November 19th, 2020
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Join us for #GivingTuesday!
On December 1, 2020, people all around the world are coming together to tap into the power of human connection to strengthen communities and change our world. Will you be one of them?
NAMI Maryland will be participating in #GivingTuesday and we need your help!  By joining the #GivingTuesday movement, you're proving that in times of uncertainty, generosity can bring the whole world together.
 Here is how you can get ready to give:
 Let's rally together to build better lives for all Americans coping with a mental health condition. 
NAMI Maryland is developing and disseminate free webinars for a wide range of audiences. During these difficult times, webinars have been critical as a means of education and support for individuals living with mental illness, their family members, and providers who are trying to navigate the dual pandemic. 
These webinars are scheduled to occur on a consistent basis and will last no longer than an hour through NAMI Maryland's platform. We record these webinars for dissemination to all registered attendees and post the recording on a dedicated page of our website for any individuals who may have been unable to attend.  Sign up now for the next two webinars in our Fall-Winter series below!
Upcoming Webinars:
Finding Music Within the Noise: A Plan to Thrive During Troubling Times
Monday, December 7th, 2020 at 12:00 PM | Presented by Mark "Junk" Junkerman

Everyone has their own song. A sequence of melodies and rhythms which make sense to us as individuals and which guide us through our lives. Unfortunately, the turmoil of 2020 has made many of us feel out of tune and has forced us to rethink our societal norms. This shifting landscape can be particularly difficult for our safety and service providers to navigate as result of the special professional demands they face.  
Planning to Thrive (P2T) is an approach that recognizes the impact of culture on our perception in these fluid times and rises to meet the challenges we face through implementation of a three-part plan which includes: working "left of bang", winning by design, and building a culture of personal and organizational wellness. In the end, the goal is to help you find the sound within yourself which allows you to not just survive, but thrive.  Register now.
Finding Your Way Through the Dark: Living with Depression
Monday, December 14th, 2020 at 12:00 PM | Presented by Rev. Pamula Yerby-Hammack & Dr. Dan Hale

Depressive disorder, frequently referred to simply as depression, is more than just feeling sad or going through a "rough patch".  Clinical depression is a serious medical condition that requires understanding and medical care and affects how people feel, how they think, and how they behave. Left untreated, it can damage relationships, careers, and can even become life-threatening.

When someone you love and care about experiences symptoms of a mental health condition, you face unique challenges yourself, including complex family dynamics, social isolation, and often unpredictable as well as hurtful behavior.  Join Rev. Pamula Yerby-Hammack and Dr. Dan Hale on Monday, December 14th, 2020 as they share their own personal struggles with depression and how to live well in recovery. Register now. 
Latest Recordings:
Medicare Open Enrollment Period: Getting Ready
for 2021

Originally Recorded 11/11/20 | Presented by Debbie Feierman, MSW from the Office of Program Operations and Local Engagement at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

Open enrollment is going on now, but what does it really mean? What is the difference between traditional Medicare and Medicare Advantage? How do you access benefits? 

NAMI Maryland has enlisted the help of Debbie Feierman, MSW from the Office of Program Operations and Local Engagement at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to explain the Medicare Program updates and resources to assist individuals with Medicare in making informed decisions about their 2021 health care coverage. Click here watch the video and don't forget to apply for coverage to start 2021 off right!  Watch the recording. 
Depression - Out of the Darkness and Into the Light
Originally Recorded on 11/16/20 | Presented by Dr. Dan Hale, Special Advisor to the President of Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and Director of the Healthy Community Partnership

We know that depression is the major risk factor for suicide, now the second leading cause of death in the 10 - 34 year old age group and the fourth leading cause of death among adults ages 35 - 54. We also know that depression is a significant risk factor for substance abuse.
Join NAMI Maryland for Depression -Out of the Darkness and Into the Light on Monday, November 16th, 2020 at 12:00 pm EST for a presentation where Dr. W. Dan Hale draws on his own struggles with depression, his work as a psychotherapist, and his experiences as a father who lost a daughter to depression, to offer guidance for individuals and families.Watch the recording.

Session Recordings from the 2020 NAMI Maryland Annual Conference

Did you miss our virtual Annual Conference on Friday, October 16th?  Don't worry!  We're releasing the recordings of each session for free on our NAMI Maryland YouTube page throughout the month of November to the end of the year.   
Share your Monumental Moment

It's okay to not be okay, especially during a global health crisis.  Sharing how you feel can help process emotions - for you and for others.
Monumental Moments is a community platform and charitable initiative that celebrates all the ways people are caring for their mental health during this difficult time.  To participate:
  • Post an image, video, or status update to your preferred social media channel that shows a moment that was meaningful in caring for your mental health.
  • Use the hashtag #MonumentalMoments and tag three friends to grow the community!

Your public post on social media using the hashtag #MonumentalMoments will help support people living with mental health conditions, including those also living with an involuntary movement disorder called tardive dyskinesia (TD).

On behalf of posts shared, Neurocrine Biosciences will be making donations to mental health organizations as part of its commitment to support people living with mental illness.
Start a Conversation with Neuro Blooms!
Neuro Blooms began with artist Leslie Holt's mixed media art based on PET scans of brains with different mental health conditions. Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scans reveal unique maps of brain activity and provide compelling visual evidence that mental illness is a brain disorder. The pins spark curiosity and conversations about the causes and stigmatizing myths of mental illness.

The Neuro Blooms project has grown to include events in conjunction with art exhibits designed to deepen awareness of mental health issues in multiple community settings.

You have until Monday, November 23rd, 2020 for 25% of your purchase to benefit NAMI Maryland so don't miss out! 
[Recording] Internet Gaming Disorder: Is It Really a Problem?

Join Dr. Emily Brunner, a specialist in Addiction Medicine, to learn more about internet gaming disorders, which were recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO) as an official diagnosis in 2018. She will provide information on how internet gaming disorders are diagnosed and treated and how the structure of the internet and social media can reinforce the problem. There will be time for questions at the end of the presentation.

This event was cosponsored by NAMI Minnesota, NAMI Greenville, NAMI Davidson County, NAMI Wisconsin, NAMI St Louis, NAMI Clackamas County, NAMI Delaware, NAMI Maryland, NAMI Nevada, NAMI Palm Beach County, NAMI New Jersey, NAMI Lowcountry, NAMI Wood River Valley, NAMI Central Texas, NAMI Scranton and Northeast Pennsylvania, and NAMI Vermont.
Time to browse 2021 health insurance plans!   
Open enrollment is going on now!
Use your phone or computer to compare plans and prices on the website or by downloading the mobile app, Enroll MHC.
It only takes five minutes to see what coverage and savings you may qualify for. Just choose Get an Estimate, and you'll see the plans and costs for you and your family. You can apply Nov. 1-Dec. 15 for the plan that best fits you and your family.
Click here for a guide on Constituent Services 
Seasonal Affective Disorder
People may start to feel "down" when the days get shorter in the fall and winter (also called "winter blues") and begin to feel better in the spring, with longer daylight hours.
Attention Mental Health Professionals!

Are you a licensed, practicing mental health professional and a member of your corresponding professional association?  We need your help on a research study!  We are asking you to participate in a one-time, 90 minute virtual focus group meeting with 2 or three colleagues to help advance the science of nascent mental health.  If you're interested, contact Sebastiana at or contact 301-520-9286

COVIDConnect is here or you!

  It's a place for those who have recovered - or who are in process of recovering - form their illness.  You can promote action and find support on COVIDConnect - share your recovery story, learn about the latest research opportunities, find mental health
resources, and more. 

Study Reveals Adults With Mental Disorders Are At Significantly Higher Risk of COVID-19 and Have Poorer Outcomes
A study of over 61 million U.S. adults reveals that those with either lifetime or recent mental disorder diagnosis are at increased risk of COVID-19 infection and tend to have poorer outcomes.
 Learn more.

Unconscious Exposure to a Feared Stimulus Can Reduce Fear, Study Shows

In a preliminary clinical study, a novel exposure intervention-unconscious exposure to a feared stimulus-reduced fear in participants with a specific phobia. The method has the potential to help people who have difficulty in standard exposure therapy, which involves being consciously exposed to what one fears. 
  Learn more.

Drugs Targeting the Glutamate System Warrant Continued Development for Schizophrenia, Study Finds

Two potential schizophrenia drugs that target the brain's glutamate neurotransmitter system were tested by researchers to learn if they hit their biological targets and reduced psychosis-like symptoms. The results indicated that both did, and the investigators concluded that further development was warranted.  

Congrats, NAMI Prince George's County!

NAMI Prince George's County has been chosen for the 2020-21 print edition of the Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington as "one of the best" community-based nonprofits in our region."  The Catalogue for Philanthropy: Greater Washington is the region's only locally-focused guide to giving and volunteering. The Catalogue recognizes the best local nonprofits.  Great job! 
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NAMI Maryland's Strategic Planning Group has redoubled their efforts to draft the organization's 2020-2025 Strategic Plan. We are asking you to participate in our "Tell Us What YOU Think: Future Steps for NAMI Maryland" survey, so you may share YOUR vision of our organization with us!
This survey will only take 10-15 minutes to complete. Please know that your feedback and responses are completely anonymous and will be kept confidential. However, quotes may be used anonymously to help describe NAMI Maryland's mission in documentation for outreach and other purposes.

Information gathered will be reported only in summary form and will be used during NAMI Maryland's strategic planning sessions.

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