to Macomb Habitat through the Donate Now button on our website or by mail to
25 N. Main St., Mount Clemens, MI 48043.
Have you Designated your Favorite Charities in your Will?
Macomb Habitat was blessed with an unexpected donation in support of our work from the estate of a friend of Habitat who recently passed away. Consider updating your will to have a portion of your estate go to help Macomb Habitat reach more families in the years ahead. 2021 is our 28th year of operating in Macomb County, and with your help, we can continue that good work for many more years.