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When we started Tough As Nails, it was in response to seeing how the impact of touching someone else’s life and making a difference created confidence and excitement in my 3 daughters. I wanted to share that with the rest of the world and provide youth the opportunity to help others in making a difference. To take one little step in their day for that. 

Five years later we’re still doing that work. It’s interesting to me how every year something new evolves. In 2018 we got our first kits into the Sacred Heart Children’s Hospital. In 2019, we started our first Youth Team of young leaders. In 2020 with Covid we nearly came to a halt but learned to pivot like the rest of the world and created prep packs where families, individuals, business teams, & classrooms could still be involved making an impact through volunteer opportunities. When hospitals were no longer accepting donations they continued to receive our kits for kids and families. In 2021 we continued to grow, donating upwards of 200 new kits monthly and added donations to another organization. In 2021 we reinstituted our Youth Team and advocacy group. 

As we head into 2023 we have some new and exciting projects we’re working hard to develop behind the scenes. To say I’m excited to share them with you in the very near future would be an understatement! It’s fun to see the whisper of an idea develop into a reality with amazing support and guidance.

However, for now I wholeheartedly believe that if we continue following breadcrumbs and listen to the little nudges of life without being afraid to try a new direction, ideas will keep springing forward. I have learned if I don't define every goal and direction down to the minutia we organically grow and expand. We continue to touch other hearts and bring forth new and wonderful opportunities.

It’s my wish that you are able to gracefully find and follow the little nudges in your own life. There is beauty in everything you create. Even in, maybe especially in, the unexpected. Be excited for what you don’t know is to come. 

It’s easy to feel fear, anxiety and trepidation in the unknown, but I’m learning to embrace not knowing and instead be excited and open to the possibilities heading my way. I hope you can embrace it too! 

Welcome to 2023 and happy fifth (One-Whole-Hand as I used to tell my girls) Birthday to Tough As Nails! We’ve made it to the magical business number 🎉 


Read our latest blog post and then let me know about one of your special places or life musings. Truly! I would be honored to hear ♥️

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