Welcome to the 15th CELEBRATION of 
The OhioHealth  Capital City Half Marathon, 
OhioHealth Quarter Marathon  & 10TV Commit to Be Fit 5K

We All Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends. 
Every year, we meet with lots of running groups (like BGR! Columbus in the article below) and past participants (like Bridget below) who mention that the Number One reason they choose to register for the OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon or any other M3S Sports event is because their friends encouraged them.  This year, when you sign up with three or more of your friends, relatives, coworkers, or any other group at one time, you will save $30 off the total registration fee. It is set up automatically in the registration pages and will be discounted upon check out.

I wanted to personally wish all of you participating in The Nationwide Children's Hospital  Columbus Marathon this weekend or The Ohio State 4 Miler next weekend the best of luck. You have put in the training and you've got this. Go get 'em. At M3S Sports, we are dedicated to promoting and celebrating the active healthy lifestyle and the fall running season is in full swing. 

I am still amazed at the growth of our running, walking and fitness community here in Columbus.   We are the best running and walking City in the Country; BECAUSE we are the best sports City in the Country; BECAUSE we are the best City in the C ountry! 

Now come on out and join the CELEBRATION this spring! 



David Babner, Race Director

 Bridget running down all obstacles. 
We Believe...Each of YOU Has a Story. This month we are proud to share Bridget Daniel's Story!

In honor of the 15th Anniversary Celebration of The OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon , we will continue to  spotlight athletes who inspire us. We believe everyone has a story behind their miles, and we want to share those stories with you. 

"Running is my stress relief, my survival mechanism, and my way of showing the world that nothing is going to stop me." - Bridget

Bridget started running again three years ago for a number of different reasons, but most importantly to get back into shape and feel better about herself. In the years since she'd stopped running, she had turned thirty, gained weight, suffered job layoffs due to the economy, gotten married, and started college as a 30-something. Most importantly, though, she returned to running after being diagnosed with a hereditary, genetic eye disorder, Retinitis Pigmentosa, to fight through life's obstacles and feed her competitive spirit. 

Continue reading Bridget's Story Here.

Do you have a nominee for the next spotlight? 
We Believe...You and Your Crew RUN This TOWN!

In addition to spotlighting athletes, we'll also be highlighting local groups who are training for this year's the OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon! We'd like to continue our spotlight series this week with Black Girls RUN! Columbus (BGR! Columbus).

According to a recent Runner's World article, although most people think of running as a solitary sport, there's power to the pack. Running with others expands the definition of "possible". Being surrounded by others with the same lofty goals, keeps you chasing the challenge. It also holds you accountable and less likely to hit snooze.

Who They Are: A group of  African American women ranging in ages 18-60+  who get together during the week and on weekends at various locations throughout the city to walk, run or do both.

What It Costs: The cost is only of time, energy, and support to help one another on a journey toward health and fitness.

Words We Live By: "No Woman Is Left Behind"! Always there for each other, there is an unbreakable bond and network of support. 

Where You'll Find Us: You can find out more by searching for them on Facebook and requesting to join the group or by visiting www.blackgirlsrun.com

Beat the Price Increase!

Start planning for the  15th Anniversary OhioHealth Capital City Half Marathon  on April 28, 2018. We are hard at work preparing a CELEBRATION worthy of a 15th Anniversary. 

Beat the Price Increase! Registration fees of $85 for the OhioHealth Half Marathon, $65 for the OhioHealth Quarter Marathon and $40 for the 10TV Commit To Be Fit 5K are good until December 31st.
REGISTER now & Save 10!

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