Voice of the DPM
Thank you to the following physicians who took the time to be interviewed this month for Voice of the DPM: 
Dr. TJ Ahn (Chicago, IL)
Dr. Jennifer Spector (Drexel Hill, PA)
Dr. Jarrod Shapiro (Pomona, CA)
Celebrating a Year of Success!
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90-Day Meeting Outlook
Like you, the team at are providing information as we receive it. Again, we have our COVID-19 meeting updates webpage ; but the following events are scheduled as proceeding in the next 90 days.
JUNE 2020

CME Online | Negative Pressure Wound Therapy |Online | 6/17

Podiatry Institute | Footprints in the Sand | Hilton Head, SC | 6/18-21

CPMA | The Western |Virtual/Online | 6/25-29

IFAF | Seattle Summer Seminar| Virtual/Online | 6/27-28
JULY 2020

CME Online | Wound Care Series |Online | 7/15 Conference Partner

SAWC | Spring Seminar | Charlotte, NC | 7/24-26

APMA | The National| Boston, MA | 7/23-27

IFAF | Scotland Seminar| Virtual/Online | 8/7-8

Kent State |North Coast Symposium |Independence, OH | 8/13-15 Conference Partner

VPMA | Summer Scientific Meeting | Norfolk, VA | 8/20-23

IFAF | Ankle Arthroscopy Course| Mendota Heights, MN | 8/21-22

ALPMA | Beachside Scientific Seminar | Destin, FL | 8/26-30

MPMA | Annual Scientific Meeting | Kansas City, MO | 8/27-30
Tricks of the Trade from Ann & Sarah
DPM Trick of the Trade
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Exhibitor Trick of the Trade
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Upcoming Educational Events!
April's meeting is now
October 1-4, 2020 with online streaming opportunities

A myriad of online learning opportunities are available from Present e-Learning Systems.

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Meeting Planners: Solicit Your Brand Champions
Reviews are important when making buying decisions for everything from a printer on Amazon to your choice of restaurant for dinner tonight. Keep reading to learn how to boost your rating and why it matters.

There is no escaping the occasional bad review, but with a good amount of positive reviews, they will balance out and give potential attendees and vendors a fair picture of your conference.

It's basic math.
1.0 + 5.0 = 6.0
Average: 3.0

Think about when you've purchased a product. If you have a negative experience, you are more likely to seek out a platform to write a review so the company knows you are dissatisfied and to warn other potential buyers. If you have a positive experience, you likely won't go through the trouble of writing a review unless it's super easy or there is something in it for you. Same goes for your attendee writing a review of your seminar. If they hate it, they will find a way to let their voice be heard. If they love it, they may not take the time to tell anyone how great it was.

You need to actively solicit reviews from your attendees. We know that 92% of solicited reviews are positive. Why would you want to miss out on the opportunity to spread the good word about your event?

Having a customer review strategy in place will be an ongoing part of your attendee retention. People feel most confident in a review when the event has a minimum of 11-50 reviews.

Here are some ways to gather reviews to boost your rating and credibility on our site.
  • Send an email to your audience asking them to take a few moments to review your seminar on our site. Include a link to make it super easy.
  • Offer an incentive. Consider a small trinket or entry into a sweepstakes for a larger prize. Work with us to choose a winner based on who completed surveys.
  • Include a request in your on-site program with instructions on how to provide feedback through
  • Mail a postcard
  • Post on social media with a link to the survey

To help you collect positive reviews, we've created a downloadable resource with a quick and simple message you can use to ask for reviews.
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Voice of the Vendor
For a full year, we've been collecting Vendor Reviews for podiatric meetings on our website. This valuable information helps everyone - including meeting planners - create and participate in stronger meetings!

Below are some of the comments that stood out from our industry vendors.

We thank every single person who takes the time to take a survey on our site and provide valuable feedback!!
"I liked that the exhibit hall was directly across from the lecture hall. That's one of the reasons why we saw good traffic in the exhibit hall."
"Attendance at Podiatry meetings has dwindled in recent years. Nowhere near what it used to be. They need to incentivize docs to attend. Either by offering more credits they cannot get online, financially incentivize them, or make attendance mandatory for certain state meetings. The ROI for vendors is not there for a majority of meetings, thus less exhibitors each year."
"They had a lot of ala carte options, to suit any budget depending on what your goals are. There seemed to be lots of branded signage throughout the hall. The social media wall was definitely an eye catcher"
"We were unsure how the schedule change would be received but it seemed fine. Wednesdays scheduled exhibit hall closure in the afternoon was pointless. We stayed at our booth because our booth traffic did not stop. There was grumbling about the reception Wednesday evening and the cost of the drinks."
"Would like to see more Non-CME workshop opportunities"
"This meeting, like most wound care conferences is extremely well organized. For all three days the attendees are in the exhibit hall, the vendors are slammed with visitors. Great conversations with attendees, who seem genuinely interested in the products offered.

The exhibit hall is open for three hours each day, which makes for a good day not only for vendors but attendees as well. We always come back from this meeting feeling very positive and that our goals were met."
"The last 4-5 years attending this show it has become progressively worse. The average age of DPM's is very high so not a whole lot of younger doctors around. Exhibit Hall traffic is bad and you see the same people there every year. Location might need to change to spice things up or have a better schedule. It's going to be tough because online credits are what everyone wants to do now. Not much need to go to an expensive conference."
"The exhibit hall had some traffic the entire time; never a moment of complete silence like many shows. Hours for exhibit hall was the perfect amount - two full days is all you need. Shipping exhibit materials was easy and convenient."
Help your colleagues plan for future meetings! Take a survey to share your feedback about the meetings you've recently experienced!
 provides physicians and industry partners with valuable reviews, ratings, and testimonials in an effort to enable both of these parties to make stronger, informed decisions about which Podiatric meetings, conferences, seminars and trade shows to budget for and attend in the future. features information about upcoming podiatry events, vendor information, meeting and traveling tips, and more!

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