Lucas Heuett may have only started seven months ago, but you would never have guessed this with the impact he has made on the shelter during this period of time. His love for animals and wanting to gain some experience working hands-on with them before beginning the journey to vet school brought him to Kitsap Humane Society, where he has contributed over 90 hours so far!  
Lucas lives and breathes the shelter life, with multiple regular shifts with our dog walking team, where he is our youngest Advanced Handler and is eager to help wherever he can. “I hope to advance into the veterinary side of animal care and work towards getting my doctorate in veterinary medicine with the help of the experience I have gained at KHS,” says Lucas. He is just about to start volunteering with our Veterinary Services team!

While his time here has been short, he has already made a tremendous impact. When asked what his favorite things about volunteering are, he said, “my favorite part of volunteering thus far has been meeting and working with so many people who share my love for animals and who really want to see every animal and every person at KHS succeed.”